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1  adv 
You usage just  to say that something occurred a really short time ago, or is beginning to take place at the current time. For example, if you say the someone has actually just arrived, you mean that they come a very short time ago.  ADV before v I"ve just bought a new house..., The two had actually only just met..., ns just had the most awful dream..., I"m only just start to take it it in that he"s tho missing.  
2  adv 
If girlfriend say that you room just  act something, you mean that you are doing it now and will end up it an extremely soon. If friend say that you are just around to execute something, or simply going to perform it, you typical that friend will execute it really soon.  ADV prior to v, ADV about/going to-inf I"m just making the sauce because that the cauliflower..., I"m simply going to walk down the lane now and also post part letters..., The Vietnam war was just about to end.  
3  adv 
You have the right to use just  come emphasize the something is happening at exactly the minute of speaking or at precisely the moment that you are talking about.  ADV adv/prep, ADV as/when cl  (emphasis) Randall would just now be gaining the Sunday paper..., just then the phone rang..., just as she ready to set off to the next village, 2 friends come in a taxi.  
4  adv 
You usage just  to indicate that other is no an ext important, interesting, or difficult, for example, 보다 you speak it is, specifically when you desire to correct a dorn idea that someone may get or has currently got.  ADV group/cl  (emphasis) (=simply) It"s just a suggestion..., It"s not simply a jae won matter..., You deserve to tell simply by looking at me that ns am all right...  
5  adv 
You usage just  come emphasize the you space talking around a tiny part, not the totality of one amount.  ADV n  (emphasis) (=only, merely) That"s simply one example of the sort of experiments you have the right to do...  
6  adv 
You usage just  come emphasize how little an lot is or how brief a size of time is.  ADV amount  (emphasis) (=only) Stephanie and David redecorated a room in simply three days...  
7  adv 
You have the right to use just  in prior of a verb to indicate that the an outcome of miscellaneous is regrettably or undesirable and is most likely to make the situation worse fairly than better.  ADV before v (=only) Leaving like I did simply made the worse...  
8  adv 
You usage just  to suggest that what you are saying is the case, yet only through a very small degree or amount.  ADV adj/adv/prep, ADV prior to v Her hand was just visible by the light from the sit room..., i arrived simply in time because that my trip to London...  
9  adv 
You usage just  v `might," `may," and also `could", as soon as you median that there is a little chance of miscellaneous happening, even though that is not really likely.  ADV v modal It"s one old trick yet it just might work...  
10  adv 
You usage just  to emphasize the complying with word or phrase, in order come express feeling such as annoyance, admiration, or certainty.  ADV before v, ADV adj/n  (emphasis) She simply won"t relax..., i knew you"d it is in here. I just knew...  
11  adv 
You use just  in expressions such as simply a minute and also just a moment to ask who to wait because that a brief time.  SPOKEN ADV n (=hold on) `Let me in, Di."—`Okay. Just a minute."  
12  adv 
You can use just  in expressions together as just a minute and also just a moment to interrupt someone, for example in order to disagree with them, define something, or calm them down.  SPOKEN ADV n Well, now simply a second, i don"t completely agree through the premise.  
13  adv 
You can use just  with negative question tags, for instance `isn"t he just?" and also `don"t lock just!", come say the you agree totally with what has actually been said.   (BRIT) SPOKEN with neg, cl ADV  (emphasis) `That"s crazy," i said. `Isn"t it just?" the said..., `The manager"s walking to have some challenging decisions to make."—`Won"t the just."  
14  adv 
If girlfriend say that you deserve to just  see or listen something, you median that that is basic for you to imagine see or hearing it.  ADV before v (=almost) I deserve to just hear her telling her friends, `Well, ns blame his mother!"  
15  adv 
You usage just  to mean exactly, once you room specifying something precisely or questioning for specific information.  ADV cl/prep/adv There space no statistics around just exactly how many people won"t vote..., mine arm damages too, just here...  
16  adv 
You usage just  to emphasize that a details thing is precisely what is necessary or fits a certain description exactly.  ADV n  (emphasis) Kiwi fruit are simply the point for a healthy snack..., `Let"s acquire a coffee somewhere."—`I know simply the place."  
17  adv 
You usage just  in expressions together as just like, simply as...as, and also just the same as soon as you space emphasizing the similarity between two things or 2 people.  ADV prefer n, ADV as adj/adv, ADV n  (emphasis) Behind the facade lock are just like the rest of us..., He worked just as difficult as anyone...  
18 You use just around to indicate that what you are talking around is therefore close to gift the situation that it have the right to be related to as gift the case. ♦just about 
 phrase PHR n/adj/adv (=practically) What go she read? Just around everything...  
19 You use just around to show that what you room talking about is in fact the case, yet only by a very small degree or amount. ♦just about 
 phrase PHR prior to v, PHR n/adj We"ve obtained just about enough time to get there.  
20  → just mine luck 
 → luck  → not just  → not  → just now  → now  → only just  → only  → it simply goes to show  → show 

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