Days of our Lives pan love see Will Horton‘s (Chandler Massey) love story with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith). Yet they also wonder if Chandler Massey’s happy in genuine life given how convincing they are on-screen. Examine out what’s happening on the NBC soap v its actors.

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Days of our Lives: Freddie blacksmith is not Gay – What about Chandler Massey?

On DOOL, Freddie and also Chandler Massey pat a great couple as above pair WilSon. That leaves many human being wondering if the actors are gay or directly in actual life. First, Freddie smith is engaged and also not gay. His fiancee is Alyssa Tabit and he placed a ring on it in July 2018.

The Days of ours Lives gibbs co-hosts a podcast v Alyssa, who’s a content creator and Instagram influencer. She and Freddie likewise co-wrote a book, The Pivot Principle. It’s about an altering your mindset and also getting a far better life. So, when it comes to Sonny Kiriakis, the actor’s straight.

But, he and also Days of our Lives costar Chandler are very close external the soap. In fact, he reflects up routinely on your podcast come talk around Will Horton and also Sonny’s dynamic and events top top DOOL. So, what’s the resolve Chandler Massey’s an individual life?


Chandler Massey’s out at days of our Lives

DOOL fans to be crushed to hear the the sudser cut Freddie and also Chandler from the cast. After ~ the lengthy hiatus, NBC daytime began issuing new contracts. But, Freddie and also scene partner Chandler Massey shown they to be cut and also will be off the show later in 2020.

Days of our Lives shoots method before the episodes air. And also post-break, over there were just six new episodes shot featuring will Horton and also his hubby Sonny. The puts the critical scenes ~ above the soap airing in September 2020. Both Freddie and also close girlfriend Chandler Massey stated this.

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So, if you’re a WilSon fan, brace you yourself for a Fall departure for the pair. But remember, DOOL is a revolving door of characters in and out. That pipeline room because that hope the they’ll be ago one day. Together for the answer to “is Chandler Massey happy in genuine life?” — the answer appears to be no.