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As component of Homecoming, penn Alumni hosts this digital gallery hop, with tours from the Arthur Ross Gallery, the architecture Archives, penn Libraries, and the institute of contemporary Art.


The Sachs routine for Arts development presents a conversation in between E. Patrick Johnson, dean that the college of Communication and Annenberg college Professor at Northwestern University, and Shannon Jackson, the Cyrus and also Michelle Hadidi Professor that Rhetoric the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies and outgoing associate Vice Chancellor for Arts and also Design at the university of California, Berkeley. They will discuss how the arts have the right to be a catalyst because that social change. Deborah Thomas and Sharon Hayes the The Sachs program advisory board will certainly moderate.


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Across Cultures and also Time


Composer and also pianist Ania Vu performs a recital the her own music, few of which is influenced by her multicultural upbringing together a Vietnamese descendant in Poland. The recitation takes location at the Kislak facility for unique Collections, rare Books and Manuscripts, valve Pelt Library.

5:00p.m. - 6:30p.m.

6th floor valve Pelt Library, 3420 Walnut St.


Reign that Terror


The center for Ethics and the preeminence of law (CERL) in ~ the college of Pennsylvania will be hosting a conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Spencer Ackerman ~ above his book “Reign that Terror.” together a national security correspondent, Spencer Ackerman has also reported from the frontlines the Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay.

4:00p.m. - 5:30p.m.

Perry human being House, 3803 Locust walk or Zoom


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penn Researchers help Show the Blood Plasma Is Thicker 보다 Water
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Penn Researchers aid Show that Blood Plasma Is Thicker 보다 Water

PHILADELPHIA — for decades, researchers believed that blood plasma behaved prefer water. But, follow to brand-new research native the college of Pennsylvania and also Saarland university in Germany, plasma is more elastic and viscous 보다 water, and, choose ketchup, its circulation properties rely on the pressure it is under. This traits median that blood plasma has a lot greater impact on just how blood flows 보다 was previously thought.

The research may assist improve researchers’ knowledge of medical conditions such as thrombosis, aneurysms and arteriosclerosis. The may likewise lead to much more accurate computer simulations that blood, or even to far better artificial blood substitutes.

Professor Paulo Arratia that Penn’s college of Engineering and Applied Science’s department of mechanically Engineering and also Applied Mechanics collaborated v Saarland college physicist Christian Wagner to experimentally show blood plasma’s previously misunderstood traits.

Their work was published in the newspaper Physical testimonial Letters.

Whole blood is a “non-Newtonian fluid,” a liquid that has flow properties that change depending on conditions. Blood, like ketchup, is a “shear thinning fluid” in that it becomes much less viscous with boosting pressure, permitting it to flow into the narrowest of capillaries. The flow properties of water are, in contrast, essentially constant.

Blood’s flow qualities were presume to it is in mainly due to the existence of red blood cells, which account for almost half of blood’s volume. The fluid that makes up many of the continuing to be volume — the blood plasma — is 92 percent water.

“Nobody thought plasma can be a complicated fluid,” Arratia said. “We believed it just behaved choose water because, because that the many part, it does. But plasma has its own proteins in that — past the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in entirety blood — that space biopolymer molecules. And we thought, every time you have molecules favor that, you finish up with a non-Newtonian fluid.”

To check whether blood plasma was by chin non-Newtonian, Wagner and also Arratia’s research study teams learned its circulation dynamics using several varieties of experiments. The research conducted at Saarland University connected experiments in i beg your pardon the blood plasma was enabled to kind drops within a specially constructed apparatus equipped with high-speed cameras. This cameras were fitted through high-resolution microscope lenses to analysis the drops’ form in fine detail. This close check revealed the plasma’s “viscoelastic” properties, which means that it showed both viscous and elastic habits when deformed.

“Our experiments proved that the blood plasma develops threads,” Wagner said. “That is, the exhibits one extensional viscosity, which is other we execute not observe in water.” 

Arratia’s team in ~ Penn, which consists of graduate student Lichao Pan and Mike Garcia, arisen a microfluidic device in order to examine the flow properties of blood plasma in a context an ext resembling the vascular system. Their dimensions showed that blood plasma exhibits a flow behavior different to that of water and that plasma can show a substantially greater flow resistance.

“An important part of our examine was emerging microfluidic tools sensitive enough to choose up the tiny differences in viscosity that space the signature of non-Newtonian fluids,” Arratia said.

Wagner’s team additionally showed that blood plasma impacts the creation of vortices in flowing blood. This vortices may facilitate the formation of shop on blood ship walls, which could influence blood gerean formation. In among their experiments, the study team allow plasma circulation through a narrow channel that the kind found in constricted arteries or in a stent. Vortical structures were detected at both the entrance and also exit of the small channel, which resulted from the viscoelastic flow properties that blood plasma.

“Although we discovered that blood plasma is just a weak non-Newtonian fluid, even that small bit the elasticity deserve to really change the circulation under certain conditions,” Arratia said. “In our circulatory system, because that example, you have actually a the majority of instances where you go through contractions and also expansions, favor from a huge vein right into a little capillary, or going v a clot where the flow is constricted.” 

Beyond its relevance to knowledge various cardiovascular diseases, pour it until it is full in all of the details responsible for how whole blood behaves is a critical step for plenty of practical applications.

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“If you want to make man-made blood, for example, you have to reproduce every one of the materials exactly to make a good product,” Arratia said. “It all matters.”

The research at the university of Pennsylvania was supported by the nationwide Science foundation through its Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and also Transport solution program. The research at Saarland college was performed within the research Training Group called Structure Formation and Transport in complex Systems funded by the German research study Foundation.