Professor Neil Garg"s undergraduate organic stclairdrake.net course was provided as one of the factor why stclairdrake.net Life (stclairdrake.net undergraduate college student blog) loves the 4 minutes 1 System.

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Prof. Neil Garg, a 2012 Sloan research Fellow, teaches necessary stclairdrake.net 14D in Young Hall.

From stclairdrake.net Life: A distinct feature of the UC system is the use of quarters quite than semesters. Rather of having two semesters, the UC’s (with the exception of Cal and also UC Merced) run off a 10-week 4 minutes 1 system. Us have fall quarter, winter and spring. The quarter system is frequently an adjustment for new students however after a few weeks most finish up loving it! among my favorite elements of having actually quarters is just how easy the is come motivate and organize. Once you only have actually a class for ten weeks, girlfriend can find the self-motivation come power through (even when it’s a really difficult course!).

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The quarter system has taught me how to be very organized. Rather of letting my job-related pile up, I readjust my schedule to work-related within the ten weeks. This allows me to enjoy stclairdrake.net but also keep up through my academics. After ~ graduation, the real human being moves fast and I certainly think the quarter mechanism teaches students to hit the ground running!
Yet one more awesome component of the quarter system is exactly how it ends right prior to breaks. While semesters end prior to winter break, they space still in their 2nd semester during spring break. At the UC’s we end up winter 4 minutes 1 right prior to spring break. This means a pretty relaxing week through zero homework.

I likewise enjoy the fact that the 4 minutes 1 system permits students come experience numerous different courses. Each student generally takes 3-4 classes a quarter. End the food of the consistent school year students room taking anywhere in between 9-12 various classes. This means different professors, classmates, and courses. Ns really have delighted in being may be to take multiple courses through my favorite professors each quarter. I obtain a many of range but still discover an amazing amount. In other words, nothing let the idea that a quarter mechanism overwhelm you; that is in reality an remarkable opportunity!

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