Sleeping too Much: Warning indications of getting Too much Sleep

If you’re constantly oversleeping and also feel excessively drowsy throughout the day, your extreme sleep actions might be caused by an basic condition. 

Occasionally resting in as soon as you’re sick or exhausted from one extra stressful job of occupational isn’t concerning, yet if girlfriend suddenly need to sleep for an ext than 10 hours every night, it could be time to take a depth look right into your sleep health. Proceed reading because that a full explanation the what too lot sleep entails.

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Excessive sleeping Warning SignsHow much Sleep is Too much Sleep?Too much Sleeping Causes: Why am I sleeping Too Much? Optimal amount of Sleep: 4 advice To give Your body the ideal Amount the Sleep

Excessive resting Warning Signs

Sleep is important, yet too lot sleep top top a continual basis no doing you any kind of favors. According to the nationwide Sleep Foundation, extreme sleeping may lead friend to suffer the adhering to symptoms:

Productivity issuesLow energy during the daySymptoms the anxietyMemory issuesExtreme sleepiness unresolved by nappingExtreme exhaustion unaffected by exactly how much you sleep

If you concerned around any extreme sleeping symptom you’re experiencing, a sleep expert or your medical professional can guide you toward a solution. A medical professional can assist you identify if your extreme sleeping is resulted in by a sleep disorder or your sleep habits.


How much Sleep is Too much Sleep?

So how much is too much sleep? Well, it depends. Her sleep requirements will differ over your lifetime, your sleep chronotype, age, task level, basic health, and lifestyle. The AASM proposal the complying with sleep quantities based on period that you can use together a general baseline:

Newborns: 16-18 hours of sleep per nightPreschoolers: 11-12 hrs of sleep every nightSchool-aged and also teens: around 10 hours of sleep per nightAdults and seniors: 7-9 hrs of sleep per night

Keep in mind the your personal sleep needs can deviate indigenous the norm, however it doesn’t automatically mean that there’s an issue. If you’ve always been someone who demands a tiny extra sleep, then that doesn’t necessarily point to an underlying problem. Instead, look because that sudden alters in her sleep schedule. Were you normally acquiring 7 hrs of sleep and feeling fine, however now you require closer to 10 and also feel terrible? If it is the case, there may be an issue.

Likewise, over there are regularly temporary reasons of oversleeping, too. If she sick, you’re more likely to require some extra shuteye together your human body tries come rest and build increase the energy stores necessary to fight turn off an infection. Or, if you’ve operation a marathon or experienced a high quantity of acute stress, your body might naturally need an ext rest as a result to rebuild your mind and body. This one-off situations aren’t reason for concern.

Causes that Too lot Sleep: Why am I resting So Much? 


There are several underlying causes that may aid explain why you’re sleeping for an extreme amount of time. If you feeling concerned around your sleeping habits and also your sleep duration is negatively affecting your waking life, the a good idea come consult v your medical professional who can much better guide you to sustainable solutions and treatment if necessary.

The dangers of sleeping too much and conditions connected to oversleeping include:

Medications: part medications might make friend feel an ext drowsy, leading to you to sleep more. V that said, it’s necessary to never ever stop a medication all of sudden unless you’re instructed to execute so through a medical professional.

If you repeatedly feel choose you’re oversleeping, or feeling the must oversleep to obtain the remainder you need, it’s most likely worth talk to her physician.While a select few of us really carry out require an ext sleep 보다 most, if you are sleeping an ext than the encourage amount, a talk with your physician is the finest next step.


Optimal amount of Sleep: 4 tips To provide Your body the right Amount of Sleep

If you’re prepared to take manage over your sleep schedule, there space some tips you deserve to incorporate prior to you fight the hay.

Tip #1: store napping to a minimum: If girlfriend can’t loss or continue to be asleep at night, the finest napping advice is to store napping come a minimum. 

Tip #2: use a sunshine alarm: If you tend to wake up up emotion groggy, shot a sunshine alarm. Sunshine alarms work-related by gently illuminating your sleeping atmosphere and provide you v the visual stimulation you should wake girlfriend up much more naturally. Exposing you yourself to irradiate in the morning deserve to make you feel an ext alert and helps cement her body’s organic circadian rhythms.

Tip #3: keep a constant sleep schedule: If it takes a long time to fall asleep, or it’s daunting to wake up ~ above time, a sleep schedule might be helpful. As soon as you discover the appropriate amount the sleep that functions for you, stick to it. Try to save your bedtime and morning wake up time consistent, even on the weekends and also during vacation.

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Tip #4: Track your sleep: If you want to obtain insights right into your sleep, use a sleep diary come track her wake-up time and also bedtime, or try a sleep tracker like or Max. Make sure to note any kind of lifestyle variables, too, prefer drinking alcohol or going for a longer run than usual. Keep track of her sleep for at least a week prior to making a doctor’s appointment. 

Although oversleeping isn’t talked around as much as insomnia, it’s important to recognize once this occasional problem becomes a chronic issue. By changing your lifestyle, sleep behavior or functioning in tandem through your doctor, you can enjoy a much more restful and timely sleep.