L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 16 | 4-answer surveysName an activity that"s easier to do as soon as it"s windy.100FLY A KITE89SAIL7SURF2AIR-DRY CLOTHES2Name something an athlete can break.100BONE/BODY PART80A RECORD16BAT/EQUIPMENT2RULES/THE LAW2We asked 100 married women...Name miscellaneous you could ask your spouse to perform to her back.100RUB/SCRATCH IT73WASH IT18KISS IT5LOOK FOR/POP ZITS4Name something your dog could do the very same time that day together you do.100SLEEP/WAKE UP50EAT30PEE/LAY CABLE17WALK/GO OUT3Name something that can get rained out.99SPORTING EVENT84PICNIC/BBQ8PARADE5OUTDOOR CONCERT2Name something children line up for at school.99LUNCH/SNACK78RECESS12FIRE DRILL5SCHOOL BUS4Name the most advantageous body part that begins with the letter "L."99LEGS77LIPS12LUNGS6LIVER4Name miscellaneous dirty that ends up under a teenager"s bed.99CLOTHES/SHOES76DISHES/PLATES10PORN/MAGAZINES10KLEENEX/TISSUES3We request 100 married men...Name a ar you"d dislike to find one more man"s underwear.99OUR HOUSE75WIFE"S CAR14WIFE"S PURSE8ON mine WIFE2If Santa used for a summer task as one exotic dancer, name a factor he wouldn"t get in.99TOO FAT/BELLY74TOO HAIRY/BEARD20TOO OLD3TOO JOLLY2Name something people shot to death by utilizing poison.99RATS/MICE68BUGS/ANTS13WEEDS11PEOPLE/CHEAT"G MATE7Name a term offered in a video game of bowling.99STRIKE67SPARE27PIN3TURKEY2We asked 100 married men...Tell united state in a whisper, "My wife"s bottom resembles a sack of" what?99POTATOES65BALLS12PEACHES12ROCKS10Name something friend did every day in kindergarten that you great you could do every job now.99NAP64PLAY/TOYS/RECESS19COLOR/PAINT12GET totally free SNACKS4Name something a hardcore football pan wears come the stadion on video game day.99JERSEY/TEAM COLOR63FACE/BODY PAINT24HAT/CHEESEHEAD10FOAM HAND/FINGER2Name something that human being complain is clingy.99PEOPLE/KID/MATE62DUDS/NYLON PANTIES28DOG/CAT5PLASTIC WRAP4Name a word that rhymes v "honey."99MONEY62BUNNY24FUNNY7SUNNY6Name other a guy might carry on a date to save money.99COUPON61FOOD/DINNER23WINE/BOOZE12GIFT/REWARD CARD3Tell me a type of hoop.99HULA-HOOP60BASKETBALL HOOP29HOOP EARRINGS5HOOPSKIRT5Name a means you deserve to revive who who just passed out.99CPR/MOUTH-TO-MOUTH60COLD WATER20SMELLING SALTS13SMACK THEM6Name a drink that"s served both hot and also cold.99TEA59COFFEE34MILK3CIDER3We asked 100 solitary women...I deserve to tell my date is cheap just by looking in ~ his what?99CLOTHES/SHOES55CAR25RESTAURANT CHOICE12HAIRCUT7Name other you cave up.99THE PHONE54CLOTHES/COAT/HAT38A TOWEL4A PICTURE/FRAME3Name other you hate to view on the bottom of her shoe.99GUM49POOP/DOG DOO43MUD/DIRT4TP/TISSUE3We request 100 men...Name something you perform with your meat prior to you placed it ~ above the grill.99SEASON IT48MARINATE IT33CUT/TRIM IT11DEFROST IT7Name something people decorate.99CHRISTMAS TREE46HOUSE/ROOMS27A CAKE19EASTER EGGS7We request 100 solitary women...Why carry out you think the guy you"re dating