In the current state of the NFL, it’s difficult to accurately discern the full scale the criminal activity unless girlfriend look an extremely closely.

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What’s shocking ~ above closer inspection is the it"s actually relatively ridiculous. Due to the fact that the lockout began, arrests among NFL players have gone increase dramatically. (Most the those stem native too much partying, go figure.)

Essentially, it adds as much as one much more reason why we require this lockout to end for the good of everyone involved.

It acquired me thinking, though. Over there are constantly some NFL arrests the players and coaches in concern would be much less than proud of. Therefore what space the many embarrassing apprehensions?

(Quick note: since this is a list of embarrassing arrests, that obviously void of any kind of murder or gun-related incidents, due to the fact that those are simply either disastrous or horrifying. Also, it’s fairly impossible to perform them all, so i realize I’m only scratching the surface. Let me understand what girlfriend think!)

No. 5: Mike Ditka
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Ditka lands below from a DUI throughout his otherwise-glorious season in 1985.

The bears beat the 49ers 26-10 on the road in mid-October. After ~ landing in ~ O"Hare international Airport so late at night, Ditka proceeded to have actually one too many drinks and then acquire behind the wheel. He to be pulled over 2 miles native the airport because that "speeding, improper lane usage and driving under the affect of intoxicating liquor" follow to the associated Press (h/t Houston Chronicle).

Angry bear fans called state police incensed that they would certainly arrest the Chicago bears hero.

No. 4: Michael Irvin
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Our first Dallas Cowboy on the list! fact be said I could probably make a list of just Cowboys.

Mr. Irvin must have decided, "Hey, you just turn 30 once, so why not do it in style?"

He had actually his buddies over for a party. A cool party that was. Strippers, cocaine and the normal ingredients that excess.

What Michael fail to plan for to be the cameo figure of neighborhood police, that raided the party.

No. 3: Onterrio Smith
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This could be mine favorite. Smith, a mediocre running back for the Minnesota Vikings, chose he to be too good for the NFL"s drug policy.

"I"m smart," thought Smith. "I"ll just get a fake dick so I deserve to keep doing what i do."

Bad idea.

He was caught in the Minnesota airport v his "Whizzinator" and also detained.

Real smart.

No. 2: Nate Newton
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Cowboy No. 2.

Newton, a three-time Super bowl champion and also superb guard, was recorded in 2001 through 213 pounds of marijuana.

It wouldn"t have been together a huge deal, other than for the truth that five weeks later on he was caught again through 175 pounds the weed.

Tell me the isn"t among the dumbest things you"ve heard in a while?

No. 1: Lance Rentzel
5 the 5

Cowboy No. 3.

The one-time star receiver remained in a an excellent position. He was a broad receiver for "America"s Team" and married come the ridiculously good-looking actress Joey Heatherton.

But he to be arrested in November 1970 because that indecently exposing self to, of every things, a 10-year-old girl.

It"s the worst and most embarrassing (and frankly pathetic) thing on this list, acquisition the dubious distinction as most embarrassing arrest by an NFL player.

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