I have actually a Kenmore elite gas dryer. I can offer the version number upon request, however it flags the message as spam if ns insert the in this question.

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The dryer transforms on, the north spins, the blower because that the dust vent works, however the heat does no work. I have replaced the heat fuse and also the igniter, yet the igniter still does no ignite. Any type of ideas because that what to inspect / change next?


benzacct, I"m no professional, however it sounds like your gas valve solenoid(s) are probably shot. If you acquire a glow, electrical power is flowing with your system and also your ignitor is lighting up, but no gas is acquiring through. That would be mine guess.

I have actually a Kenmore he5t front load gas dryer I adjusted the belt the other day and also no it"s not acquiring hot sufficient I have the right to hear the fire come on but when the Cycles done the clothes are still yes, really damp and all ns did to be pull the drum out to get access to clean the within of the dryer out with an waiting hose and reassembled it

I have actually a Kenmore upstream He3 gas dryer the doesn"t get an extremely hot and it takes about 2 hrs to dried a pack of clothes. I replaced the thermal fuse yet it tho does the very same thing.


I had a comparable issue. I replaced the gas valve that confirm bad and thermal fuse as well. I reassembled the dryer and also found the igniter would light and also cut out after a few seconds. Long story brief all materials checked ok. Other than I noticed a squeal once I began the dryer & the belt was fine. The engine centrifugal switch would not kick out because of a drum roller binding. I discovered of a bunch the hair caught behind the . Therefore make certain that the drum rollers space spinning freely. A telltale authorize is the north will have actually rubber roller residue ~ above the drum track or the dryer belt is glazed or breaks often. Needless to say ns am walking to shave every female"s head in my household.

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I forgot to mention that the dryer was working fine until the belt broke once I change the belt and clean the dryer out v air hose now it"s not drying favor it was it"s getting hot however like I stated when the bicycle is done the clothes are still yes, really damp I also pulled the bottom cover turn off again come make sure there to be Flame

For my dryer it turned out to be the thermal fuse and also the high border thermostat (temperature regulator). For the novice i cannot stress and anxiety this enough… execute NOT run THE FUSE except for testing. The objective of this thermal fuse is to melt (on the inside) if the high border thermostat sticks in the close up door position. If the thermostat rod in the open position the warmth will never ever turn on. If the thermostat rod in the closed position the warmth will never ever turn off. Therein lies the danger. The thermostat is supposed to heat the fryer to roughly 150 deg F… the fuse will blow at around 190 deg F, thereby conserving your clothes, laundry room and house. Plenty of places sell these together a set. My set cost $14. Please do not operate the dryer with this fuse jumped. This $10 part, when bypassed, could price thousands that dollars and also even someone’s life. I simply wanted to put this warning out there. The manuals the I check out didn’t mention it.