Everyone who has ever played Old college Runescape to know the battle of killing your very first “Giant Rat” on tutorial Island through nothing however a Bronze sword from Vannaka. As you leave the island and fully enter the human being of Gielinor, you room bombarded with brand-new information and an entire world to explore. As a brand-new player, it can be difficult to open the strike Skill menu and also see dozens of weapons ranging from scimitars come spears and also maces. The monsters you’ll be encountering with these brand-new weapons are also going come be way tougher than a huge rodent. Right here we do it straightforward for you and also talk about the only 10 melee weapons you’ll ever before need top top Runescape!


10. Steel Scimitar (Best for beforehand game)

Scimitars are one of the most iconic tools in Old school Runescape, and also for great reason. The steel scimitar, prefer all other scimitars, boasts the highest assault speed for melee weapons (discounting few of the gag weapons). That means it"s the same strike speed together a rubber chicken! (Note: ns talking about the in-game weapon, no chickens were harmed in creating this article). That boasts a melee strength and slash bonus i m sorry is not to be scoffed in ~ for just requiring level 5 Attack. Also the black scimitar, which requires level 10 Attack and also has slightly greater slash bonus, still has the exact same melee stamin as its stole counterpart. Furthermore, the stole scimitar is far much easier to acquire for Ironmen or brand-new players with a budget. This continues to be the best weapon for training as much as level 20 Attack, Strength, and also Defence.

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Weapon Stats:

15 cut Bonus - advantageous as that is primary assaults for maintain Attack, Strength and also Defence space all cut attacks14 Melee Strength2.4 second attack speed

What renders the steel scimitar awesome:

Will it is in the scimitar you have for most of the early game till Mithril, specifically as a free-to-play (F2P) player.Its quick speed will certainly make training lot faster.Cheap price for huge returns.

How carry out you obtain a steel Scimitar?

Gather at least 430 GP (Gold Pieces) from killing goblins or men external of Lumbridge lock or perfect the Stronghold of Security.Travel to Al-Kharid, straight east that Lumbridge and also pass with the gates for 30 GP.Travel South-East previous the Gem Trader until you with Zeke’s premium Scimitars and trade the 400 GP for the scimitar!


9. Rune Scimitar/Brine Sabre 

The rune scimitar is maybe the most iconic the the currently iconic Runescape scimitars (that’s a most iconic-ness!) It stays the ideal free-to-play one handed weapon in the video game with a level need of 40 Attack, and is still a good and cheap training alternative for members till level 50 Attack. For members v a little bit much more to spend in their pockets, however, I would recommend making an upgrade to the Brine Sabre. The needs are the same, yet the brine sabre boasts slightly better stats and a unique attack.

Weapon Stats:

45 slash Bonus (Brine Sabre has 47)44 Melee toughness (Brine Sabre has 46)2.4 second attack speed

What makes the rune scimitar good for F2P:

Will it is in the scimitar F2P players from 40 attack onwards.Great because that player death (pking) in F2P.The cheap price provides it affordable to practically everyone.

How to get a Rune Scimitar:

The quickest means is come buy a rune scimitar for much less than 15000 (15k) GP in ~ the grand Exchange, or if you room willing, roughly 200k GP for the Brine Sabre.If a member, friend can get rune scimitarsas a drop native Fire Giants in the Brimhaven Dungeon, ~ above the Island of Karamja, or in the Waterfall Dungeon. Alternatively, they deserve to be dropped at a higher rate (but with raised difficulty) indigenous Zamorak warriors guarding the ZMI altar phibìc of castle Wars.


8. Granite Maul

Anyone that has ever tried Player vs Player combat (PvP), knows of the true havoc the the Granite Maul have the right to wreak upon its unsuspecting foes. The Old college RuneScape team also had to nerf the Granite Maul as result of its extremely cheap cost, and absolutely destructive results in PvP. Though the granite maul now requires second handle that costs nearly 600k coins to carry out its special strike in the same means as before, the weapon continues to be a staple without equal in KOing human being from full hitpoints. The just downside to acquiring this weapon right now is that it requires level 50 Attack, and also 50 strength, to equip.

