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My surname is Junie B. Jones. The ‘B’ means Beatrice. Except I don’t prefer Beatrice. I as with B and also that’s all. however no one call me Junie anymore. currently everybody I understand calls me June B. But never, EVER, will certainly I enable them to contact me June Jones. It just sounds weird. The same means calling me ‘June Beatrice Jones” would sound weird. Periodically I wish my parents had named me something else. As soon as I was practically 6 (not once I was 6; just nearly there) I wanted to be named Pinkie Gladys Gutzman. Ns still happen to find that a an extremely interesting name. Something seems an ext interesting than “June Beatrice Jones”. The was around the very same time I wanted to be a beauty, beauty Shop Guy and also so I reduced off my very own hair. Thank an excellent Gravy that Mrs. Noticed and told my mom so the we can get it resolved all nice. I remember lots of stuff from once I was a tiny kid; hating the institution bus, Mr. Scary, Lucille’s well-off nana, being a dumb bunny……I could write a collection of kids’ books about all the crazy points I did! yet I’m not almost-6 or 1st grade Junie B. Jones anymore. I’m almost 12, and nearly 12 method I’m walking to middle school! center school is a large school that huge kids go to. The a gigantic leap native childhood come almost-kind of- adulthood; lockers, showers, popularity, YIKES! Fortunately, I’m collection for my very first day; I’ve acquired my finest friends-since-kindergraden-when-I-was-almost-6. Lock names room Lucille and That Grace. Other than I don’t contact them that anymore, similar to they don’t contact me Junie B. Anymore. I contact Lucille Lucy and also That grace is Gracie now. I laugh whenever i think of the names I supplied to provide people; Mrs., that Grace, wealthy Nana…there were lots of them! Unfortunately, when my ideal friends room going to middle school v me, so are some kids I would be an extremely pleased to run over through a large stupid smelly bus. Namely; May. I have actually not liked May due to the fact that I sat next to her in first grade. We are NOT 2 peas in a pod. It doesn’t issue though, my OTHER finest friends from first grade will be there with me; Jose, Herb, Lennie, and Sheldon. They space my boyfriends. But I’m not in love with them! also there’s Jim. Us hated each various other in kindergarten, but now us have an ext of a kind of-friendly competitor as mom would say. To acquire to my middle school, I have to ride through a girlfriend from long earlier who didn’t start out together a friend. His surname is the school bus. If friend knew me once I remained in kindergarten, you will do know around how lot I hated the bus the was supposed to take it me to institution every day. After obtaining into huge trouble in school over the bus (believe me, the a long story) and after meeting Gracie, the bus was a funny place. Type of as lot fun as recess! i jumped the end of bed this morning and also zoomed to my bathroom to get ready because that the sixth grade. The mirror human being looking ago at me had messy level brown hair (urgh! I constantly wanted a an ext fascinating color of hair) the went a tiny past her shoulders, she to be a tiny short (but mommy said I’d shoot up in no time- favor a p stalk!) and also green eye (again; BORING!!! I used to want two different colored eyes). I placed my new 1950’s styled glasses prior to brushing my hair & teeth. I placed on my new school outfit; a purple skirt that looked prefer velvet and also a tiny pink sweater. I put white knee socks & shiny black patent leather shoes (I spit on castle extra great so they’d be yes, really shiny!). Ns looked in the mirror again, happy through my outfit, yet it was defiantly lacking something. Ns tap, tap, tapped my chin wonder what it could be and then I witnessed it. A big, pink bow! I put it top top speedy quick, and also when ns was satisfied v my appearance, i zoomed right into the kitchen to eat breakfast with my little brother Ollie. Some things simply never change; even when you’re nearly 12.


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I always loved the Junie B. Jones books; and also as ns was analysis them to my small sister I started wondering what taken place to the adorable, ever-child-like, hilarious Junie B. As she prospered up? I decided to write around Junie coming to be a 6th grader & bringing earlier all her childhood friend & craziness us all love! Enjoy!