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Genre: Action, Combat Developer: Unknown Publisher: digital Arts ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: January 23, 2002

On mission 3: operation overlord as soon as the door of the landing boat opens jump right out and also run as quick as her guy have the right to go and hide behind the nearest item of scrap top top the beach then crouch. Wait there till the device gun fire stops then carry out it again. Shot to store up through your guys and also watch because that the medic. Find the medic as soon as girlfriend can since he"ll provide you full health (he"ll do this only once though). Carry out this until you with the captian at the an initial bunker. You"ll see a couple of guys ducking at the bottom that a hill.

Edit the faster way to the game so that reads the following: "C:LOCATION the GAMEmohaa.exe" +set ui_console 1 +set cheat 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1When in the video game press ~ to display screen the console window. Put in one of the complying with cheats.Invincibility - WINCHESTER gives player all tools - wussGod setting - dogHeal player - fullhealdnotarget - clears targetgive ammo - Max Ammonoclip - No clippinglistinventory - perform of the player"s inventorytele x y z - Teleport to locationcoord - Prints out existing location and angleshealth - collection current healthkill - death the playergiveweapon weapons/"weapon_name".tik - provides the player the stated weaponWeapon names:Colt 45 - colt45Frag Grenade - m2frag_grenadeWalther P38 - p38Steilhandgranate - steilhandgranateM1 Garand - m1_garandMauser KAR 98K - kar98Shotgun - shotgunBazooka - bazookaPanzerschreck - panzerschreckBAR - barStG 44 - mp44Thompson - thompsonsmgMP40 - mp40Springfield "03 Sniper - springfieldKAR98 Sniper - kar98sniper details submitted by XAnimal on Tuesday, January 15, 2002 in ~ 09:02:42 Map ListsType maplist to lug up a perform of - go to map m1l1 m1l2a m1l2b m1l3a m1l3b m1l3c m2l1 m2l2a m2l2b m2l2c m2l3 m3l1a m3l1b m6l3e

Open console through the (`)or(~) vital and type in DOG. After ~ this you should have the ability to play the video game without dying.

Use one of the complying with values v the "map " code. For a complete list,load the "pak5.pk3" in the "main" folder.m1l1 m1l2a m1l2b m1l3a m1l3b m1l3c m2l1 m2l2a m2l2b m2l2c m2l3 m3l1a m3l1b m6l3e

Use one of the following values v the "giveweapon weapons/"".tik"code:colt45 m2frag_grenade p38 steilhandgranate m1_garand kar98 shotgun bazooka panzerschreck bar mp44 thompsonsmg mp40 springfield kar98sniper

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