There space precious couple of statements the all music fans can wholeheartedly agree on, however it"s more than likely fair come say that "Jimi Hendrix was a very great guitarist" is one of them. In fact, you"d be hard-pressed to find a significant publication the doesn"t think about him one of the greatest players in history, or also the absolute best one: Editor Choice has him as No. 1 ~ above their biggest Guitarists of every Time list, as carry out Rolling Stone and Louder. Indeed, there"s no question around the reality that Hendrix was an pure pioneer and a mighty talent that effortlessly summoned funky riffs and also sometimes surprisingly heavy sounds that were much more than just guitar music — they summed up whole era. What would certainly Woodstock have actually been there is no Hendrix" top performance? What would lesser guitar players obsess over if he hadn"t ever recorded "Little Wing?" What else would Hendrix have had up his sleeve, had actually he not tragically passed away at the age of 27? The human being will never know. 

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Hendrix" life to be as quick as his impact on music to be staggering. Yet did he ever have time to truly capitalize on his renowned music and amazing talent? Let"s view just how much the rock star was worth once he died.

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It would certainly be tempting come imagine Jimi Hendrix as a tragic figure who died prior to he can reap the vast rewards of his music"s popularity. Follow to Amy Lamare of Celebrity network Worth, that line of reasoning would likewise be relatively accurate, seeing together they say that Hendrix only had about $20,000 ~ above his bank account when he died, which would be around $150,000 in today"s money. While this is by no way a bad nest egg for a 27-year-old, it"s precious noting the Hendrix was already a world-famous, esteemed musician — again, that did play at Woodstock. Together such, Lamare estimates that songwriting credits, record sales and also concerts do the guitarist"s as whole net precious something about $5 million in today"s dollars. 

While Hendrix was definitely a known operator at the moment of his death, the was also just three studio albums and one live album right into his record career. In comparison, Jim Morrison the The Doors and John Bonham that Led Zeppelin both died at a young age, however had more than dual the lot of albums to your name. Considering the relatively small quantity of song he had time to offer us, it"s downright exceptional to think that together of 2019, the Hendrix estate"s network worth was estimated to be somewhere approximately $175 million.