A decade ago, fans of the CBS TV show, Ghost Whisperer gained first-hand expertise of the heartbreak the goes in addition to learning your favorite show has been taken turn off the air. Anyone has remained in this position at least once in their life. When it happens, it’s natural to rant and also rave about how the network executives don’t recognize what they’re doing. While the won’t carry the show back, at the very least fans deserve to now discover why Ghost Whisperer was canceled.

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Ghost Whisperer | Michael Desmond/CBS picture Archive via Getty Images

What is Ghost Whisperer

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Ghost Whisperer explored the life the Melinda Gordon. The fictional display displayed the ups and downs Melinda faced while she tried to balance her abilities together a woman that craved a regular life, in spite of being may be to check out and likewise communicate with ghosts. Melinda, who was illustrated by Jennifer Love Hewitt, to be responsible because that helping the souls of the shed to cross end to the following realm. While Ghost Whisperer is taken into consideration fictional, that doesn’t median there weren’t aspects of reality to it.

An example of this is the real-life human who was the impetus for Melinda Gordon. Present creators based the character on the paranormal investigator, Mary ann Winkowski. It turns out the Mary ann was enjoyment by how her fictitious alter-ego rotate out, follow to begin TV, saying:

“I only met with John Gray, and also that was for around three hours, yet he must have actually really been paying attention since a many what us talked around showed up in the pilot … and also Jennifer Love Hewitt’s expressions catch a most the looks ns give. She’s got that down perfectly.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ghostly past

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One of the exciting things about Jennifer Love Hewitt is that she shows up to believe in ghosts, which most likely made it easier for her to play a ghost whisperer. Mary ann Winkowski visited Hewitt’s home where she found two ghosts. She urged the ghosts to leave, allowing Hewitt to go back to a serene existence.

“If you start feeling really lethargic, and you have actually throat problems or really bad headaches, a the majority of times that can sometimes average there is nothing wrong with you physically, but additionally that you have a ghost,” claims Hewitt in a CBS interview. “They’re illustration on her energy. They draw on your upset, on her stress, on her tired, on your emotions, and whatever rather is walk on with you in ~ the time. Because they pull her energy, friend feel prefer you’re sick.”

It turns out the the ghostly experience weren’t minimal to Hewitt’s home. Plenty of cast and also crew members reported that there to be times as soon as strange, even possibly paranormal, things happened on set. There room stories about strange backstage photos and also lights exploding.

Why was Ghost Whisperer canceled?

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Ghost Whisperer had actually a five-season run prior to it to be abruptly canceled. Understandably, pan of the present were both shocked and outraged. Hewitt understood the pan reaction to the cancellation news. According to TV series Finale, Hewitt hoped the ABC would certainly pick up the show and also let it operation for at the very least one much more season so the Melinda Gordon would obtain the finishing Hewitt feel she deserved. CBS made decision to finish their association v the show due to the fact that it simply didn’t have solid enough ratings for the network to justify picking it up. 

“It’s sad, however shows don’t remain on the wait forever,” CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler described in a Digital Spy article. “It to be surprising come us, too. If we didn’t have the toughness coming out of the advance season, we can not have had actually the possibility to do it.” While alphabet did express part interest in acquisition up the contract, Deadline reported the the network just couldn’t number out exactly how to make the finances work-related out. If there’s no check of a reboot, fans will be happy to know Jennifer Love Hewitt is interested — only if she comes ago as Melinda and keeps she “Ghost Whisperer throne,” according to the LA Times.