Nancy’s RoomGo forward after increasing from the bed. Look in ~ the photo on the dresser. This is Helena, the roommate. Examine the postcards and also the note on the ago that room on the table. The phone is by Helena"s bed. Go exterior the balcony and see the waterways of Venice. Look in ~ the left side of the balcony door and see Nancy"s bed. Inspect the bathroom by Nancy"s wardrobe. Open the wardrobe. Open each drawer and also select the outfit you desire Nancy to wear: from top of her head to the pair of shoes of choice. Examine the assembly bag on height of the drawer. View the outfit her wearing at peak left the the screen. See also that the purse has 200 Euros. Examine the book: one Interactive guide to Venice on top of the desk left that the door. Check out everything and also be sure to push the red squares to hear native pronounced. Exit the room and also be in the great room. Rotate left and talk to guy working ~ above restoring the walls. This is Colin Baxter. Speak to him about everything. He shows his tiles. ~ a when pull ago to stop the brick show. Colin mentions a package because that Nancy outside. Turn around from Colin and go up to the balcony. Talk to Margherita Faubourg, the owner the Ca’ Nascosta, that is sunbathing. Look around and see some flowers that are covered through bees. Exit the balcony and then go with the door at appropriate to be outside. Go down the stairs and also meet Helena abruptly. Choose up the letter her letters and also give them come her. Pick up the parcel native the table. Take it the ATM map from Banco dell" Oro. There is an ATM device at Piazza san Marco that need to be offered to activate the card. Review the newspaper. Learn around the latest item steal by The Phantom - the Chalice indigenous Convent the St Gervase. Go back up the stairs and also talk to Helena in ~ the table in ~ left next of room about everything. Go ago outside and also exit through the gate and see the map. Watch that there space 3 methods to go: black color lines room by foot. The water watercrafts (V) room on the red lines and also the gondoliers room the blue lines. The gondoliers charge money; try it to have the experience however remember that you room on a budget. Hear the lovely song sang by the gondoliers and also sightsee at the rivers of Venice. Click on a location to take trip one leg in ~ a time (you have to “plan” a route; friend can’t go straight to wherein you desire to go). Click again top top the place with an eye icon to inspect some locations of interest.Piazza san MarcoGo come Piazza san Marco in ~ bottom ideal of the map. Click to go into the financial institution at left. Watch a bird food dispenser top top the left. Get some for 5 Euros. Go into the financial institution at left (Banco dell’ Oro). Use the ATM map on the slot. Review the instructions about the assignment. Antonio Fango is to it is in watched utilizing the binoculars and also an alert will certainly be offered by the PDA whenever that is in ~ his office in the Argon building. The office can be watched at the balcony that Ca" Nascosta. Push the residence button and then the instance Dossier. Take it the PDA and binoculars. Departure the bank. Watch close at the kiosk. Check out some things to buy. Buy the Sassy Detective magazine at 2nd from peak shelf and also the EuroWelt magazine from the 3rd from top shelf for 5 Euros each. Open the EuroWelt magazine and also see that it is in German. To buy the German-English dictionary from the bottom shelf. There are only 165 Euros left. Open the EuroWelt newspaper again and also click the German-English thesaurus on it. Read every little thing inside. Departure the piazza. Go earlier to the Ca" Nascosta. Walk forward toward the steps and also the pager beeps. Go approximately the balcony at peak of the house. Stand behind Margherita and use the binoculars top top the home window of the Argon building. Margherita will certainly ask what you space doing; tell her you’re bird-watching. View Fango take something indigenous a pigeon that arrived at the window. Fango leaves the room. Nancy instantly reports to Sophia Leporace. Sophia desires the pigeon be fed a tracking device. The device is to be choose up in ~ a costume shop in Campo Santa Maria Formosa. Nancy has to uncover out whereby the pigeon goes and to discover what the post contains. The call rings; answer it and talk to Prudence Rutherford about everything. Inspect Helena’s postcards again; the handwriting doesn’t match. Walk to the good room and also see a box of chocolates top top the coffee table through the sofa. Walk ahead and also eat some, then talk to Helena about everything. Departure the house. Walk to Campo Santa Maria Formosa. Open up the PDA and review what the tracking device