never takes you to his place?99OTHER WOMAN/WIFE41DIRTY/MESSY41LIVES W/ PARENTS14HAS ROOMMATES3Name other a baby could do as soon as you kiss its tummy.98LAUGH/SMILE91SQUEAL/SHRIEK3LET ONE RIP2KICK2Fill in the blank: If you"re too picky, you"ll never uncover the right ________.98PERSON/MATE90FOOD/RESTAURANT4HOUSE2JOB2When you to be a kid, surname someone who could see best through her lies.98MOM/DAD85GRANNY/GRAMPS9TEACHER2FRIEND2Whether she demands it or not, what will certainly a mrs buy just due to the fact that it"s half off?98SHOES/CLOTHES83PURSE11FOOD2MAKEUP2We inquiry 100 women...Fill in the blank: It"s not okay for my husband come kiss women on the ________.98LIPS/MOUTH79CHEEK14BOOBS3BUTT/CRACK2Name a sort of chip.98POTATO/CORN74CHOCOLATE14POKER7MICRO/COMPUTER3Name something an orchestra conductor needs to do his job.98BATON72SHEET MUSIC13AN ORCHESTRA11TUXEDO2Name other a farmer"s wife could accuse that of caring an ext about 보다 her.98ANIMALS/PRIZE PIG67CROPS20TRACTOR/TRUCK9MONEY2Name the most well-known ride in ~ a carnival.98FERRIS WHEEL66CAROUSEL18ROLLER COASTER12TILT-A-WHIRL2We inquiry 100 men...Past or present, name a first lady you"d favor to view in a bathing suit.98JACKIE KENNEDY63MICHELLE OBAMA24LAURA BUSH6BARBARA BUSH5Name a reason a woman can pucker her lips.98KISS/BLOW KISS62APPLY LIPSTICK25ATE LEMON/SOUR6PIC/DUCKFACE SELFIE5Name other that"s impossible to hide indigenous a dog.98FOOD/TREATS62A BONE24TOYS10A CAT2Name miscellaneous that human being take out.98FOOD/CHINESE61THE TRASH31MONEY/LOAN4THE DOG/PET2Name a sport wherein the players have the greatest waistlines.98WRESTLING/SUMO58FOOTBALL35BASEBALL3BOWLING2We inquiry 100 solitary women...Name other that"s much easier to record than recording a man.98COLD/FLU58FISH26BUS11FRISBEE3Besides a gun, surname something a policeman could have because that protection.98NIGHTSTICK58MACE/PEPPER SPRAY22BULLETPROOF VEST14POLICE DOG4Besides a person, surname something human being hug.98PETS53PILLOW25TEDDY BEAR13TREES7Name something starting with the letter "B" a man could teach his dog to fetch.98BALL52BONE39BEER5BATHROBE2Name a word that rhymes with "shower."98POWER52FLOWER/FLOUR26TOWER13HOUR/OUR7Name an excuse a friend gives for no helping girlfriend move.98WORK/TOO BUSY51BAD BACK30SICK/TIRED10GOING the end OF TOWN7Name a holiday that might be the busiest night the the year for sex in America.98VALENTINE"S DAY49NEW YEAR"S/EVE43CHRISTMAS/EVE4HALLOWEEN2Give me a word that rhymes v "buckle."98KNUCKLE43SUCKLE28CHUCKLE22HUCKLE5When girlfriend hear a noise coming from her basement, what perform you pray that it isn"t?98PERSON/MY EX-WIFE42GHOST/MONSTER25ANIMAL/RAT FEST21FLOOD/WATER HEATER10Tell me a person"s an initial name the rhymes through "Fannie."98DANNY40MANNY38ANNIE17FRANNIE3Name something that starts v "octo."98OCTOMOM39OCTOPUS30OCTOBER27OCTOPUSSY2Name something that some world get payment to perform that mothers perform every day because that nothing.98COOK33BABYSIT32CLEAN/LAUNDRY31TEACH KIDS2Name miscellaneous a