Weapon Stats:

81 like Bonus79 Melee Strength 4.2 2nd attack speed

What provides the Granite Maul awesome:

The Granite Maul’s special attack, aptly called “Quick Smash”, allows players to perform an immediate attack, regardless of weapon strike speed, or what weapon came before the Granite Maul.Without the Ornate Maul Handle, “Quick Smash” prices 60% special attack energy, while the handle reduces the expense to 50%, enabling players to instantly attack 2 times v the Maul, and 3 if you incorporate the extra struggle you are able come sneak in prior to the attack.This weapon bring a new definition to the phrase “hundred to zero genuine quick.”

How to acquire a Granite Maul:

The quickest method is come buy a Granite Maul is, that course, on the cool Exchange if you space able to sneeze up about 150k GP. The Ornate Maul manage can also be got for 600k GP as well.For those Ironmen or those do not want to spend the money, Gargoyles in the Slayer Tower drop the maul. Because that the ornate handle, players might play the minigame “Last man Standing” to buy the weapon enhancement. This is also great way to polishing up your PKing safely before you handle it through risk.Players can conversely obtain the manage through Bounty Hunter, but I’d recommend versus that unless you recognize what you doing.


7. Dragon Dagger

Keeping through the design template of the Granite Maul, the Dragon Dagger is also infamous in the PvP scene because that its Special assault ability. This ability, called “Puncture”, enables the Dragon Dagger to hit double in quick succession, with raised accuracy and damage. It stays the PvP special assault weapon of choice for those on a budget, or because that those that love see two enormous hitsplats of damages in one video game tick. Despite it requires a pursuit to wield, it can be completed very quickly and the weapon is fine worth it, specifically for the short price of 18k GP and also Attack level requirement of 60.

Weapon Stats:

40 Stab Bonus40 Melee Strength 2.4 second attack speed

What provides the Dragon Dagger popular:

The Dragon Dagger’s special attack allows the player to deal two hits at the very same time, and for only 25% special strike energy. That way in the very same amount the time together 4 scimitar hits, the Dragon Dagger can hit 8 times! Bonus accuracy and damage comes free of charge too through this unique attack. Regardless of weapon assault speed, or what weapon came before the Granite Maul.Against players, this weapon has actually the potential come hit a 48 twice. Save in mind, a player’s maximum hitpoints with is 99, v the particular Hitpoints level that 99. Thats a lot of damage!This weapon can also be poisoned, enabling for extra damages on top!

How to get a Dragon Dagger:

To equip a Dragon Dagger, friend must very first complete the “Lost City” search in Zanaris, the miracle fairy soil of Gielinor. Upon completion, you can buy the dagger because that 30k GP native Jukat, the fairy.For those v excellent business acumen, you can likewise buy the dagger with the cool Exchange for roughly 18k GP.


6. Dragon Scimitar

Welcome ago to Scimitar-Scape! now I recognize what you thinking, this is the 3rd scimitar top top the list, and we’re not even at number 5 yet! Well, yes sir a an excellent reason the scimitars are so good; it"s since they’re strong, cheap, and also fast weapons. The Dragon Scimitar has actually the difference of being able come say the it is the finest scimitar of the totality lot. Request 60 Attack, as with the Dragon Dagger, this weapon requirements to be unlocked with the infamous “Monkey Madness” quest. After helping the gnomes, learning how to “speak Monkey”, and defeating a demon and also a double agent, you also can acquire this exceptional weapon.

Weapon Stats:

67 Stab Bonus66 Melee Strength 2.4 2nd attack speed

What provides the Dragon Scimitar great:

The Dragon Scimitar is the walk to weapon because that pures (players who specialize in one kind of combat and keep a low Defence level), players who desire to train Strength, and players that can’t afford the higher level 70 tier weapons. It additionally has a distinct attack, “Sever” which enables the player to avoid their opponent from defense prayers because that 5 secs for 55% special attack energy. That way it can be an extremely useful in PvP situations.The weapon have the right to be purchase in a store, which is really helpful because that Ironmen that can’t use the grand Exchange.

How to gain a Dragon Scimitar:

To equip a Dragon Scimitar, girlfriend must first complete the “Monkey Madness” quest that starts in the Gnome Stronghold. Top top completion, you deserve to buy the Scimitar because that 100k GP native Daga top top Ape Atoll. Travel techniques to Ape Atoll space unlocked with the quest.For those with excellent finance sensibilities and an undoubtedly diverse investment portfolio, girlfriend can also buy the scimitar on the cool Exchange for about 60k GP.


