How have the right to I answer to "It to be nice to speak to you" correctly both formally and casually?

Actually, I desire to make this question a bit general, but since I heard this sentence a many I supplied it as an example.

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What about these alternatives I wrote off the optimal of my head?

a. The very same (for me the sounds too short and also informal, however it deserve to be supplied when texting?)

b. I think so

c. Me too

d. It was nice to talk to you too

e. I feel the very same

f. ______________________


do you want two examples, one because that formal and one for casual? due to the fact that casual and formal rarely explain the very same thing. Us don't to speak wear officially casual apparel or casual official clothes... :)
There could be countless ways and it depends on the speaker. However, I constantly reply this way

Thank you. Very same here. Or thank you. Nice talk to you as

This conveys that your are thankful come the person. And you as feel the same.


+1 Definitely good for not blocked or casual, in mine opinion. Return I would say 'Same here. Say thanks to you.'
It to be nice to speak to you.

My an answer might count on specifically who ns am talk with, however I can think that the adhering to which I would certainly say at the very least some of the time.

Note, because this is speak goodbye, or "leave-taking," it"s it s okay to repeat the same words or use comparable words (similar come greeting: A: exactly how are you? B: Fine, and how room you?)

Polite:-Yes, it was nice to talk through you too. (polite)-Nice talking to friend too. ("polite")-I feeling the same. (polite, and definitely it s okay the point across; I typical you room admitting some feelings here)

Friendly:-Same here. Quite talking with you.-Yes, exact same here. I"ll talk with you later. (but just if you average it)-Hey, that was good to talk through you too! (friendly/enthusiastic)-Good chatting v you too!

Informal:-Yes, catch you later! (more informal, use v a an excstclairdrake.netent or constant chat friend only)-Yes, very same here!* (pretty informal)*

If you are in a hurry:-Me too. (I would probably not actually say this one, yet "me too" appears to be used an ext and an ext these days as a share response, also if the reasonable doesn"t work: A: it was good to see you again. B: Me too.) As a texted response, it would certainly be okay through a friend.

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-Okay, me too, watch you!! (This one sounds better because "me too" is no by itself.) yet it does sound as if you room in a hurry to say great bye.

But not:-I think so.

Last, apparently "talk" or "speak" to who is brothers English, and "talk" and also "speak" with who is American English (generally speaking).