magician could tap v his magic wand.97HIS HAT87MAGIC BOX6PERSON/GIRL"S BUTT2HIS BUNNY2Name something initially belonging to her grandma that a woman can wear.97JEWELRY83WEDDING DRESS9SCARF/SHAWL3UNDIES/GIRDLE2Name a place where you"re supposed to be an extremely quiet.97LIBRARY82CHURCH10THEATER/MOVIES3BEDROOM2We request 100 married men...What attractive you to your wife in the an initial place?97HER SMILE/FACE76HER SMOKIN" BOD16HER PERSONALITY3HER HAIR2If men had actually a tail choose dogs do, what can they check out that would reason it to start wagging?97BABES76FOOD15BEER4SPORTS/ESPN2Name something a vampire could ask a dentist to carry out to his fangs.97SHARPEN/FILE76CLEAN/POLISH12BLEACH/WHITEN6CHROME/GOLD GRILL3Name something that requires good rhythm come do.97DANCING76PLAYING INSTRUMENT12EXERCISE/JUMP ROPE5MAKING SWEET LOVE4We request 100 women...Name other a skinny mrs complains about that"s yes, really obnoxious.97FAT/PUT top top 1 LB.76THIN/CAN"T gain WT.10FAT PEOPLE7CLOTHES/DON"T FIT4Name something that"s tough to carry out with your eyes open.97SLEEP/DREAM75SNEEZE16KISS3SWIM/DIVE3Name miscellaneous you"d hate to watch an "out that order" sign on.97BATHROOM/TOILET74ATM13ELEVATOR5VENDING MACHINE5We inquiry 100 women...Fill in the blank: i did every little thing for my guy and I never got a ________.97THANK YOU74NICKEL/DIME10RING/DIAMOND9KISS4Name who you"d hide her hickey from.97MY PARENTS70MY SPOUSE/MATE17MY BOSS/COWORKER18MY CHILDREN2Name something you wouldn"t want to see your nurse picking at.97HER NOSE67A SCAB/SORES22HER BUTT/UNDIES5HER ZITS3Name something you"d discover on top of a poker table.97POKER CHIPS62CARDS22MONEY7GREEN FELT6Name something you hope never ever crashes right into your home.97PLANE/CHOPPER61CAR/TRUCK26TREE5METEOR/ASTEROID5Name miscellaneous a stupid criminal would write-up a selfie of self holding.97STOLEN GOODS/CASH57GUN/WEAPON30DRUGS6HIS I.D./ADDRESS4Name something that gets shredded.97DOCUMENTS/PAPER57CHEESE19LETTUCE18WHEAT3Name miscellaneous you"d placed in her backyard if you wanted it to look favor a desert.97SAND50CACTUS39CAMEL4PALM TREE4Name miscellaneous you can be glad just comes as soon as a year.97CHRISTMAS47BIRTHDAYS37TAX SEASON9ANNIVERSARY4Name an asian country that"s recognized for its cuisine.97CHINA43JAPAN24THAILAND23INDIA7Name an animal some civilization sound favor if they snort when they"re laughing.96PIG/HOG85DONKEY/MULE6HORSE3SEAL2Name something you have to buy almost once a week.96MILK/FOOD79GAS13LOTTERY TICKET2BOTTLED WATER2Name other that can be spoiled.96MILK/FOOD78CHILD/PERSON14PET2PARTY/SURPRISE2Name something a mam does that has actually her husband worrying, "Oh no -- i married mine mother."96NAGS/YELLS74CLEANS/NEAT FREAK12COOKS/HEALTHY6DRESSES HIM4Name something you"d need if you wanted to dress up choose Dorothy native "The sorcerer’s of Oz."96RUBY SLIPPERS72DRESS13PIGTAILS/BRAIDS8PICNIC BASKET3Name something youngsters lie to their babysitters about.96BEDTIME/STAYING UP69EATING/CANDY23BRUSHING TEETH2SCHOOL