Payson insurance claims to be sick and doesn’t want to walk to the Rock. (Guess that is earlier in the show?!? Becca!!!) What if Payson can’t choose up whereby she left off? What will certainly the Keeler family members do then?

Gran’s comes to visit and Steve is freaking out. She’s apparently much more stuck up than everyone else. Lauren has uncovered Chloe’s bra and also suggests a vasectomy for this reason Chloe can’t acquire pregnant and also trap him right into a marriage. He’s obviously not presenting Chloe to Gran appropriate now. It’s not major enough. Hmm, this is an excellent information because that Lauren…

The girls room nervous to watch Sasha and he has specifically request to check out them before practice. To tell them exactly how hurt he is? yet instead that congratulates them on your success and also wonders why Emily wasn’t there. Ns love the Emily insurance claims to have been back before bed check when the isn’t true since Beals to be doing bed checks and the girls covered with her about the shower. Sasha wishes she learned something and Emily claims she’s an ext committed 보다 ever. Lauren really hopes she’s ranked two again however Sasha she’ll it is in ranked how and when that decides. Climate he has a different word v Kaylie. He really hopes she’s encouraged she deserves she number one status. She has, it’s time to start acting prefer it. (Which way she will be brattier.) Sasha states she is the gym’s leader and also sets an example. Every little thing is her responsibility, consisting of Emily’s disqualification. That won’t occur again. Kaylie has a plan.

Lauren and also Emily spar around boys. Lauren says “us girls through boyfriends should stick together.” yet Emily says she won’t have actually a boyfriend till after gymnastics. Kaylie got them promise ring to promise they emphasis on nothing however gymnastics and also forget around boys. But she just gets rings because that her, Emily, and Payson because Lauren is plainly not forsaking boys.

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And the grand entrance award goes to…Austin Tucker. Arriving at the rock in complete motorcycle apparel. The girls don’t look happy to have him. (Kaylie least of all many thanks to she no guys policy, amongst other things.) The news: he’s training in ~ the rock till he deserve to open his own gym. He’s relocating to boulder. He guarantees they’ll hardly know he’s in the gym, as the parallel bars the will change the 2nd set of uneven bars are lugged inside.

Summer marvels if Austin will certainly be a distraction. Sasha thinks have actually a real Olympic gold medalist will inspire and also he states female gymnasts are not Austin’s type. But types can change. Summer is a instance in point. In comes Kim and also she asks Sasha come tell her the truth: will Payson ever be all set for the Olympic team or is it over?

Austin does his routine and this present makes me wonder what masculine gymnasts normally wear once practicing due to the fact that in this display it’s t-shirts and also mesh shorts, i beg your pardon is clearly not what they compete in.

Gran comes in to watch Lauren on beam. We gain it, beam is her thing. Gran is disappointed that Summer and Steve are damaged up, she loves Summer best of every his previous girlfriends. Well, and Lauren’s mother…before she gained into the drugs…Lauren is still holding onto really hopes of Summer and Steve getting back together. Yeah…Lauren spills about Chloe.

Emily and Austin talk. Emily’s a little cold. Why walk he pertained to the Rock? Really? because that her, to check out the girl who shattered Damon’s heart. Kaylie interrupts come tell Emily to focus.

After practice Kaylie proceeds giving Austin unnecessary attitude. (Ok, friend didn’t choose that the didn’t identify you in France, yet really.) Austin states he think he can aid but “she’s the national champion and doesn’t require his help.” Wow, the is the antithesis that champion spirit.

Steve, Gran, and also Lauren talk and also Gran brings up Chloe. Gran has chose they are having dinner tomorrow night.