looks favor (click Messages). Go into the Costumi di Vera. Conserve the video game here, because if you aren’t quick sufficient the tracking maker will self-destruct. Instantly click utilizing the reminder of the cursor top top the white pill ideal of package on the left next of the shelf at back wall. Leave the store and the Campo.Fango’s OfficeGo come Campo del Frari and enter the building. See that Fango"s office is locked. Read the Sassy Detective magazine and learn just how to choose a lock. Go ago to Ca" Nascosta and then to the bedroom. Shot calling Mrs. Rutherford and get a funny caller id dialogue. Take hairpins native Nancy"s assembly kit inside the wardrobe. Go back to Fango"s office. Usage the hairpin on the lock. View 6 pins. The target is to get the pins set to have actually all white on peak of the line and the brown below. This is a arbitrarily puzzle and also will it is in done number of times in the game. It alters every time girlfriend play.Click on each pen to discover out which pin moves many other pins. Align that one first. Then do the next pin the moves an ext than the others. Leave the pin that moves only itself last. As soon as the door opens, look around the room. Turn ideal from the door and check the shelf in ~ right. See a music horse. Click on the knob to hear the totality music. Inspect the cabinet at the middle. View a Commedia dell"Arte poster of masks. There"s a fax maker right that the desk by the window. Look in ~ the trash deserve to that has a Kris Kringle wrapper left of the desk. Inspect the diplomas in ~ back wall (use the Italian thesaurus on them). Check the travel magazine on the table left that the coffee machine. Use the Italian thesaurus to translate. Inspect the document cabinets top top the left wall. Open the third from top drawer the the middle cabinet. See some Scopa cards yet some cards are missing. Have fun opening the various other drawers to check out stuffed cat, fake springing eyes and robot. Look close in ~ the pigeon ~ above the home window shelf. It has actually yellow legs. Location the bird particle in front of the pigeon. Place the tracking an equipment on the seeds. Clock the bird eat it. Ago up and you will certainly hear the Fango is comes back. Immediately, go to the left that the room and enter the cabinet v the poster. Watch as Fango moves around the office. Exit the cabinet. Put the loose poster ago in place. Look around to understand what he did earlier there. Look in ~ the former of the desk and see a box of chocolate and the id of the chocolates. Go approximately the desk and face the laptop. The asks because that a password. Watch that the icon is the mask that Il Capitano as checked out in the poster. Form in Il Capitano and press Enter. Click the chess icon and also see that Gina"s Chessboard server is down. Examine the trash. See that the cancelled airplane reservations to Tahiti and also later come Aruba (use the Italian dictionary on these). Check all the chess logs. See that Fango theatre chess v Scaramuccia. There are locations provided at each end of the game. Leave the office. At the map, open up the PDA. Click on "Track". Watch arrows the would present where the bird has actually flown. The arrows allude to south and also west. Go to Campo Santa Margherita, southwest that the office. Watch a lot of birds in prior of the Casa dei Giochi. Look for a pigeon with yellow legs and then click to view if the is the one us fed. Take the blog post from the foot of the pigeon and read the message. Click on the blog post in close up and also the bird fly away. Automatically, Sophia call on the PDA. She wants the post checked for a microdot. Walk to the alley left of whereby the birds were. See a propane tank container that has a 4 digit lock on it. Come the right is a garbage bin. Inspect what is within completely. After ~ some amazing discarded items native previous games, read and take a Scotland Report around Colin Baxter aka Justin Mathias Beaumont. After much more previous game garbage, view a letter to Enrico Tazza native the Doppeler Institute about Samantha Quick. Use the Italian thesaurus to translate the letter. She will be comes after the Carnival. She can be figured out by what she will certainly be wearing: red dress, white gloves, black color sunglasses and also has blond hair. Go ago to the Ca" Nascosta. See a box of chocolate on the exterior table. The is for Il Dottore. Open and also see what"s inside. Walk up the steps and also hear the 3 talking around Nancy. Get in the good room.Great RoomTalk come Helena and Colin about everything. Click the microscope and also then click the post on the microscope. Relocate the computer mouse around and also read: Il Dottore requests girlfriend to change the for sure