WORK2Name miscellaneous a man could have in ~ his "I just obtained divorced" party.96CHICKS/STRIPPERS67BOOZE24A CAKE3THREESOME2Name something duck do.96QUACK65SWIM/PADDLE20WADDLE7FLY4Besides chicken, name a bird human being eat.96TURKEY64DUCK13PHEASANT12QUAIL7Name something people often win on game shows.96MONEY61A brand-new CAR24TRIPS/VACATIONS9REFRIGERATORS2Name miscellaneous that provides a person"s sleep run.96COLD/FLU61SPICY FOOD14ALLERGIES13COLD WEATHER8Which sin do you think world confess most often in confession?96SEX/LUST/CHEATED53LIED34CUSSED/LORD"S NAME5STOLE4We asked 100 men...Name miscellaneous that provides a mrs hot.96PRETTY FACE/LIPS45BOD/"HER BUNS, SON"40BEING ROMANTIC9THE TEMPERATURE2Name an animal whose legs room featured on a restaurant menu.96FROG43CHICKEN35CRAB14LAMB4Name other that"s defined as "well-built."96CAR/TRUCK42PERSON/MUSCLES32HOUSE/BUILDING19TRACTOR/MOWER3Name something a guy could have in his wallet the he wouldn"t desire his mam to find.96HUSSY"S phone call #38NOBSTOPPER28MONEY/CREDIT CARD21PIC the GIRL/EX9Name something Mrs. Claus could leave the north Pole to gain away from.96SNOW/THE COLD33SANTA31ANNOYING ELVES29REINDEER3Name something that some world buy and also some human being make in ~ home.95FOOD/MEALS84CLOTHES6BEER/MOONSHINE3HOT, SWEATY LOVE2Name a reason someone"s face might revolve red.95EMBARRASSED75ANGRY12SUNBURNED6BUG BITE/STING2Name miscellaneous a retirement stripper might say she misses most about her job.95MONEY/TIPS73POLE/DANCING10MEN/ATTENTION9HER warm BODY3Tell me a type of round that"s smaller sized than a baseball.95GOLF BALL70PING-PONG BALL16TENNIS BALL17GUMBALL2Name one thing civilization do come imitate a dog.95BARK67PANT/TONGUE OUT14DOWN ON all FOURS11HANDS UP/BEG3We inquiry 100 married men...Name miscellaneous of your wife"s that might fit you the you wouldn"t be caught dead wearing.95BRA/PANTIES64DRESS14HAT12NIGHTIE/PAJAMAS5We asked 100 women...Name the tool you think makes a man look sexiest when he"s playing it.95GUITAR60SAXOPHONE18DRUMS14PIANO3Name a reason a person might adjust their name.95GOT MARRIED60THEIR NAME"S LAME16WITNESS PROTECTION13GOT DIVORCED6Name an task where a person might come up for air.95SWIMMING59SCUBA/SNORKELING28KISSING/BOINKING6BOBBING because that APPLES2Name miscellaneous a mrs does v the picture of the ex that dumped her.95TEARS/SHREDS IT43BURNS IT33THROWS DARTS at IT15THROWS that AWAY4Name something sleeping Beauty might do while she"s resting that"s no so beautiful.95SAW LOGS41HAVE speaking BOOTY40DROOL11HAVE NIGHTMARES3Name other grandma and also grandpa can break if they do passionate love.94HIP/BONES77THE BED9CUP/GLASS4DENTURES/TEETH4Name something everyone knows about dragons.94THEY breath FIRE76FLY/HAVE WINGS8THEY DON"T EXIST5THEY"RE BIG/TALL5Name something friend love to odor in the morning.94COFFEE/BREAKFAST75FRESH AIR/DEW11FLOWERS4MY BOO"S COLOGNE4Name other a man can ask his mom to carry out for him favor she offered to do.94COOK/CUT CRUSTS72HIS LAUNDRY18GIVE the MONEY2RUB HIS