This famous brief story remains current due to the fact that it teaches children ways to defend themselves and their love ones.

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Although Little Red riding Hood might seem like just the story of a girl who have to go throughout the woodland to visit her grandmother and ends up conserving herself from the catch of an evil wolf, this children’s tale represents so lot more. 

We’ve every heard the story at least once in ours lives, however have you ever before stopped to think around the worths it teaches children? Next, we’ll testimonial the 5 key teachings and also values of little Red riding Hood.

The forest as a danger Setting 

The start of the story consists of presenting the little girl who has to visit she sick grandmother. To carry out this, she must go throughout the forest carefully, for countless dangers await.

During the journey, she comes throughout the evil wolf that asks her where she is going and also convinces she to race him to she grandmother’s house. In some versions, however, he transforms to the beauty of the landscapes and flowers to draw away her from the original path.

The wolf, therefore malicious and clever, shows tiny Red riding Hood a “shortcut” which turns out to be the longest way. He because of this arrives sooner, eats grandma in one bite and also disguises self in her clothes.

In its more quickly versions, the tale had actually a tragic and heartbreaking ending for small Red talk Hood. It even presented sexual results for the girl. It to be written prefer this because its goal was to show and generate fist in the tiny girls of those societies.

According to the Grimm brothers’ version of the story, much less cruel and explicit 보다 the previous ones, the girl was about to end up the same way as her Grandma, had actually it not been for the brave lumberjack that rescues both of castle by extract the old woman from the wolf’s belly. 


What deserve to we learn from the story of small Red talk Hood?

1. No to trust Strangers. This is clearly the moral of the story. Despite the so-called an excellent intentions the wolf presented to tiny Red talk Hood, he had a covert agenda.

Back in that time, this story was developed to raise awareness among young girls around the risks of trusting strangers. In time, it was adapted to transmit the same message, yet with less vicious and erotic content.

2. Not to Share an individual Information. In her encounter through the wolf, tiny Red talk Hood provided details about her destination, the reason of her journey and also the components of her basket.

This is a large mistake, because that info which seems harmless, can be offered by criminal to hurt united state or our love ones. Nowadays, this peril is constantly current in social media.

3. Not to Disobey our Parents. One of the references from tiny Red riding Hood’s mommy when she left house was come be mindful walking v the forest and also not to relocate away indigenous the main road.

This, of course, was forgotten through the innocent boy who falls right into the wolf’s trap and takes the shortcut he suggested.

4. Not to reduced One’s Guard. Beyond the wolf’s lie to trick little Red speak Hood, the story mentions plenty of distractions she had.

She never mistrusted the roadway the wolf proved her and she no realize what was going on once she came down on her Grandmother’s house, also when the standard questions about the prominent challenge features of the wolf in one old lady’s disguise room mentioned.

A Lesson because that Parents

From a different suggest of view, us can include another moral to the story. This one, however, is no for children, however for parents: Don’t ignore your youngsters regardless of just how safe a situation may seem. 

Even once the mother provided clear warnings to the child, that didn’t protect against her life from gift in danger. It’s essential to stress and anxiety that parents must never take their children’s safety for granted, it doesn’t matter exactly how independent and also responsible they seem.

The Wolf

The wolf is a character that goes past the looks of the animal. It’s about the embodiment of an evil, savage and also malicious being. In our present time, it would certainly be represented by world who lack particular morals and values.


In fact, in larger versions that the story, the figure of the wolf was directly replaced by people. The metaphor of the pet was then omitted come make direct allusion to the wickedness of some people.

The Lumberjack 

Finally, we can describe the lumberjack as the protector who shows up to guarantee the safety and security of the characters. Nowadays, us would stand for him with the picture of the police or any figure who can take part in preventing a crime.

As we mentioned before, the personality of the lumberjack was included to the tale, i beg your pardon in the beginning had a tragic finishing to achieve a an ext realistic depiction of the dangers from the exterior world.

The story of little Red riding Hood continues to be current since that teaches kids about vital topic in life: safety. No one is freed from the dangers of society, and it’s essential to learn to take treatment of oneself and also be careful.

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Last update: 29 July, 2018

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