The song is “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss him Goodbye,” and while some may not know it by that name, who doesn’t know the immortal chorus:

The track was critical in the news in may when democrats sang the to home Republicans, waving goodbye come them after lock passed the American Health care Act, the replacement for Obamacare.

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As its usage by the democracy suggested, it no a trusted goodbye but a taunt. It to be a “you’re outta here,” “you’re finished” kind of goodbye.

For Gary DeCarlo, among the song’s co-writers, the rebirth in Congress was a sweet moment. Confined to a hospice through lung cancer and forgotten over the years, reporters dubbed him up. He to be thrilled once the democracy sang his song, that said, not for partisan reasons but due to the fact that “it’s exposure,” he told MyNewsLa.

While his song became famous, he had not. “Na na hey hey” soared to the top of the charts in 1969. However for DeCarlo, the was pretty much it.

DeCarlo and also the song’s co-creators never ever expected much of it. It to be what they offered to contact a “throwaway song,” dashed off in a hurry for the “B-side” the an anticipated hit.

For those who don’t remember, ago in the 1950s and also 1960s, in the vinyl period of the absent ‘n roll epoch, studios released 45 RPM documents with 2 sides. The A-side was the track the studio wanted the key jockeys come play. The B-side to be to be ignored.

In 1969, DeCarlo (who additionally recorded as Garrett Scott), Dale Frashuer and Paul Leka were recording a song referred to as “Sweet Laura Lee” because that Mercury records and their band, dubbed Steam, and needed a B-side in a hurry.

They dredged up a number they had actually written in 1961 dubbed “Kiss the Goodbye,” DeCarlo claimed in one interview for

They started recording “Kiss the Goodbye” one night at Mercury studios in brand-new York City and it just wasn’t long enough for a B-side. “You had to do the B-sides long, and also that way, the DJ is never going to play it,” Leka called the Arizona Repubic in a 2005 interview.

“I said we must put a chorus to it,” Leka later on recalled in “The Billboard book of Number 1 Hits,” together quoted in the Los Angeles Times.

“Na na” and “hey hey” were placeholder lyrics, used periodically temporarily for lack of something better.

“I began writing while ns was sit at the piano,” recalled Leka, “going ‘na na na na, na na na na …’ everything was ‘na na’ as soon as you didn’t have actually a lyric. DeCarlo threw in the “hey hey hey.”

“When the record firm heard it,” DeCarlo said, they liked it. “They want to break-up the record. They wanted to placed ‘Na Na’ out on it’s own and also ‘Sweet Laura Lee’ the end on its own.”

“It was and also still is about the love factor,” DeCarlo said. “Anyone who’s been in a love triangle can identify with this. Make the efforts to do the girl realize the he’s not the guy for her.”

But in 1977, as legend has it, the organist because that the Chicago White Sox, Nancy Faust, started playing it when opposing pitchers to be yanked native the game. The crowds started to chant along with the music — and also a good taunt was born.

Now, “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss him Goodbye” is the anthem that taunt, sung in numerous languages and many sports, among them politics.

Its most memorable airing came in the film, “Remember the Titans,” in which it was sung progressively at the funeral that a football player killed in a auto accident.

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As Songfacts explained it: “When this song ended up being a hit, whole album was commissioned and a group developed for it” also with the surname “Steam.” however DeCarlo wasn’t invite to tour v it, even though he had recorded it. Indeed, that “was asked no to expose that it was him top top the record, because there was a various singer performing it in ~ live appearances.”

DeCarlo said he was promised through producer Leka the if the went along, Leka would discover a hit because that him together a solo artist, which never ever happened.