Andrew Jackson to be America"s saturday President -- but he likewise enslaved people, banished relaxed Indians come the trace of Tears, and killed guys who uncomfortable him (He had actually a violent temper). Some modern Americans dislike Jackson so much that they want him kicked off the $20 bill and replaced v a woman.

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Dressed because that success: Jackson in white gloves and also giant cap of power.

But this see of Jackson is fairly new, and also still in the decimal in the Waxhaws region of North and South Carolina, wherein Jackson was born on march 15, 1767. Both states, proud of their home-grown President, insurance claim Jackson"s birthplace as their own: north Carolina with a lonely monument, southern Carolina with an entire state park. In between, philosophically, is the Museum the the Waxhaws, whose Solomon-like position that Jackson belongs to both Carolinas frankly satisfies neither one.

"I"ll be honest; together a background teacher in north Carolina i firmly believe he to be born in phibìc Carolina," claimed Tommie Wall, former principal the the Waxhaw elementary school school and also a board member that the museum. "But it"s a trusted rivalry; it"s no nasty."

"Jackson"s mom was pregnant v him increase here," claimed Bill Howie, the museum"s Jackson historian, noting that the Jackson family members lived in north Carolina before Andrew"s mommy awkwardly provided birth come him ideal on the state line. "If we really wanted to obtain sticky v it," claimed Bill, "we can say he was a "person" in north Carolina" prior to he was born. "But i don"t push that idea much. We want to it is in nice."

Jackson"s birthplace cabin in north Carolina.

The museum provides no mystery that it"s pro-Jackson, regardless of his birthplace. A huge Jackson head, commissioned by a local financial institution in 1996 as soon as the museum opened, greets visitors v wide, staring eyes, probably similar to the last point seen through those that unwisely do Jackson mad.

Exhibits in the museum are devoted to the Waxhaw Indians and also the Scots-Irish settlers that replaced them, however we went straight to the Jackson section, i beg your pardon is headlined "The Birthplace Problem." It defines that the hardscrabble future President was born in the log cabin of one of his mother"s sisters, that lived ~ above either side of the North-South Carolina state line. However which cabin? "President Jackson did compose that he to be born in south Carolina," the exhibition concedes, yet by then he was a politician, and he "could have merely to be attempting come appeal to the citizens of southern Carolina." The exhibit concludes delicately the Jackson "truly belongs through all Carolinians," however a supplementary museum handout has actually a large map that clearly shows Jackson"s birthplace top top the north Carolina side.

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"You know, he never came ago here," said Tommie, i beg your pardon is true; by the time Jackson to be 15, both that his parental and every one of his siblings to be dead. Andrew Jackson relocated away indigenous both phibìc and south Carolina long prior to he came to be a slaveowning, Indian-banishing, killer President, which, as soon as it involves Jackson, is just about the just thing the everyone in the Waxhaws can agree on.