room lock mix to 43556. Go as much as the balcony and talk to Margherita about everything. Try to check out a letter ~ above the table. Go to the bedroom or the bedroom balcony and also call Sophia using the PDA. She wants the 3 members that the household to it is in bugged. The tracking maker can be taken native the ATM maker at Banco dell" Oro. Go to Piazza mountain Marco in ~ the bottom appropriate of the map. Enter the bank, insert the ATM card in the machine, pick "Pick Up", and take the 3 tracking devices. Go to the kiosk and also buy the black color sunglasses left the the books and also the overview to Chess at 3rd from top shelf. You have actually 150 Euros left. Go ago to the house. Speak to provide the tessera come Colin. Go to the bedroom and then the bathroom. Hear that Helena is in the bathroom. Go back to the table where Helena commonly writes. Take the pink pen and remove the optimal end component (pen is inverted) and insert the white tracking device. Examine what she has written in her log book by utilizing the German dictionary. Go as much as the balcony and also talk come Margherita to provide her the sunglasses case. Walk to Campo Santa Maria Formosa and also enter the costume shop. Buy the red dress for 60 Euros, the white gloves at ideal for 5 Euros and also the blonde wig for 40 Euros. There room 45 Euros left. Leave the costume shop and go to the Rialto market as mentioned by Margherita at top of the map. Watch around. Watch the Gelato cooler in ~ right. Obtain one because that 2 Euros. Open the cooler, take it the scoop at right and also select your flavor. Scoop as lot as girlfriend want and place the gelato ~ above the cone in ~ right. 4 scoops every cone is the max. Have some refresh drink from the Carbo Infusion. Examine the sign using the Italian dictionary and also see that "We to buy flowers". There are seeds come buy and also a smoker for 20 Euros. You can want to buy that to knife money. Usage the Italian thesaurus to check the flowers. Check the recycling stand (blue stand alongside the Carbo Infusion machine). Go back to Ca" Nascosta and also up to the balcony. Turn around and look at the flower with the bees. Usage the an insect smoker on the flowers. Click the smoker top top the bees till they all autumn on the floor. Be certain to hit the vicious red people first. Take it the flowers and bring them come the florist at Rialto Market. Place the flower on the empty flower vase above the sign. Obtain 30 Euros for them. The alarm on the PDA should have sounded earlier. Walk to the bedroom and report come Sophia; she’ll say to ignore this one. Readjust your outfit by opening the dresser and using the red dress, white gloves, dark sunglasses and blond wig. Be sure to wear black color shoes.Casa dei Giochi (Campo Santa Margherita)Go to Casa dei Giochi at Campo Santa Margherita. Hit on the door. Talk to Enrico Tazza. He desires Samantha come beat that in Scopa. There space 4 suits: coins, swords, clubs, and cups. There are 10 cards in every suit through the 7 as the valuable card. The confront cards room the Valet, Knight and also King. The worth of each card is viewed on the card. The most beneficial are the 7s, climate 6s, aces, 5, 4, 3, 2, and then the challenge cards. 3 cards are dealt to the players and 4 are face card in ~ the center. Each player play just 1 card from his/her own. A complement of one of your cards is the sum of any type of card on the confront cards at the center. If you take the last card in the pat area - you carry out Scopa. 11 or much more points victory the game. Beat the game and win to talk to Tazza. The most valuable card is the 7 that coins; always shot to have actually it. Coin cards are an ext valuable 보다 the various other suits; try to gain as countless of those together possible. Include up cards to total one the the cards you have actually or complement the number exactly. After you win, Tazza wants Samantha quick to steal the Sadal Melik sapphire from Palazzo Zattere. It is protected by a an extremely sophisticated system. Gina can help with the security system. Go back to the bedroom at the Ca’ and readjust into a constant outfit. Report to Sophia via the PDA. Sophia likes the idea of steal the sapphire in bespeak to obtain in an excellent graces that Tazza. Five No. No police help. Sophia will certainly make sure that the actual Samantha will certainly be delayed. Go earlier to Fango"s office in ~ Campo del Frari. Friend will need to pick the lock again. Go to the computer. The alert of the PDA goes off, for this reason Fango is here. Instantly hide in the cabinet with the poster again. ~ Fango leaves, go ago out and look at the middle paper cabinet. Examine the Scopa cards and also find that one more is missing. Go earlier