Payson is the town hall tv when Sasha come to talk. Payson type of watch shelllshocked and also admits he to be right and she was wrong. Sasha points out that even though this year she can’t obtain on the team, next year she can. She have the right to become an ext of an artistic gymnast 보다 a power gymnast like Nastia. She claims she isn’t favor Nastia but he points the end that Nastia had actually a ripe inch development spurt in five years and many injuries yet she come back much better than ever thanks to graceful lines and meticulous execution. Payson claims Nastia is constructed for the (thin and long) and also she operation off, unwilling come listen. It’s over because that her. Poor Sasha, no one’s listening come her.

Becca marvels if Payson is comes to the gym and Kim states Payson isn’t one to give up yet Payson says she doesn’t plan to go. Payson says it is her life. Kim says they all readjusted their resides Payson’s desires. She expects Payson to protect against being selfish and shot what her coach suggests. The show has just touched ~ above what ns think is just one of the most interesting and crazy facets of a sport favor gymnastics. Households literally offer up their lives for their kids’ dreams however what happens once those youngsters decide castle don’t want to do it anymore? must Kim it is in trying to press Payson to proceed if she says she’s done? (If you review Chalked Up, Jennifer Sey talks about her an individual experience in this area.) as Payson says, who told girlfriend to provide up her life for mine? Anyway, Becca decides she wants to walk to the movies rather of the Rock.

Kaylie it s okay to the Rock and sees a substantial sign because that Austin Tucker. His banner is bigger 보다 hers! Lauren teases her and then claims she thinks it’s good because that will placed Kaylie in her place. Lauren reveals come Carter his setup to acquire Gran to gain Steve to drop Chloe. Carter intends to walk out v Austin, leave Lauren sex-free for the night.

Steve arrives to invite her to dinner. Chloe think he said his mother around her and also she’s honored. He allows her believe it. He warns her that she’s tough. “Steve, friend don’t ever before have to worry about being awkward by your mother approximately me.”

The girl whine around Austin’s attention and also then find out that Austin intends to lug in the high bar. No, that goes in the annex building out back, i beg your pardon is cold and also has bad lighting. The girls space the stars the the gym. Lauren states no one cares around men’s gymnastics (true). Austin claims men’s apparatuses space harder and they perform more, 6 to the women’s 4. Kaylie states it’s because they execute harder and an ext precise skills. Conclusion: men vs women, having them carry out on the various other gender’s apparatuses. Austin is given balance beam, Carter is given parallel bars, Lauren is given rings, Emily is provided parallel bars, Emily is offered men’s floor (3x much more tumbling runs and also no music), and also Austin bring away on women’s floor (music and dance choreography). Sasha is dazzling to check out competition through stakes.

Practices ~ above the different apparatuses does no go well for either gender and also we see rather a little bit of falling. (By the way, anyone an alert how lot Kaylie and also Lauren speak considering their dislike because that each other.) Kaylie thinks they deserve to manage.

Becca come in to speak to Kim and says she’ll walk to the Rock morning if she wants. Kim tells she it isn’t about what Kim wants but about what Becca wants. Climate why go she treatment if Payson quits? perhaps it’s time come let that go. They’ve every sacrificed. If she’ll never be what she was, is it still precious the family members being separated. Becca points the end that possibly not if it’s around winning however isn’t it supposed to be around fun, discipline, and hard work. They weren’t constantly all gymnastics all the time. Becca bring up ice skating.

Emily refuses to have actually dinner with Steve’s family. (Brian is conveniently at computer system camp. Ns guess that is summer, even though you might not realize it based upon what is going on, there appears to it is in no time structure in this show.) Chloe has actually never been invited to satisfy a guy’s mom and also she desires to admire her. Emily is the most impressive thing around her.

Lauren can’t wait because that Chloe to show up in her “interesting” wardrobe attire. (Interesting. The perfect descriptive word. When my sister was tiny she supplied to announce just how ugly points were as soon as we to be in stores so ns told she she need to say they to be interesting. The wasn’t much much better since she’d always say it together “that’s…interesting.”) but unfortunately for Lauren, Chloe and Emily display up sweaters and Banana Republic-esque clothes.