BACK2Name a creature people are petrified of that starts with an "S."94SNAKE72SPIDER12SHARK7SCORPION3Name a specific place whereby you"d watch bunk beds.94KID"S BEDROOM70SUMMER CAMP11MILITARY BARRACKS7FURNITURE STORE6We inquiry 100 married men...The perfect wife is one who doesn"t what?94COMPLAIN/NAG/ARGUE68TALK too MUCH12SAY "NO"12CHEAT2Name a holiday that sends out a lot of world to shrinks.94CHRISTMAS66VALENTINE"S DAY15THANKSGIVING8NEW YEAR"S/EVE5Other than Santa, call me someone who knows if a kid has been naughty or nice.94PARENTS65GOD/JESUS20EASTER BUNNY5TEACHER4Name other a bad guy might throw the end the home window during a police auto chase.94DRUGS/WEED55GUN/KNIFE33BOMB/GRENADE3BEER/BOTTLE3Name miscellaneous a woman might put in the shredder after ~ she gets a divorce.94MARRIAGE LICENSE55PHOTOS31LOVE LETTERS/CARDS6EX"S MAGAZINES2Name something girlfriend walk the end of if it"s dirty.94BATHROOM53RESTAURANT36A MOVIE3HOUSE2Name a place a man spends a the majority of time the starts with the letter "B."94BAR51BATHROOM23BED/BEDROOM14BACKYARD6If a cheating husband desires to conserve his marriage, surname a place he"ll walk to.94COUNSELOR/THERAPIST50CHURCH36HOME6FLORIST2Name something a boss might tell his assistant come hold.93CALLS/THE PHONE80PAPERS/FILES9A MEETING2COFFEE/THE CREAM2Name a current that cats bring to your owners.93MOUSE/ANIMAL79TOYS/BALL5HAIRBALL/PUKE5A LICK/LOVIN"4Besides a family member, surname someone you"d ask come borrow money from.93FRIEND67BANKER17BOY/GIRLFRIEND5NEIGHBOR4Name a renowned rabbit that might be jealous of the Easter Bunny.93BUGS BUNNY64ROGER RABBIT19PETER/COTTONTAIL7THE TRIX RABBIT3It"s the very first day of the brand-new year. Surname a factor you"re not gaining out that bed.93DRUNK/HUNGOVER64HOLIDAY/DAY OFF13UP LATE/SLEEPING IN10TOO COLD/SNOWY6Fill in the blank: Kitty ________.93KITTY CAT62KITTY, KITTY15KITTY LITTER13KITTY HAWK3Name miscellaneous the dog doesn"t desire to watch on her bed.93CAT52PEOPLE/MY LOVERS20ANOTHER DOG18ROLLED NEWSPAPER3Tell me other you"d love to be able to hypnotize your kids to do.93CLEAN UP/ROOM49LISTEN/BEHAVE27STUDY/GOOD GRADES14GO to BED/SLEEP3Name something that civilization do at midnight on brand-new Year"s Eve.93KISS/SLIP TONGUE48DRINK/TOAST31YELL/HAPPY new YEAR!11BLOW HORNS3Name miscellaneous you could find in a swimming pool the morning ~ a wild party.93CLOTHES/SWIMSUIT40CAN/BOTTLE37CONDOM10PEOPLE6Name something that sticks that is claws right into you.92CAT82CRAB/LOBSTER6BEAR2EX-WIFE/PERSON2Name something people readjust on a continuous basis.92THEIR CLOTHES78TV CHANNEL6MINDS/ATTITUDE5THEIR HAIR3Name a organization that could be very busy on Valentine"s Day.92FLORIST74RESTAURANT/SIZZLER6CANDY SHOP6CARD SHOP6What would you carry out if who insulted you?92WALK AWAY/IGNORE52INSULT BACK/YELL28FIGHT/HIT THEM8FORGIVE/PRAY FOR4Name other a male owns that he doesn"t choose his mam to use.92HIS RAZOR50HIS CAR/TRUCK24HIS TOOLS13HIS UNDERWEAR5Name miscellaneous Scotch.92TAPE39WHISKEY38KILT11BUTTERSCOTCH4We