Seth yellow is one American TV personality, a producer and also a businessman. That is ideal known because that his illustration in the documentary reality series Hardcore Pawn, which airs on Tru TV. The show focuses on day come day operations of their family’s shop, the American Jewelry, and also Loan. He is additionally known because that Playboy Morning show (2010) and also Reality television Awards 2010.

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Seth gold TV Shows and also Career Information

After graduating from Michigan University v a company degree, and also attending Gemological academy of America, Seth returned to his hometown to work in their family members business. He is stated to co-own the American jewel shop and also loan through his father and also sister. Seth is in fee of the marketing room and always puts in his best to do the shop successful.

Apart from gift a businessman, Seth is additionally a truth star. The is finest known for his duty as a pawnbroker in the documentary reality series “Hardcore Pawn.’ the airs on Tru-TV.


Seth Gold v his mother Lily Gold

Seth is one American- Jewish man. The loves sports and he supports the college of Michigan’s soccer team, his alma mater.

The star is a 4th generation pawnbroker. The pawn company was began by his good grandfather who had a shop referred to as “Sam’s Loan.” The shop is currently closed. Later on, in 1978, his father started their currently shop, American Jewelry, and loan. The is great at his job, evident as he was called the ideal pawnbroker of the year in 2013 by the nationwide pawnbrokers association.

Seth remained in his hometown that Detroit, where he finished both his elementary and also high school. The proceeded to join the university of Michigan, wherein he graduated with a degree in Business. The TV personality also went to the Gemological institute of America, wherein he learned designation in diamond grading and also colored gemstones.

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Although the guy was against the idea that their service being featured as a fact show, it enhanced his earnings. The very first season of the show premiered on respectable 16th, 2010, lasting just two seasons.

Upon realizing the it had been fine received, the show gradually boosted the number of episodes. As the number went up, so did Seth’s network worth. Hopefully, the present will save on act well