Most of the time, we uncover it complicated to pick what item to buy especially when we are just a simple household owner that doesn"t have knowledge in technological information. That"s why we generally buy what seems to be convenient and also pleasing in the eyes. However, such assets tend to last for a short term use or call for us an ext maintenance.

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Of course, us all desire to stop these mistakes. In stimulate to execute that - room at home, function, type, weight, capacity, volt outlets and also energy performance are several of the couple of things to consider. But what if girlfriend have currently purchased one without taking these considerations?

As complicated as to buy is, my mommy bought a side by side Kenmore Refrigerator from the mall last month together a replacement to our old malfunctioning fridge. Although its attribute looks great, I uncovered out that the product"s hand-operated does not specify its capacity. Appliances choose refrigerator space usually measured by cubic feet; however not every one of us are acquainted with knowledge it.

Upon exploring the internet, I uncovered out that many users the the very same brand were having comparable issue around finding out what is the cubic feet of mine Kenmore refrigerator. That"s why ns did my research and discovered some solution to understand the cubic feet the a Kenmore refrigerator - here"s a few tips!

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What is the Cubic Feet of my Kenmore Refrigerator?
1. Hands-on Measurement
2. Understand your Refrigerator
3. Look because that Serial Sticker
3. Search Online
In Summary

What is the Cubic Feet of my Kenmore Refrigerator?

Here are several of the measures that you have to do to find out:

1. Manual Measurement

Since every refrigerator has various sizes, the simplest solution is to measure up its physics attributes. You need to have a tape measure up to calculate the width, depth and also height of your refrigerator. Personally, I like using alaser tape measure up for that digital feature that helps me no to take it the internal shelves one by one.


Empty refrigerator

But if friend only have the timeless metal tape measure, of course you will must take her refrigerator’s components one in ~ a time. It will certainly take you much longer to measure though specially when there’s fluid products and also edible grocery items in each shelves. Remember the you have actually to acquire the right data for each dimension to obtain the exact measurement of your refrigerator capacity.

In case you are not familiar with each mathematical size - width describes the size from one next to another, elevation is the length from bottom come the peak while depth is the space from the foremost edge extending to the rear wall surface of her fridge.

The solution to getting the cubic meter the the frozen fridge is multiply its width, length and also depth and also dividing that by 1,728. Since there are 12 inch in a foot, a cubic foot has the dimensions 12 x 12 x 12, equalling 1,728 cubic inches. Together you divide by 1,728, you room converting cubic inches right into cubic feet.

For example, our Kenmore refrigerator steps 32 (width), 30.2 (depth) and 50 (height) the is indistinguishable to 48,320 cu in or 27.96 cu ft capacity. Follow the same step to learn the cubic feet of her Kenmore refrigerator.

2. Recognize your Refrigerator

All of us recognize that companies (especially modern technology specialised ones) provide standard sizes for their products. Regardless of that, the ax “standard” is not actually precise. If girlfriend wonder why, it is ideal for girlfriend to know its style, manufacturer, model, and whether or no it deserve to be it is provided by battery.


Know your Refrigerator

Whether you’d have actually already adjusted a unit or not, you may have heard the typical styles that refrigerators specific top-mount, bottom-mount, side by side and also French door or built-in. Each of these layouts have your own average width-depth-height which you deserve to use to calculation its mean cubic feet.

The average dimension of Bottom /Top mountain Freezer is 29 in (width), 65 – 67 in (height) and 31 in (depth).Side by side Freezer is 35 in (width), 67-71 in (height) and 30 in (depth).French Door Freezer is 35 in (width), 68 in (height) and 29 in (depth).

Although this are simply the typical sizes of the complying with types, it can carry out you the best answer.

3. Look because that Serial Sticker

If you have nothing but the frozen fridge itself, try to look for its serial sticker. That is typically found within or at the earlier of your refrigerator. That will display you important details such together the serial number, design number, product number, bar code and also manufacturing date. Serial Sticker and number room important since it identify details unit the a particular brand have, just like how fingerprints recognize every person.

Some models an especially designate its volume on the unit number. Because that example, XY21 tells united state that the refrigerator has actually 21 cu ft. One more example is Kenmore 253.58082893, the 0 as third digit ~ the dot appoint the size.

3. Search Online

If girlfriend can"t find the serial sticker or you have actually no measuring devices in your home, browsing online for her refrigerator"s model and specifications is the finest option left. Walk for a forum interactive website and try asking others if castle have comparable unit to easily uncover your concern. I did searched our Kenmore unit i beg your pardon is its upstream 51799 model Side by side Refrigerator color earlier and the result I acquired from the an initial tip is quite accurate.

In Summary

Having a refrigerator is indeed an essential piece of tools for keeping our foods items safe. Without refrigerator, us can"t produce ice cream or cool refreshments in ours home. Besides we can store develop to last because that weeks thus preventing us native going to industry daily. However we have to be wise and practical when buying appliances to reduced off additional expenses.

Now the you have learned this easy procedures to recognize the capacity size on cubic feet of her Kenmore refrigerator, girlfriend may also think that considering this information before purchasing one following time.

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You may too consider contacting one of two people the appliance store where friend bought the refrigerator, the supplier i beg your pardon is provided in the manual or directly existing your issue in the main agency (which is Sears). Remember the your product has actually a warranty.