5. Abyssal Whip

Ever want to play together Indiana Jones? Well, this most likely isn’t the game to do that, however you have the right to still gain a cool whip! The Abyssal Whip, or that upgraded counterpart, the Abyssal Tentacle is the weapon of selection for players with at the very least level 70 Attack and also who don’t require Strength experience. Though the whip cannot train toughness alone, that is high accuracy and melee strength, combined with being one-handed and also costing simply under 3 million GP. A Kraken tentacle deserve to be added for much less than 450k GP, and also adds bonus stats, despite it calls for level 75 Attack.

Weapon Stats:

82 slash Bonus (Tentacle Whip - 90 cut Bonus)82 Melee toughness (Tentacle Whip - 86 cut Bonus)2.4 2nd attack speed

What makes the Abyssal Whip therefore popular:

The Abyssal Whip is the go-to weapon for mains who desire to train strike or Defence. Strength EXP is mutual in the “controlled” attack style, making that ineffective for most pures other than those that room able to train their assault level.Fun Fact: Abyssal whips can slice bananas. Please don’t try at home!

How to obtain an Abyssal Whip:

The Abyssal Whip has actually no quest demands to equip, nor any other demands to equip as well as 70 Attack. It can be both v the cool Exchange for under 3 million GP.With 85 Slayer, players deserve to kill Abyssal Demons or the Abyssal Sire for the unique dropThe Kraken Tentacle can be gained from cave Krakens or The Kraken boss together a distinct drop.


4. Zamorakian Spear

Zamorak, the evil RuneScape god, is well-known for a couple of reasons. First, he’s evil. Second, he’s obtained some pretty noble weapons, including the Zamorakian Spear, or that is one-handed upgrade, the Zamorakian Hasta. This point is absolutely old school, yet it"s got some great uses and only calls for level 70 Attack. Certain the Dragon Hunter Lance is definitely much better on dragons and the like, but it"s no as flexible as this weapon. The Zamorakian Spear additionally holds the difference of being the ideal weapon to kill the Corporeal Beast and also obtain the desire Elysian heart Shield. The hasta is also great for killing Cerberus and also skeletal wyverns as well.

Weapon Stats:

85 Stab Bonus75 Melee Strength2.4 2nd attack speed

What provides the Zamorakian Spear so great:

The Zamorakian Spear has decent stats, but definitely not anything you will do write home about. The true strength of the spear originates from its use versus the Corporeal Beast, i beg your pardon is weak to spears. This keeps the price up high, near a lining 15 million GP, but it"s well worth it for the opportunity at that 1.1 billion GP Elysian heart Shield.After the barbarian Training miniquest, you have the right to upgrade come the Zamorakian Hasta which has the exact same stats yet is one handed. It likewise has kind crush bonuses and also a fast strike speed, making it really versatile.

How to gain a Zamorakian Spear:

The Easiest means to obtain the Zamorakian Spear is by killing K’ril Tsutsaroth and also his minions in the God battles Dungeon. To perform so requires at least 70 Hitpoints to access the Boss.


3. Godswords

Long ago in the people of Gielinor, armies of miscellaneous gods battled in the God Wars. Four of these militaries continue come fight to today in the God wars Dungeon. Football player can select to battle these Generals and their sublieutenant to get coveted fall such together the Zamorakian Spear above, or plenty of other distinctive weapon and armour drops. The real prizes, however, are the miscellaneous Godswords to reduce by the generals that Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, and also Zamorak. Each of these has actually its distinctive abilities and uses, and for that reason, I have lumped all of these weapons together as we break right into our peak three weapons.

Weapon Stats:

132 slash Bonus132 Melee Strength3.6 second attack speed

What makes each Godsword therefore awesome:

