After among your four is amputated, you might feel together if the limb is tho there. This is referred to as phantom sensation. You might feel:

Pain in her limb also though the is physically not thereTinglyPricklyNumbHot or coldLike your lacking toes or fingers are movingLike your lacking limb is tho there, or is in a funny positionLike your missing limb is getting much shorter (telescoping)

These feeling slowly get weaker and weaker. Friend should also feel them much less often. They may not ever go far completely.

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Pain in the missing part of the arm or foot is referred to as phantom pain. You may feel:

Sharp or shoot painAchy painBurning painCramping ache

Some things might make phantom pain worse, together as:

Being as well tiredPutting too lot pressure on the stump or components of the eight or leg that space still thereChanges in the weatherStressInfectionAn man-made limb the does no fit properlyPoor blood flowSwelling in the part of the eight or leg that is still there

Try come relax in a way that functions for you. Execute deep breathing or pretend to relax the lacking arm or leg.

Reading, listening come music, or law something that takes her mind off the pain may help. You may also shot taking a warm bath if your surgical procedure wound is fully healed.

Ask your health treatment provider if you have the right to take acetaminophen (Tylenol), aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin), or other medicines that help with pain.

The following may also assist lessen phantom pain.

Keep the remaining part of your eight or leg warm.Move or practice the remaining component of your arm or leg.If you are wearing her prosthesis, take it off. If you space not wearing it, put it on.If you have actually swelling in the remaining part of your eight or leg, try wearing an elastic bandage.Wear a shrinker amount say or compression stocking.Try tenderness tapping or rubbing her stump.

Alternative Names

Amputation - phantom limb


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