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the john C. Flanagan home Museum

942 NE glen Oak Avenue,Peoria, IL 61603Map to Flanagan House

The man C. Flanagan house Museum was developed in 1837 top top Peoria"s east bluff by Judge john C. Flanagan and also is the earliest standing residence in Peoria. This American Federalist style house provides a spectacular check out of the Illinois flow Valley. Collections of neck glass, china, furniture, toys, quilts and vintage garments are displayed. The home is ~ above the national Register of historical Places and is own by the Peoria historical Society. The is likewise the headquarters of the(DAR)Daughters the the American Revolution, Peoria Chapter.

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Flanagan home Museum tours are lead by society volunteers by scheduled appointments and at our open Houses

Open house every an initial and third Sundays September 5 & 19, October 3 & 17, November 7 & 21, from 1:00-4:00 PM. Tickets space $10 because that adults, $5 for students and also $3 for children. Because that questions, exclusive tours and special occasion rentals contact the Peoria Historical culture Office 309-674-1921.

Have one event?

Consider renting the big, beautiful backyard the Flanagan residence with a wonderful view of the Illinois flow Valley for her private occasion or wedding. Speak to for price and availability.

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Pettengill-Morron home Museum

1212 W. Moss Avenue, Peoria, Illinois 61606Map to Pettengill-Morron home Museum

Pettengill-Morron home was developed in 1868 because that Moses Pettengill (1802-1883) in the 2nd Empire architectural style. A colonial Revival porch and porte cochere were included in around 1900 providing the house a cool Victorian appearance. After ~ the fatality of its last occupant Jean McLean Morron (1879-1966) the trustees of her estate gave the house and her household collection the mid-18th come mid-20th century furnishings, artwork, artifacts and textiles to the Peoria historic Society. Operated this day as a historical house museum, the collection also includes objects of previous occupants consisting of the Pettengill family. The home was listed on the U. S. Nationwide Register of historical Places in 1976. For an ext information about Moses and also Lucy Pettengill and also their work-related as abolitionists click here.

Pettengill-Morron house Museum tours are lead by society volunteers by booked appointments, every Thursday from 10:00 to be -2:00 pm and Open Houses

Open residence September 11th throughout the Moss Ave Sale and Open residence October 10th and November 14th from 1:00 - 4:00 PM. Tickets room $10 because that adults, $5 because that students and $3 for children. Because that questions, exclusive tours and also special event rentals call the Peoria Historical culture Office 309-674-1921.

An “Upscale Porch Sale” will be respectable 7th indigenous 9:00 - 1:00 PM and August 8 hours 1:00 come 4:00 PM. Antique furniture, house décor, china, crystal, linens and also jewelry will be available for sale. No one of the items space from ours collections but instead donated for sale from the community. Advance tour Tickets here


Consider renting the big, beautiful, private ago yard the the Pettengill-Morron house Museum for her private occasion or wedding. Because that a smaller event the porch is perfect? contact us for price and also availability.

Call the Peoria Historical culture to leave a article 309-674-1921. We will certainly respond come answer her questions around house rentals.