Many a Tear needs to Fall: RPM collection Tommy Edwards" "MGM Recordings 1958-1960"

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Trivia time: name the just No. 1 Pop single to have actually been written by a United claims Vice-President.

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If friend answered “It’s all in the Game,” videotaped in 1958 by Tommy Edwards, you victory our 2nd Disc No-Prize! In 1951, Carl Sigman (“Ebb Tide,” “What now My Love”) collection lyrics to the 1912 (!) melody through Charles Dawes, Vice president under Calvin Coolidge and a Nobel tranquility Prize recipient. Back the tune was tape-recorded by Nat “King” Cole, louis Armstrong and also Dinah Shore, it had its most enduring rendition in the 1958 MGM documents recording by Tommy Edwards, the silk-voiced R&B crooner. But that no the an initial time Edwards had actually recorded the song; he take it it to No. 18 in 1951 for MGM, but his updated plan later in the decade lastly proved the song’s advertisement mettle. Cherry Red’s RPM brand remembers the late Edwards through the new 2-CD collection It’s every in the Game: The MGM Recordings 1958-1960. Containing four finish albums to add bonus singles because that a complete of 57 tracks, that a considerable overview of critical period in the singer’s career v not just the location track yet other access time such together “Please Mr. Sun” (No. 11), “Love Is All we Need” (No. 15), “I really Don’t desire to Know” (No. 18),” and also “My Melancholy Baby” (No. 26).

Although the 1958 recording of “It’s every in the Game” scored on both the pop and R&B charts, Tommy Edwards’ career had its roots in the pre-rock and also roll days. As a songwriter, Edwards placed songs with diverse artists in the pop, country and also R&B genres consisting of The Deep river Boys, Red Foley, luigi Jordan and also Tony Bennett. Together a solo artist, he accomplished success v 1951’s No. 24 fight “The Morning side of the Mountain,” written by Larry Stock and also Dick Manning and memorably tape-recorded two years later through Donny and also Marie Osmond. His an initial stab in ~ “It’s all in the Game” struggle a respectable No. 18, and all told, MGM released 30 singles by the artist between 1950 and 1957, though Edwards ceased recording in 1955. The label’s permanent investment in Edwards paid turn off in 1958 when executive Morty Craft argued that Edwards team with arranger LeRoy Holmes come re-record “It’s all in the Game” in a new, beat-heavy style. The new RPM anthology starts v that auspicious recording.

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Disc One contains the entirety of Edwards’ 1958 LP It’s every in the Game and also 1959 because that Young Lovers, both in stereo. These albums featured much more new-fangled remakes that Edwards’ previously hits (including “Morning side of the Mountain”) and also similarly-styled recordings the standards. Edwards also recorded his very own material as well as offerings from various other pop contemporaries choose Lee Pockriss and Peter Udell (“It’s just the good Times”). Mack David and Robert Allen’s single side “I’ve been There” is added as a bonus track along with both political parties of two an ext singles, “(New in) The means of Love” b/w “Honestly and Truly,” and also “Don’t Fence Me In” b/w “I’m building Castles Again.” The A-side “(New in) the means of Love” was a collaboration between Brill building stalwart Lee Pockriss with Mack’s younger brother, Hal David.

Disc Two’s albums follow the very same pattern. 1960’s You began Me Dreaming provides Edwards applying his romantic tones to requirements from Irving Berlin (“Always”), Mitchell Parish and Frank Perkins (“Stars dropped on Alabama”) and Sammy Cahn and Saul Chaplin (“Until the real Thing comes Along”). Action Out Singing, from later on the exact same year, includes Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler’s “Stormy Weather,” Arlen and also E.Y. “Yip” Harburg’s “Over the Rainbow” and also Les Brown, Ben Horner and Arthur Green’s “Sentimental Journey.” 6 sides (the As and Bs of three singles) have been appended consisting of Edwards’ version of Gene Pitney’s “Blue Heartaches,” another Lee Pockriss/Hal David tune, “Unloved,” and the Sammy Cahn/Jimmy valve Heusen film tune “Suzie Wong.”

Edwards’ access time dried up by the moment of 1960’s “It’s not the end of Everything,” one of the final singles top top the 2nd disc here. He ongoing recording themed “concept albums” for MGM, however departed the label in 1963. Following a quick stint v Pitney’s home, Musicor Records, Edwards all yet disappeared, with some blaming alcoholism for his decline. He passed away in 1969 of a brain aneurysm, his reputation mostly surviving top top the strength of oldies radio staple "It"s all in the Game." RPM’s new release, with liner note by man Reed, is a fine and important record of a romantic vocalist par excellence. A number of the songs on It’s every in the game are making their first-ever illustration on CD, and per the notes, they have been take away “from the original tapes” housed in the U.S. MGM vaults.

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It’s all in the Game: The M-G-M Recordings 1958-1960 is available in stores currently from RPM Records and also can be ordered below from Amazon U.K.! A U.S. Order link shows up to be MIA at the moment of this writing.

Tommy Edwards, It’s all in the Game: The M-G-M Recordings 1958-1960 (RPM shout D79, 2012)

CD 1

It’s all in the GameThe Morning next of the MountainI’ll constantly Be through YouYou success AgainMr. Music ManPlease Love Me ForeverThat’s AllMy Sugar, mine SweetLove is a sacred Thing(Now and Then There’s) A stupid Such as ILove is All us NeedPlease Mr. SunMy Melancholy BabyIt’s just the an excellent TimesA Teardrop ~ above a RoseParadiseI Looked in ~ HeavenShe sends out Her RegardsIt every Belongs to YouMusic, Maestro, PleaseTake these Chains from my HeartOnce There live a FoolUp in a CloudWelcome MeI’ve to be There(New In) The ways of LoveHonestly and also TrulyDon’t Fence Me InI’m building Castles Again

CD 2

Indian SummerAlwaysStars fell on AlabamaLost in the Desert of LoveYou’re a Heavenly ThingNavajoUntil the real Thing come AlongYou’re a SweetheartYou began Me DreamingMy Love is a SparrowAll end AgainStormy WeatherThat Old FeelingSymphonyMy lucky StarTangerineThe desk lamp is LowOver the RainbowSentimental JourneyIsle that CapriShould IThe ComposerI yes, really Don’t desire to KnowUnlovedBlue HeartachesIt’s no the finish of EverythingAs you Desire MeSuzie Wong

CD 1, monitor 1-12 native It’s all in the Game, MGM LP SE-3732, 1958CD 1, monitor 13-24 from because that Young Lovers, MGM LP SE-3760, 1959CD 1, monitor 25 indigenous MGM solitary 12814, 1959CD 1, monitor 26-27 native MGM single 12837, 1959CD 1, monitor 28-29 native MGM single 12871, 1960CD 2, monitor 1-11 from You started Me Dreaming, MGM LP SE-3805, 1960CD 2, tracks 12-22 from action Out Singing, SE-3822, 1960CD 2, monitor 23-24 native MGM single 12890, 1960CD 2, monitor 25-26 from MGM single 12916, 1960CD 2, tracks 27-28 indigenous MGM solitary 12959, 1960