This past summer, gibbs Joshua Morrow made part waves as soon as he noted his house for sale (per the Los Angeles Times) around the very same time that his personality on CBS fight "The Young and the Restless" to be going with some significant upheaval. This prompted fans to wonder if he plans to leave the soap opera where he"s spent the better part of 2 decades. Morrow joined the display in 1988 together Nick, the teenaged second child that Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Newman (Melody cutting board Scott), a role he did no originate.

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The rumors acquired traction v an episode titled "Nick states Goodbye" and also the reality that SoapHub released spoilers the read, "Nikolas Newman (Joshua Morrow) bids Genoa City adieu." about a month later, in August, Nick"s daughter Summer (Hunter King) left Genoa City through Kyle (Michael Mealor), and also the 2 actors have disappeared from the show too (via The Focus). However, they reappeared in October to gain married, follow to Soap Opera Network.

Since then, Nick"s character hasn"t shied away from the drama. Recently, the uncovered Ashland"s (Richard Burgi) true identity and has skilled some doubts about his partnership with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). In ~ the moment, there"s nothing the might point to an exit for Nick unless points go south pretty conveniently — which, girlfriend know, is par for the food in soaps. If there are any lingering questions about whether or no Morrow is leaving imminently, let"s put them to rest now.

Over the past couple of years, a few occasions have actually cropped up in i m sorry it appeared Joshua Morrow can leave his long-standing duty in "The Young and also the Restless." In 2018, after ~ 25 year of playing Nick, the gibbs told Michael Fairman TV that he virtually walked away. "Six months ago, i was thinking, "I am done at 25 years. I simply don"t think I have the right to do the anymore. It"s to be a good run. I"ve said whatever I have the right to say,"" Morrow said. But at the point, Nick was attracted into a vengeance storyline involving his character and his on-screen dad, Victor, i beg your pardon renewed his attention in the character.

He also stepped away from the duty involuntarily when the COVID-19 pandemic brought about shutdowns throughout the industry and also closed down the "Y&R" set in might 2020 (via TVLine). Top top his return later on that year, despite he stated the collection now had a "sterile, various vibe," that expressed gratitude because that being back, follow to Soap Opera Digest.

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You"ll be happy come know, though, that together of February that this year, Morrow expressed lot of of project satisfaction and also didn"t seem favor he to be interested in relocating on. "I love mine job. Ns skip to work," he told Soaps in Depth. "Never because that a 2nd do i wish I would certainly be doing something various other than "Y&R." as an actor, over there are other roles the I"d love to try to do, but I have a family to take treatment of, and also I have actually never second-guessed mine decision to stay on Y&R. I have never unable to do to work and thought, "I don"t desire to be right here right now."" He listed that he"s been able to take on some roles in movies end the years, i beg your pardon is sufficient to add variety to his schedule.