Brown Mackie College is a device of for-profit colleges situated in the united States. The colleges readily available bachelor"s degrees, combine degrees and certificates in program including early on childhood education, details technology, health and wellness sciences and legal studies. Brown Mackie"s colleges are currently owned by education and learning Management copy, group (EDMC).

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In 2016, 22 of 26 campuses began closing as Brown Mackie"s parent firm faced significant legal and also financial difficulties related to consumer fraud.

Several Brown Mackie colleges were nationally accredited by ACICS, which has actually lost its accreditation power.

As the June 11, 2016 it was announced that 22 of 26 Brown Mackie campuses to be closing.


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The initial Brown Mackie college was started in 1892 in Salina, Kansas together the Kansas Wesleyan college of Business. In 1938, two of its previous instructors, Perry E. Brown and A.B. Mackie, included the school as The Brown Mackie institution of Business. The college was license is granted by the Kansas plank of Regents to provide associate degrees in 1986.

Between the 1930s and 1990s the college in Salina, and also other colleges that would later lug the Brown Mackie name, were regulated by several different organizations prior to being to buy by American education and learning Centers (AEC) in 1993. In 2003, education Management copy, group (EDMC) gained eighteen colleges from AEC, including the original Brown Mackie College. The following year, EDMC rebranded every one of the AEC institutions under the Brown Mackie name. Transparent the mid-to-late 2000s EDMC broadened the Brown Mackie system through the building of new Brown Mackie colleges.

In 2011, investigations into the recruiting techniques of the school were introduced by the Attorneys basic of Kentucky and also Indiana.

Beginning in the spring of 2012, Brown Mackie started a pilot routine to check the usage of iPads and also e-textbooks in location of traditional textbooks. Later the regimen was expanded to all 28 colleges in the Brown Mackie system. In preparation for the transition, Brown Mackie partnered through Apple Inc. To train faculty members aid students with the iPads. As of February 2013, 13,000 Brown Mackie students were participating in the program.

In 2014, Brown Mackie college teamed up with the smart Horizons and also Cengage to recruitment low-income high college dropouts for high institution completion. The regime would be available at Brown Mackie colleges in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Miami, Phoenix, St. Louis, phibìc Canton, and Louisville.

Teach outs and also closings

In June 2016, parent agency Education administration Corporation announced plans come close 22 that 26 Brown Mackie campuses.

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Schools and programs

Brown Mackie colleges offer levels at the bachelor"s and associate level also as academic certificates. Locations of study at Brown Mackie schools include at an early stage childhood education, details technology, health and wellness sciences and also legal studies.

In might 2013, education and learning Management copy, group reported the it own 28 Brown Mackie college campuses v a complete enrollment the 17,000 students. More recent numbers space unavailable. According to Brown Mackie"s website the system has actually "over 25 schools."


Akron, phibìc Canton, Hopkinsville, and also Quad Cities space the just campuses taking new enrollments.


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The official mascot for the Brown Mackie College-Salina teams is the Lions. The Lions participate in 3 sports: Baseball, Basketball, and also Softball. The Lions are a component of the NJCAA and also are an affiliate member the the Kansas Jayhawk ar College Conference.

The Kansas City campus (Overland Park, Kansas) summary fielded athletic program under the nickname "Cougars."


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Lawsuits, investigations, and also settlements

In 2015, EDMC, Brown-Mackie"s parental company, agreed to forgive more than $100.8 million in college student loan debt organized by much more than 80,000 former students.

In 2016, eleven former Brown Mackie nursing students in Tucson, Arizona sued the school for customer fraud. The plaintiffs alleged that the poor training they obtained left them can not to be gainfully employed. The plaintiffs expected to graduate in 2015 till a state nursing plank investigation uncovered some of the school"s faculty were unqualified and also were utilizing veterinary offers to teach students just how to treatment for person patients. The Arizona nursing board barred the Brown Mackie student from taking the handy nurses licensing exam and ordered the school to retrain the students in ~ the company"s expense.

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Loan Forgiveness

Thousands of former Brown Mackie university students will receive loan forgiveness as component of a legal negotiation with the united state government. Component of the settlement forgives more than $100 million in student loans to students who left Brown Mackie within 45 job of their very first term in between 2006 and also 2014. Every qualifying previous student and also each of the credit transaction reporting agencies were to be educated of the settlement, and the negotiation will be paid v 2022.