While some youngsters sit in ~ home and also dream of someday making it come Hollywood, Jake quick is already there. In ~ the age of nine he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Now, much less than five years later, he is starring in a hit Disney Channel show and also is the winner that a Kids’ selection award for favourite TV Actor.

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After being actors in number of commercials, make guest appearances on the present Dexter and staring in the 2009 film Shorts, Short became a part of the Disney family members by landing the role of the artistic Fletcher Quimby ~ above A.N.T. Farm. The collection follows a team of children in the “Advanced natural Talents” (or A.N.T.) routine at their high school. In 2011, A.N.T. Farm yard was the greatest rated TV collection for youngsters ages 6-11 and number 2 in tweens period 9-11. <Source: Nielsen television Ratings>

Despite his success, brief maintains an perspective of humility, to express his gratitude because that taking the time to interview him. Risen spoke through the star around how he hopes to avoid falling right into a trap so many others have, his faith and advice for aspiring actors.

Interviewed exclusively for climbed Magazine

Risen Magazine: You started acting as soon as you were just nine year old. What has been the most complicated part that this procedure so far?Jake Short: Rejection. A the majority of auditioning and also a lot of no’s. Actually before I gained the display I kept gaining callback after callback after callback. And also I just obtained to the suggest where i was all set to give up. I don’t know, I simply kept persevering and also God helped, and I constantly prayed, If this is her will and also Your way, Your will certainly be done. Therefore he offered me this and put the in mine path and also I can’t give thanks to him enough.


Disney’s “A.N.T. Farm” Star Jake Short. Photograph by Jeff Berlin

Risen Magazine: just how did friend land the duty of Fletcher ~ above A.N.T. Farm?Jake Short: I had actually just turn 13, it was really exciting. It to be 2010 and also I to be going to go on a cruise through my family. It kind of dropped through, but it came to be okay since I obtained the job. Very first we filmed the pilot in August, it was super duper exciting and I had actually a great time. Then we obtained picked up because that a season in October, just two months after us shot it. An initial season is done and now we space in the second season and also cruising along having a great time.

Risen Magazine: just how do you hope to leaving an impact on the youngsters that watch your show?Jake Short: I simply want them come remember me together the goofy, dorky guy. I’ve never ever tried to admire a most people. Ns a huge fan of simply sitting back and relaxing and being yourself. I desire everyone to understand that i’m a huge Christian and that it’s God an initial before every little thing else.

Risen Magazine: You’ve been so open around our faith, how has actually the feedback to be so far?Jake Short: that really depends on the person. A lot of of human being on Twitter are really supportive and also agree v me . Part are favor “Why carry out you tweet this every night? Why carry out you carry out this? Why do you perform that?” Unfortunately, ns haven’t gained the possibility to tweet a lot of lately, I’ve to be super tired. I execute read mine Bible, but it’s tough to think around tweeting the every night, yet I try to. And also some civilization are like, “Yeah, that’s awesome” and others are choose “Could you you re welcome stop?” ns going to execute what i think is right.

Risen Magazine: A many A-list actors and musicians have come native the Disney Family. What room you doing come make sure you don’t loss into the same trap few of these human being have collapse into?Jake Short: mine family and also God and my friends. And honestly, if ns hang roughly the right people I nothing think ns going to walk anywhere. The all around who friend hang the end with, and who is surrounding you. If they room pushing friend to execute this – i m sorry my family members is completely not – they are saying if girlfriend don’t desire to it is in in this, it’s completely up come you. And my friends room super supportive. We simply hang out, us don’t also have come talk about it, due to the fact that they know, and also I know, it’s just a regular part of life. Ns think that’s a mistake that a lot of of world make – girlfriend hang about the wrong people, you do the not correct decisions.

Risen Magazine: civilization are quick to referee celebrities, specifically kid actors. What perform you need to say around the negativity that surrounds this profession?Jake Short: Yes, friend are totally right. Ns not prefer that. Being modest. I think a many of world are right, and some of them space wrong. I have actually really great friends in the industry, who room not like that at all, and also their parents are as with mine and they are really supportive and also they care about their kids. Ns think human being make quick judgments of kids like us because some are jealous and some desire that for their kids. I think the greatest mistake you have the right to make is advertise your boy to perform what lock don’t desire to do. Few of it’s right and some of the stereotypical and also people have to look previous the stereotypes to see what youngsters are really like.

Risen Magazine: girlfriend speak to children who room interested in acting and want to do a career out of it. What advice do you offer them?Jake Short: begin small. I saw some acting classes and also got some referrals, and here ns am. Ns think the starts with your school and local plays, and also then probably traveling plays. Carry out as lot as you deserve to locally and also if the really your dream you deserve to move to California and try to gain an agent. If human being think she natural and also you perform a an excellent job, then ns think yes a good chance.

If they deserve to just see with my eyes and also get to know God, i think it’s necessary for human being to know what lock are absent out on.

Risen Magazine: In the present A.N.T. Farm each student has actually a distinct gift. How are you making use of your acting talents because that God?Jake Short: i wouldn’t think about myself famous. Ns haven’t obtained used to world recognizing me and being top top TV and I nothing think I ever will. That’s what keeps me here. The publicity that I gain really help me have an influence on teens and also children and some adults. If they deserve to just see through my eyes and get to understand God, ns think it’s crucial for world to recognize what lock are lacking out on. Acting is yes, really presenting me through an opportunity to profess my faith and let world know the God is great.

Risen Magazine: You just won a Nickelodeon Kids’ selection Awards for favorite TV Actor, that’s a huge accomplishment, what’s following for you?Jake Short: I’ve to be looking into doing movies. Ns hope to gain nominated for an ext awards. I’m trying to find a modest means to speak this, but I was in a very great category and also I’m honored to have won. In the future, ns hope to perform movies and other TV shows, sitcoms possibly.

Risen Magazine: What was it like once you found out the pilot gained picked up?Jake Short: i was too many thrilled. Ns was in reality talking to a friend around it, and also then someone texted me that they choose it up and also I assumed it should be unofficial. Then 3 seconds later on my manager called and also said they picked up the pilot. And I was prefer “Ahhhh!

Risen Magazine: Who do you look up to as a function model professionally or personally?Jake Short: my grandma. I would say one of the large people is Zachary Levi. I’ve heard a many talk around him. He is really under to earth, a Christian, great singer. He’s a cool guy.

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Risen Magazine: What gives you the most delight out of all this? What it s okay you up in the morning?Jake Short: I would say, hanging out v the cast. Just chilling and playing basketball is awesome. It’s a calm occupational environment, very relaxed, except for the college part.