request 100 men...Name other you"d require to gain if your brand-new girlfriend want you to accomplish her folks.92NEW CLOTHES/SUIT39A HAIRCUT28GIFT/WINE/FLOWERS19A JOB6Name a public location where mother breast-feed babies.92RESTAURANT38MALL/STORE25PARK24AIRPORT5Name a country a product is do in that would certainly make you trust it.91USA73GERMANY9SWITZERLAND5JAPAN4Name something world brag around being in mint condition.91CAR/PINTO73BASEBALL CARDS7COMICS/BATMAN NO.

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16COINS5Name something civilization chew the ends with words "ball."91GUMBALL62MEATBALL17POPCORN BALL6SPITBALL6If a juggler lost his balls, surname something from his kitchen he could juggle instead.91FRUIT/ORANGES56KNIVES24EGGS6DISHES/GLASSES5Name a word the rhymes through "zoom."91BOOM53ROOM19BROOM16DOOM3Name miscellaneous that has actually links.91CHAIN/JEWELRY49WEBSITE/E-MAIL24FENCE/GATE10SAUSAGE8Name a pet you wouldn"t allow sleep on her bed.91DOG45CAT34SNAKE/PYTHON8PIG4Name something that might have a short fuse.91PERSON/TEMPER44FIRECRACKER27DYNAMITE/BOMB16ANIMAL/MAMA BEAR4Name something girlfriend wouldn"t desire to see if you were scuba diving.90SHARK/EATING ME82CORPSE/SKELETON4STINGRAY2EEL2Name other supermodels don"t do as much as ordinary people.90EAT/COOK76WORK7HOUSEWORK/LAUNDRY5THEIR very own MAKEUP2Name something a person can be roll in.90DOUGH/CASH72"THE HAY"/BED8MUD7A CAR3Name a kind of movie that males enjoy watching an ext than ladies do.90ACTION/WAR69HORROR/SCARY9PORNO8SCI-FI4Name an occupation wherein you"re allowed to be half naked ~ above the job.90LIFEGUARD64STRIPPER/DANCER17MODEL5CONSTRUCT"N/ROOFER4Name miscellaneous grandpa could lose on the roller coaster.90TEETH61GLASSES14HIS LUNCH8HAIR/TOUPEE7Name a factor a horse could not want you to ride him.90I"M A FATSO!58HE"S HURT/SORE15HE"S TIRED10WILD/UNTRAINED7We asked 100 married men...Tell me something your wife can do the you"d better notice.90CHANGE HAIR56NEW OUTFIT/DRESS UP23LOSE WEIGHT8COOK/SPECIAL MEAL3Name a ar you"d dislike to be as soon as you"re served with a court summons.90WORK51CHURCH24BATHROOM/POOPING11VACAY SPOT/DISNEY4If girlfriend heard who talking about "the boss," who would girlfriend think they to be discussing?90BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN43WORK SUPERVISOR32SPOUSE/MATE12TONY DANZA3Name something a woman magician could pull a rabbit out of.90HER HAT/FEDORA43HER PURSE/CLUTCH23HER CLEAVAGE/BRA21HER SHOE3Name miscellaneous that seems to sleep a lot.90CAT41PERSON/BABY32DOG10BEAR7Name a location most people dread going.89DENTIST/DOCTOR70FUNERAL/CEMETERY9WORK7CHURCH3Name miscellaneous that offers a woman support.89HER BRA66HER FRIENDS11HER SPOUSE/BOO8HER HOSE/SOCKS4We inquiry 100 women...Name miscellaneous you hate to do, but you carry out it anyway.89CLEAN HOUSE65LAUNDRY/IRON11COOK9SHAVE/WAX4Name something details a person can have that they won"t tell girlfriend is really fake.89JEWELRY54MASSIVE MOUNDS22HAIR7TEETH6Name something of she husband"s