How can I reply to "It was nice to talk to you" properly both formally and casually?

Actually, I want to make this question a bit general, but since I heard this sentence a lot I used it as an example.

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What about these options I wrote off the top of my head?

a. the same (for me it sounds too short and informal, but it can be used when texting?)

b. I think so

c. me too

d. It was nice to talk to you too

e. I feel the same

f. ______________________


Do you want two examples, one for formal and one for casual? Because casual and formal rarely describe the same thing. We don't say wear formal casual clothes or casual formal clothes... :)
There could be many ways and it depends on the speaker. However, I always reply this way

Thank you. Same here. Or Thank you. Nice talking to you as

This conveys that your are thankful to the person. And you too feel the same.


+1 Definitely good for informal or casual, in my opinion. Although I would say 'Same here. Thank you.'
It was nice to talk to you.

My response might depend on exactly who I am talking with, but I can think of the following which I would say at least some of the time.

Note, since this is saying goodbye, or "leave-taking," it"s okay to repeat the same words or use similar words (similar to greeting: A: How are you? B: Fine, and how are you?)

Polite:-Yes, it was nice to talk with you too. (polite)-Nice talking to you too. ("polite")-I feel the same. (polite, and definitely gets the point across; I mean you are admitting some feelings here)

Friendly:-Same here. Nice talking with you.-Yes, same here. I"ll talk with you later. (but only if you mean it)-Hey, it was great to talk with you too! (friendly/enthusiastic)-Good chatting with you too!

Informal:-Yes, catch you later! (more informal, use with a good or frequent chat buddy only)-Yes, same here!* (pretty informal)*

If you are in a hurry:-Me too. (I would probably not actually say this one, but "me too" seems to be used more and more these days as a generic response, even if the logic doesn"t work: A: It was good to see you again. B: Me too.) As a texted response, it would be okay with a friend.

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-Okay, me too, see you!! (This one sounds better because "me too" is not by itself.) But it does sound as if you are in a hurry to say good bye.

But not:-I think so.

Last, apparently "talk" or "speak" to someone is British English, and "talk" and "speak" with someone is American English (generally speaking).