to the laptop and also use Il Capitano password. Inspect the chess game. View that Gina is the chessboard server. Scaramuccia desires a game. Exit earlier to the main menu and also check the trash again. Review the chess log Dec29. Learn that Scaramuccia likes to usage the algebraic format of chess notation. The key question come be presented to Scaramuccia is Palazzo Zattere. Evaluation the Chess book bought at the kiosk. Study the graph of columns and rows the letters-numbers that have the right to be used as codes. Zattere is coded this way; Z = KB1, A = KA4, T = KD2, T = KD2, E = KE4, R = KB2, E = KE4. Click the chess item icon and play through Scaramuccia. Using the chess notation codes, form in making use of your key-board as answers come Scaramuccia postings: KB1, KA4, KD2, KD2, KE4, KB2, KE4. Press enter after each answer. Scaramuccia write-ups to go to the recycling bin in ~ the Rialto sector tomorrow morning. Go earlier to the bedroom at the Ca’ and go to sleep. Nancy is woken up by the phantom. He took Ned"s gift, the locket, from her neck. Helena comes out of the bathroom and screams. The phantom escapes through the balcony. The newspaper reports the theft the the Etruscan copper on Colin"s work table and also the necklace. Mrs. Rutherford calls; discuss everything with her. Shot to walk to the cool room and hear one argument in between Helena and Colin. The PDA alarm sounds. Walk to the balcony and also use the binoculars top top Fango"s office. Check out Margherita saying with Fango and waving a item of paper. She pipeline in a huff. While she"s gone, check out the letter ~ above the table. Usage the Italian dictionary. Speak to Colin around the Chinese puzzle box and everything else. Go to Rialto market. Usage the Italian dictionary on the brand of the blue stand. Take it the party inside the recycler. Open up the basic of the bottle. Take it the card with the word Hi and also the keycard with digital gadget. The party goes in the recycler. Check out the hello card and go back to the Ca". Look at close in ~ the microscope. Click the hi card ~ above the microscope. As soon as girlfriend look v the scope, the pear burns out. Colin gets a bit hasty and also goes to look for an additional bulb. When he"s doing that, that asks that you perform some mosaic work. You’ll require to complete all four mosaic puzzles. Click one to look close in ~ a photograph. Include tiles take away from height to the empty locations of the mosaic. Use the snapshot as reference. Be mindful of the slight adjust in shadings. Click the covering to see the finished mosaic. Colin comes back and has installed the brand-new microscope bulb. Watch close in ~ the microscope. Click the hello card top top the microscope and read the microdot. Find out the ar of the sapphire and that you’ll need an anti-thermal suit to steal it. Also, be certain to take keep in mind of the lock override code sequence. Walk to society Micio in Campo mountain Polo. Go into the club. Hear that there is a dance audition today. If you end up this puzzle, you can earn money later by dancing because that tips if you want. Check out the dance instructions booklet. Take keep in mind that each dance has actually a sound and a color cue. Because that the sound, push the sound icon to hear a sample of the cue. Click on the cat fit hanging ~ above the wall surface and it is in on phase to audition. There room circles on top of the display that room colored coded and have the sound symbol like (left-right): Yellow = bell, teal - claps, orange = ocarina, blue = whistle, green = buzzer and also red = siren. As quickly as you hear any kind of of these sounds, press the suitable button. In ~ the peak of the circle is a bar. This mirrors the progress of the audition. The audition is efficiently done as soon as the bar get the right. The shade cues space seen in various areas of the stage: the irradiate bulbs and also fluorescent bars ~ above the sides of the stage and also the lamp on the basic of the stage. When you properly get her suit, go back to the Ca". Outside the Ca", look at up and see a vase about to hit friend - ago up immediately. Walk to the balcony and check to check out who is increase there. Take it the Scopa card - Valet the clubs indigenous the leaf of the balcony. Walk to the bedroom and adjust into the anti-thermal suit. Open the wardrobe and change into: black gloves, black color mask, cat"s ears, black color top, black color pants and black boots. Try to leaving the room and also the call rings. Answer the phone and also talk to Samantha Quick. Leaving the room, come earlier in, and shot to leave again and also the phone rings again. That is Margherita. She will be gone and won"t be ago til tomorrow.Palazzo ZaterreGo come Palazzo