The Keelers go ice skating and Kim apologizes to Payson. Payson claims her mother was right, she is selfish. Kim points the end that she provided up her life the minute Payson to be born and also she wouldn’t desire it any other way. She simply doesn’t know why she’s giving up on her desires when there is tho a chance. Payson shares a little story. Once she to be little, she loved ice skating. She’s constantly been an remarkable athlete (athlete no princess). Once she was 7 she wanted to be the princess in the icecapades. Rather she was cast as the prince (because the director claimed she looked much more like a boy) and also all the other girls laughed at her for thinking she was graceful and also beautiful sufficient to be a princess. She didn’t tell she mom because she knew her mommy would have actually told she the princess to be the cooler part. What she really wanted to hear was that they were wrong and she would have been the many beautiful princess in the world. Payson’s scared, she doesn’t think she’s graceful enough. Kim says it’s ok to it is in scared but if you don’t shot at all, you might end up scared of everything. And also one much more thing, she would have actually been the most beautiful princess. (While I do love Payson and also enjoy Ayla Kell, I will be honest and also say the delivery in this scene was a bit stilted.)

Chloe tries hard but things aren’t walk great. Specifically because Lauren is taking digs where she can. Gran appears to be on the Kmetkos next though, in spite of Lauren’s attempts. Lauren reveals the her dad hadn’t called Gran about Chloe. Emily excuses them, she requirements to walk to the gym early and also has part schoolwork (wait, isn’t it summer?).

Lauren is doing some occupational when Gran comes in and puts Lauren in her place. True course is around having graciousness no issue what (even if someone is make the efforts to pull you down). Lauren to be the only one who was important tacky in ~ the table. She claims she might feel exit by her mother, and also that’s where her anger come from, yet Tanners must be gracious. She’s disappointed in Lauren. I almost feel sad for Lauren here (great facial expressions Cassie Scerbo).

Time because that the guys vs girls battle. Payson reflects up come interrupt Kaylie’s pep talk v her own (and let’s be honest, it come out much better from her). The girls carry out a lame chair and also then Austin comes over to wish them luck and also say no one should get injured. The vain reminds me why ns dislike men’s gymnastics. The routines are more boring. Over there is miscellaneous hysterical around watching the men do the girls’ apparatuses. It simply looks goofy. (Of course, in a method it highlights the points that look at marginally goofy as soon as the girls execute it however is expected anyway. All that finger-flicking choreography.) several corny commentating by Sasha (where go hardass Sasha go? I kind of miss out on him.)

Steve apologizes come Chloe. She pull on up because she was excited and also wanted come make certain he wasn’t embarrassed. She claims she’s honest and also what you view is what friend get and also he understands the the real reason castle are maintaining their relationship an enig is due to the fact that he isn’t serious.

I’m no sure how it is helpful to have actually gymnasts waste your time maintain on apparatuses they will certainly never compete in however I intend it might assist strength training for the girls and also fluidity and artistry because that the boys. Kaylie being able to execute the guys’ full tumbling runs is impressive. Lauren is glad the she and also Emily won’t have to suffer through family members dinners. (Lauren, walk you discover nothing?) The outcomes are in, and also the winners are…the men. Steve interrupts the celebrations come announce the he and Chloe space dating. Oh well Lauren. Much more applause as they kiss. Sasha admits come summer the people’s types do change.

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Austin insists the Kaylie shake his hand. Kaylie states she’s a starting member the the gym and also she’s risked a lot for it. Austin admits that he involved get inspiration from the rock girls. They’re passionate and also determined and fearless and he could use that. He provides a compromise. And also then it s okay picked up by a hot girl.

Lauren wants to hang out with Emily and also Payson but Kaylie invited them over to commiserate through ice cream. Lauren pretends to have plans through Carter but she watches them pile right into Kaylie’s car. Despite all, I in reality feel negative for her a little. (Again, an excellent job Scerbo.)