Armadyl Godsword: The Armadyl Godsword, also known as the AGS, is the most offensively based Godsword. Its distinct attack, “The Judgement” costs 50% special assault energy (along through every other Godsword) and both doubles accuracy and also deals 37.5% an ext damage 보다 a regular attack. This deserve to stack through the Granite Maul (our number 8 weapon) because that absolutely insane quantities of damage.Bandos Godsword: The BGS is a an excellent weapon for Player vs. Monster (PvM) based activities. It’s special attack, “Warstrike” prices 50% special attack energy, also doubles accuracy (along with every godsword), transaction 21% more damage, and also has the unique effect of draining the targets combat ability levels. This method it is great against monster such as the Corporeal Beast, Cerberus, and God battles Bosses, making castle much less complicated to kill.Saradomin Godsword: The SGS unique attack, “Healing Blade” transaction 10% more damage and also heals the one wielding the weapon for 50% the the damage dealt to its target along with the other universal Godsword characteristics. Furthermore it restores prayer points equal to 25% that the damages dealt. This makes the weapon great for sustaining a player in PvM situations and makes that the many expensive of the Godswords.Zamorak Godsword: The ZGS is often thought about the weakest Godsword, but it is still qualified of dealing substantial damage. Its one-of-a-kind attack, “Ice Cleave” freezes the target 20 seconds, and deals 10% much more damage. This way it deserve to be valuable in PvP because that stalling players and also for freezing monsters if necessary. Its low price also method it is well-known for usage in PvP without its one-of-a-kind attack. When the Granite Maul is merged with a common Godsword attack, the overall damage deserve to KO anyone from full health.

How to get a Godsword:

Each of these Godswords deserve to be acquired through the cool Exchange or native their corresponding Bosses in the Godwars Dungeon in the form of a Godsword hilt. You must likewise acquire 3 separate Godsword shards, which space dropped by every one of the bosses and also their lieutenants, in stimulate to make a Godsword blade. Combine the 2 yields the lethal tools we every know and love.


2. Tongue of Saeldor (Slash), Inquisitor’s Mace (Crush), Ghrazi Rapier (Stab)

These three weapons are all very late video game weapons through the precise same stats, except with various specializations in every of their particular melee bonus categories. Every one needs 75 strike to wield, and also are the strongest one-handed tools in the game for their assault style. The substantial price tags likewise reflect that!

Weapon Stats:

94 Stab/Slash - Inquisitor"s Mace has actually 95 Crush89 Melee Strength2.4 2nd attack speed

What renders these weapons so amazing:

Each of this weapons administer the many damage-per-second (DPS) out of any kind of weapon against non-massive monsters and also players. While periodically outperformed by a massive special attack from one AGS, nothing to win the life consistency that these weapons carry to a fight. This provides each weapon extraordinarily expensive as well, with the blade of Saeldor costing practically 100 million GP, the Ghrazi Rapier approximately 150 million GP, and also the Inquisitor’s Mace practically 750 million GP. The price is certainly worth that though, as you’ll quickly an alert the difference between these weapons and a tier 70 or below weapon.


How to get each weapon:

The tongue of Saeldor is derived from the grand Exchange (like every of this weapons) in the inactive form, or have the right to be gained from the Gauntlet, a minigame situated in the elf-city of Prifddinas together a drop.The Ghrazi Rapier is obtained from the Theatre that Blood, a raid-like task in Morytania that is just for those with the stats to survive.The Inquisitor"s Mace have the right to be derived through fighting the ceo “The Nightmare of Ashihama” in Morytania.


1. Scythe of Vitur

The Scythe of Vitur is the very coveted, hugely effective, and extremely bank breaking weapon the takes the cake as the best weapon because that multi-combat and against large monsters. The weapon calls for 75 Attack and Strength come wield, is two-handed, and also requires vials that blood and also blood runes come charge, however it’s well worth it. Take it this weapon right into the Monkey madness II tunnels, or right into the Theatre the Blood for good experience gains or for efficient runs respectively. 

Weapon Stats:

105 Slash70 Melee Strength3.0 second attack speed

What makes this our optimal pick for the ideal weapon in RuneScape:

The Scythe the Vitur isn’t the best weapon in every instances, however it’s clearly the finest in a most situations. Big monsters and bosses such together Olm, basic Graador, Dagannoth Supreme space absolutely melted by the weapon.The weapon deserve to hit in an arc in former of the player, hitting approximately 3 small monsters (NPCs that space one video game square wide).Against huge monsters, the Scythe deals three damage splats because that each attack. Return the second damage splat transaction 50% and the 3rd only deals 25%, it still provides the highest DPS of any type of other weapon to these targets.

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How to get the Scythe:

The Scythe that Vitur deserve to be acquired for just under 700 million GP top top the grand Exchange or can be obtained as a rarely drop from the Theatre the Blood in Morytania.