Zaterre. Go to the grilled gate at right. Watch close in ~ the lock. Insert the keycard with digital gadget. Utilizing the password from the microdot, push the correct sequence in the keypad. The door opens. Enter and see the topmost warehouse room. You might want to usage a keyboard right here instead the the mouse. Be careful and avoid the robots. Hide in corners or simply move away. Plan your path ahead of time. There are 9 rooms in the warehouse; 3 rooms in 3 rows. The edge rooms have actually the power circuit panels. Go to each edge room and also overload the power marked by red electric symbols inside a circle. This will deactivate the 4 lasers guarding the sapphire that is situated at the center room. Power circuit in ~ the 4 corner rooms. You will view 8 rods with a bar at the bottom under every rod. The target is to reduced the shutters come cover the rods. This will overload the circuit. Discover the an initial rod that can be shut down. Then uncover the second by pushing the an initial rod lever followed by one more unknown rod. Climate redo the sequence again to discover the 3rd and climate the fourth and so on... Till all 8 room covered and the strength is overloaded. Carry out this to every 4 edge power circuits. This transforms every time you play. After overloading the 4 power circuits, go to the facility room and also take the sapphire. Leave the warehouse. Again, it is in wary the the robots. Go ago to the Ca". Readjust your outfit to the Samantha quick costume: blonde wig, black color sunglasses, white gloves, red dress and black shoes. Go to Casa dei Giochi at Campo Santa Margherita. Punch on the door. Talk to Enrico Tazza. The will get a phone call from someone called Nico. As soon as he hangs up, he desires Samantha come beat the in Scopa prior to she it s okay paid. Pat Scopa again until you win. When you do, Tazza will tell you the he will certainly send the payment to a Swiss financial institution account. Go ago to the Ca". Get in the bedroom and readjust your outfit to day-to-day wear. Examine the note on the pillow the Nancy"s bed. Leave the room and also look at the Chinese puzzle box on Colin"s work table. Nancy shakes package as overheard indigenous the phone speak to of Tazza. That opens and also Chinese personalities are seen. Go buy the book "An arrival to Chinese Symbols" from the kiosk in ~ Piazza mountain Marco. Go back to the Chinese box at the Ca". Interpret the Chinese characters. When the box opens, take the Scopa card password for the communication points.Fango’s OfficeGo come the bedroom and also go to sleep. Wake up and the alert on the PDA walk off. Go to the balcony and use the binoculars. You simply missed Fango. Talk to Margherita around everything. She found a flyer in a trash below in the Ca" about wireless network. Watch numbers in ~ the back of the flyer = 111#046. Speak to Helena about everything. Walk to Fango"s office at Campo del Frari. Choose the lock the the door and then enter. Check and note down the notes of the music play by the equine music box. Go into the number viewed at the back of the wireless flyer = 111#046. It printed out a set of dots v notes that look choose the call number pad. Click the number pad code on the fax dial. Making use of the published number pad code as reference, get in the notes of the music box: mi, re, do, si, la, re, re, do, la, fi, sol, do, mi, do, do, sol, sol, mi, fa, re, re, re, la, si, re, perform on the number pad.Check all the recommendations in the automated directory and also find out:1. Personnel: Signore Dottore is president, Capitano - communications, Arlecchino - shipping and receiving, Scaramuccia-security, Brighella - Acquisition.2. Save Locations: 1. HQ - Argon building.2. Safe-Secure store - fountain at Campo Santa Formosa.3. Acquisition partner - Aces, Knights and Kings.4. Presidential Suites room in Ca" Nascosta.5. Propane warehouse is in Campo Santa Margherita.6. Every others - check the calendar.3. Communications1. Presidential interactions - sent by crate of chocolates come Il Dottore2. Acquisitions is at temporary meeting spaces; check the card delivered.3. Security done by chess and follow up checked by Scaramuccia.4. Shipping and also receiving is in ~ the propane warehouse facility.Check the middle paper cabinet again and see that the King that coins (Re di Danari) is currently gone. Speak to Sophia utilizing the PDA and report where the phantom will strike next. The GdiF will certainly stakeout the Palazzo; Nancy have to be in ~ the stakeout also. Brush up on Italian words to understand the various other operatives. Go ago to the Ca". Go to the bedroom and review the Interactive guide to Venice book on the desk by the door. Be certain to remember all the native in the page