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MLB 11: The display Cheats for PlayStation 3

achievements Trophy This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked instantly when every trophies have actually been unlocked. With different users regulating the pitcher and fielders, complete a to win "em out throw "em out double play. as a Batter in RttS, have actually 3 or an ext "Good" or much better At Bats in a solitary game in ~ the MLB Level. win the Dodgers. Must be perfect vs. The CPU v both pitching and also batting set to Legend. RttS excluded. location in the peak 33% in any solitary week of challenge of the Week. success a co-op game. In any season mode, fight a triple ~ above Father"s Day. struggle a residence Run right into the sand at Petco Park. In any mode (excluding HRD) fight a house Run v a pitcher. Accumulate 100 XP across any online game modes. after ~ falling behind in the counting 0-2 work ago to complete count. Perfect vs. CPU v both pitching and batting collection to All-Star or higher difficulty. compete in the an obstacle of the week in back to earlier weeks. fight a house Run to dead center in Coors Field. In any kind of mode gain an inside the park home Run. Should be completed vs. The CPU. pick off the CPU jogger on 1st. In any type of season mode, hit a home Run top top Mother"s Day with a pink bat. draw a 4 pitch walk in any type of mode. Need to be completed vs. The CPU on All-Star or greater difficulty. In RTTS, with level 5 in all training settings as a pitcher or a batter. In any single at bat, watch 10 or much more pitches. Should be perfect vs. The CPU top top All-Star or higher difficulty. together a Pitcher in RttS, in a solitary game, confront 6 or more consecutive batters achieving a "Good" or much better rating at the MLB Level. victory a game on an error. v Guess key on, in any kind of mode, properly guess 10 pitches in a row (Location OR Pitch) vs. The CPU top top All-Star or higher difficulty. In a single game, steal 3rd twice. Need to be perfect vs. The CPU. win a video game using the Padres if wearing Camo Jerseys. attain an All-Star rank across all online game modes. make a diving catch in foul are for an out. hit a house Run right into the hot bath tub in follow field. in ~ Target Field, land her foul ball or tailing home Run on the Target authorize down the right field line. do 5 or much more errors in a single game. throw the ball into the stands once attempting to throw out a runner at 1st. struggle a house Run into the Ray"s aquarium. In RttS, earn more than 20,000,000 over the course of her career. In Season or Franchise mode, victory World series as the Cubs. Have to be full 9 inning games, simulating of World collection games will certainly invalidate the trophy. In any mode, v any single player, accumulate 130 or more stolen bases in a single Season. together the far team, take a shutout right into the bottom of the 9th and lose the game. Must be perfect vs. The CPU. beat the Yankees. Should be completed vs. The CPU with both pitching and batting set to Legend.

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RttS excluded.
100% Clear
Advanced Cooperation
Batting performance Evaluated
Beat LA
Daddy long Legs
Day in ~ the Beach
Dig that long ball
Fill"er Up
Have a CoW Man!
Ice Cold
Lean top top Me
Momma"s Boy

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Peak Training
Pitching power Evaluated
Poor Billy...
Running down a Dream
Salute the Troops
Sell your Body
Splash down II
Stay ~ above Target
Stone Hands
Strong Arm
Swim v The Fishes
The Bacon
The Billy Goat
Today... Ns am the greatest
Tough Loss
Yankees "Inhale Deeply through The Mouth"!
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