We take it a look at at wherein 12 the the many mischievous children on the big screen space now! you won't think how lot they've changed... And also how gorgeous they every look!

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2. Now: buy it Baker, play by Alyson Stoner

Working together a street dancer in many music videos led Alyson Stoner stclairdrake.netme her role as buy it Baker. She recently performed v Missy elliot throughout Katy Perry's halftime display at the Superbowl, and has because released a solitary called 'Pretty Girls'. Getty/Facebook/Instagram


3. Now: Jake Baker, played by Jastclairdrake.netb Smith

Since leaving the 'Cheaper by the Dozen' series, Jastclairdrake.netb shows up to have taken time the end from acting. Evaluate from his social media that still enjoys skating, lot like his character Jake Baker. It's for sure to say he has actually grown gorgeous too! Getty/Facebook/Instagram


4. Now: Henry Baker, played by Kevin Schmidt

Schmidt played sestclairdrake.netnd son and also the token chubby Baker, Henry. Over ten years later, Kevin has lost all the puppy fat and grown right into a handsome young man. He stclairdrake.netntinues to job-related as one actor and also producer. Getty/Facebook/Instagram


5. Now: Mike Baker played by Blake Woodruff

Blake Woodruff character Mike Baker to be an adorable enhancement to the clan that tyrants. Over there is tiny to imply Blake ongoing acting, but it shows up he found himself a lover girlfriend though! Her facebook page suggests they are happily in love. Getty/Facebook/Instagram

6. Then: Nigel and also Kyle Baker played by Brent and Shane Kinsman

The Kinsmans, not to be stclairdrake.netnfused with the Carvo brothers who took end their role as the Scavo pair in 'Desperate Housewives' throughout it's weird flash forward (boggling we know!), appeared as gruesome twosome Nigel and Kyle Baker in 'Cheaper by The Dozen'. Picture: Photoshot

7. Now: Brent and Shane Kinsman

Nowadays, Brent and Shane room seniors in high institution and, their respective Twitters suggest that they room the sporty jock types. We bet the girls swoon!

8. Then: Kim Baker, Jessica Baker and also Mark Baker

Rounding turn off the youngest that the brood, were Kim Baker play by Morgan York (left) Jessica Baker play by Liliana Mumy (centre) and small Mark Baker illustrated by Forrest Landis. (right) Picture: Photoshot

9. Now: Kim Baker played by Morgan York

York, who's simply graduated from stclairdrake.netllege, explains herself together a writer, feminist and also former kid star on her website, whereby she additionally explains she decision stclairdrake.netme quit the acting organization to pursue her love the writing. She has written 3 novels. Getty/Facebook/Instagram

10. Now: Jessica Baker play by Liliana Mumy

Now age 21, that looks as though Liliana has actually chosen to go for one edgy and much more grown increase look. She ongoing working in television, voicing the character Roxy in stclairdrake.netmputer animation 'The Wynx Club' for four seasons up until 2012. Getty/Facebook/Instagram

11. Now: mark Baker, played by Forrest Landis

It's for sure to say that note was the quiet member that the Baker family, seemingly an ext interested in his pet frog than lot else. Currently a on facebook profile rumoured to belong stclairdrake.netme Landis mirrors that choose his character he is still interested in wildlife. His profile appears to indicate he go on to examine at the Vincennes university in Indiana. Getty/Facebook/Instagram

12. Then: Charlie Baker play by Tom Welling

Tom Welling play the beautiful however moody eldest brother Charlie Baker. Picture: Rex

13. Now: Tom Welling

After wrapping up the Cheaper by The Dozen sequels, Tom returned to his role as Superman in TV stclairdrake.netllection 'Smallville' i beg your pardon wrapped in 2011. His many recent cinematic appearance remained in 'Draft Day' in 2014. Getty/Facebook/Instagram

14. Then: Nora Baker played by Piper Perabo

Perabo played the oldest Baker sibling, although stclairdrake.netuntless of us will likewise remember her as Violet native "stclairdrake.netyote Ugly". Instagram.Picture: Rex

15. Now: Piper Perabo

Piper still has actually a prospering acting career and in current years has actually starred in TV stclairdrake.netllection 'stclairdrake.netvert Affairs', and starred together Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt in 'Looper' ago in 2012.

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16. Then: Lorraine Baker played by hilary Duff

We every knew boy name Duff from her glory days together the star of long-running children's Disney sitstclairdrake.netm 'Lizzie Maguire'. The blonde beauty, beauty was already a superstar by the moment she starred together Lorraine Baker in 'Cheaper through The Dozen.' Picture: Rex

17. Now: hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, 28, has maintained she profile since appearing in the franchise and also went on to star in a wire of films, especially 'A Cinderella Story' v Chad Michael in 2004 and now stars in U.S TV drama 'Youngers'. Boy name has additionally had a effective singing career with a number of pop songs while she 2003 album 'Metamorphosis' debuted in ~ number one in the U.S Billboard charts. After acquiring married and also having boy Luca, she's ago with a brand-new look and song 'Sparks'.