presented below. Push the switch to hear the pronunciation. Call Sophia and tell she you’re ready. Gain instruction for the stakeout. Click on the ar where Nico is located, not where the agents room staked out. Click Nico 3 or four times correctly and also he will certainly be apprehended. If you click where the agents room hiding too countless times, Nico will certainly run away and also you will need to start over. Nico is arrested however does not admit anything. Sophia looks at the propane gas receipt Nico carried. It has actually 3447 composed on the back. Go to Campo Santa Margherita and also then to the alley at the left. Look at close in ~ the lock. Enter 3447 and open the propane storage container. Take it the key and the water fine map (map not uncovered in an elderly detective mode). Walk to Campo Santa Maria Formosa. Look close at the appropriate side the the wall fountain. If you execute not watch the spring or door v the lock ideal of the fountain, the is because you have not checked all the extensions in the fax machine at Fango"s office. Go back and carry out so. Usage the vital from the propane warehouse bin on the padlock.Water fine MazeEnter and turn right. Research the map watched on the wall. Compare that to the water well map taken indigenous the propane bin. From the map pull ago and turn right roughly the corner. View the one water well. Based on the map, you’ll must cross this. Walk forward and see that the water is down. Rotate left and also fill this circle fine by transforming the wheel counterclockwise (left side). Now cross the bridge. Turn to the right just after crossing the floating bridge. Drainpipe the circle fine by transforming the wheel clockwise (right side). Rotate left and go under the ladder one level down. Rotate around and also cross the bridge. Turn to the right and also turn the wheel clockwise to drainpipe circle well. Turn left and go under the ramp to see the triangle well. Cross the bridge. Instantly turn to the right. Rotate the wheel to drainpipe the triangle well. Walk up the ramp to watch a drained diamond well. Rotate left and also fill the triangle well so you have the right to go across. Overcome the bridge and be at point 6 top top the map. Turn right and drain the triangle well. Walk to the ladder and go under to the next level. Cross the bridge. You are now at allude 7 of the diamond well. Rotate right and also drain the diamond well. Go under the ramp to point 8 and see the floating bridge. Carry out not cross. Rotate left and drain the triangle well. Go ago up the ramp to the diamond well. See that over there is a floating bridge right here caused through draining the other well. Cross the bridge and also go increase the ladder to allude 9. Turn around and also forward. Revolve left and also fill the diamond well. Go earlier to the ladder and climb up. You are now in allude 10. Revolve around and forward to the wheel. Rotate left and also fill the diamond fine so girlfriend can obtain to the ultimate ladder. Cross the bridge and also see the i on the left. Go forward, left, and climb the ladder. Turn approximately from the ladder. Look at close at the faint yellow point at left. Take it the flashlight. Pull ago and take it the flashlight from her inventory and also click that forward until the steel door. Strategy the metal door and also see a keypad. Use the number taken native the microdot the the pigeon message Hello!: push 4 3 5 5 6. Go into through the metal door. See a crate. Check the crate and also see that it is mailed to. Inspect what is inside and also see Carnevale mask. Open up one and also see the loot. In ~ this point, the door is closed, and water beginning flowing. You have actually to gain out of below or you’ll drown! go to the left and also look close in ~ the gauges.You need to location the gauge every at the facility line. Be certain that as soon as you readjust the gauges that you perform not have any kind of reach the top or you will drown. Number the wheels 1-5 from left come right and do this as rapid as friend can: click 2 clockwise twice, click 1 counterclockwise 5 times, click 3 clockwise 3 times, click 5 counterclockwise 4 times, click 4 clockwise twice, click 5 counterclockwise once, click 4 clockwise twice. Exit, rise the rope ladder, and also automatically report to Sophia. Nancy requirements to track the villain. Examine the setting of transportation and also the last place she is seen.A piedi is top top foot - black lines; Vaporetto is by water boat - red lines; and also gondola is the blue lines. The flashing circle is whereby the rogue was critical seen.

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Monitor the villain until they’re caught. Congratulations! Nancy attracted cracks one more case!