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The decided compares the civilization to a stage and also life to a play, and also catalogues the 7 stages the a man"s life, sometimes referred to together the Seven ages of Man: infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, pantaloon and also old age, facing imminent death. It is one of Shakespeare"s most frequently-quoted passages.

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The Greenwood Tree - Choir SATB, full Fathom Five, Ariel"s song from The storm - Tenor solo, Sonnet 104 - Choir (SSAAB), The eras - French Horn & Strings, Sonnet 27 - Choir(SSAAB), Astobo Aneo, Wind top top The Hill - Two-part song, Ethereality, Shall ns Compare Thee come A Summer"s Day, tiny Symphony in D minor, Eristic forms - third Mvt., No man Is one Island, Six quick Scenes, Sonnet 27, Sonnet 104, Jay Park - cable Quartet, Wind Symphony - A symphony because that Wind Instruments, Una Volpe, Tangles, in ~ One"s Mercy, In Jay Park, Waves, one Entreaty - Orchestra, Mellow Mood, have Your Fill, five Stones, Wenceslas, fair Wind - Wind Quintet, Close come Home, Firefly, Midnight, Hymn, In A Reflective Mood, The three Fates - Orchestral, Silk, Longing, Wheel that Fortune, Philotimo Suite - cable Quartet, just how Doth The small Crocodile - Choir (SSA), Sospirando, Idyll, Waltzette, 7. Scherzando, Christmas Bells - Unaccompanied choir, The Lady the Shalott Symphonic Poem, 6. Piacevole, 5. Patetico, love Nouveau, 4. Cantilena, 3. Presto, 2. Largo, 1. Andante, A brief Symphony, Oh, Gem, track of Simeon (Nunc Dimittis), Tea Square, The planet Chills, How could It it is in So?, Strings Adagio, Lullay, great Christian Men, good Friday, Is the Nothing to You?, Hilariter - The entirety Bright civilization Rejoices Now., Shall ns Compare Thee to A Summer"s Day? - Baritone Solo, Shall ns Compare Thee come A Summer"s Day? - Tenor Solo, Impulsive - A job-related for tiny Orchestra, Contentment - A work-related for little Orchestra, Sincerity - A work-related for small Orchestra, In Dulci Jubilo - Choir, Unterrichtung - for Orchestra, perhaps Nothing - for tiny orchestra, A Brighter Dawn Is Breaking, come His Love - Choir and also Orchestra, Wind Octet - Andante, Wind Octet - Moderato, Wind Octet - Allegretto con moto, There will certainly Come Soft rains - Unaccompanied choir, The lost Year - Orchestra, Fulfillment - for tiny orchestra, Unto united state A boy Is Born - Unaccompanied choir, O small Town - Unaccompanied choir and Rainbow Suite for Orchestra