a wife might kick once she"s mad at him.89SHINS/BODY52CAR/TRUCK20GOLF CLUBS/BAG9SHOES/BOOTS8Name miscellaneous a mrs sheds.89HAIR43POUNDS/WEIGHT21CLOTHES/SHOES13DEAD SKIN12Name a three-letter indigenous that"s a child"s favorite thing.88TOY70MOM11DOG4CAR3Name miscellaneous of which you have actually a right and a left.88HAND60FOOT15EAR8TURN SIGNAL5Name miscellaneous some civilization just don"t seem to know how to close.88DOORS/CABINETS48THEIR MOUTHS33TOILET SEAT4PLASTIC CONTAINERS3It"s bad when you see a rat. It"s worse if the rat is the dimension of a what?88CAT45DOG34HORSE5HOUSE4Name something that too much of deserve to be a poor thing.88ALCOHOL/BEER39FOOD/SWEETS35MONEY8DRUGS/CRACK6Name a little animal that"s together scary to civilization as a huge shark.88RAT/MOUSE36SPIDER/TARANTULA27SNAKE18SKUNK7Name a musical instrument you require a an excellent set of lips to play.87TRUMPET47FLUTE20SAXOPHONE12TUBA8Name something that human being are sometimes said to be under.87THE WEATHER42THE GUN/STRESS19THE INFLUENCE16A SPELL10Name something that starts v "chick."87CHICKEN36CHICK FLICK32CHICK MAGNET13CHICK-FIL-A6Besides shower hands, surname another way people greet every other.86HUG53KISS14NOD HEAD10WAVE9If you criticize a chef"s cooking, name something he could hit you with.86POT/PAN46SPATULA17ROLLING PIN14FOOD/FRENCH BREAD9Name a food you leaving the skin on when eating it.86APPLE40CHICKEN20POTATO19PEACH7Name something people use to discreetly remove food from their teeth.86TOOTHPICK37FINGERNAIL25TONGUE15NAPKIN9Name other people try to speak their method out of.85TICKET70WORK/AT OFFICE8CHORES/CLEANING4A LIE3Name something people crack open.85NUTS/PEANUTS48ALCOHOL/BEER21EGGS11WINDOWS5Name miscellaneous of your mate"s the you can sneak a peek at.85WALLET/BANK ACCT.38BODY/SEXY TOES22E-MAIL/COMPUTER16CELL PHONE9Name something human being rub for luck.84RABBIT"S FOOT40HEAD/BALD HEAD21COIN/PENNY14BELLY/BUDDHA"S9Name something you"d have actually to obtain used come if you to be reincarnated together a cow.84CHEWING CUD/GRASS39UDDER/GET MILKED39LIVING OUTSIDE/FARM3SLEEP standing UP3Name a place that civilization are unpleasant to recognize they haven"t to be to in a lengthy time.83CHURCH/TEMPLE55DOCTOR/DENTIST18BATHROOM/SHOWER5HOME/PARENTS" HOME5Name a public ar where you view husbands and wives arguing.83MALL/STORE47RESTAURANT24BAR8COURTROOM4Fill in the blank: If a dog could talk, it might say "________ me."83FEED41PET/SCRATCH24WALK15LOVE3Name miscellaneous you might accidentally leaving on all night.82LIGHTS/HEADLIGHTS47TV24COMPUTER8SOCKS3Name something the pops up.82TOAST/TOASTER39JACK-IN-THE-BOX25INTERNET ADS/SPAM14TURKEY TIMER4Fill in the blank: ns wouldn"t desire my ceo to say ns was ________.72LAZY50LATE9FIRED8INCOMPETENT5Name miscellaneous a handsome guy might have that"s ugly.72FEET30PERSONALITY/"TUDE21CAR14WIFE/MATE7Name a factor a woman might say she isn"t worried that her husband would cheat on her.62IN LOVE/TRUSTS HIM31HE"S DEAD11HE"S UGLY11SHE"S got MONEY9Back come index