Air business to Virginia's Blue Ridge is obtainable through the Roanoke-Blacksburg local Airport, i beg your pardon offers straight flights come eight worldwide airports v the hubs that American Airlines, Delta, unified Airlines, and also Allegiant Air.

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Airport Information

Roanoke-Blacksburg local Airport5202 Aviation journey NWRoanoke, VA 24012Phone: 540.362.1999Website: flyroa.com

Domestic and International Gateways

Atlanta (ATL)

Charlotte (CLT)

Chicago/O'Hare (ORD)

NYC/LaGuardia (LGA)

Philadelphia (PHL)

St. Petersburg/Clearwater (PIE)

Washington/Dulles (IAD)

Orlando/Sanford (SFB)

Direct flights are obtainable to eight international hubs v one-stop organization to over 70 global cities and also over 400 residential destinations with over 40 daily scheduled flights.

The plane offers totally free wi-fi internet, multiple cafes v a selection of food and beverages - consisting of freshly-made items or pre-packaged meals and snacks, and a Hudson News keep for any type of last-minute travel needs.

The Roanoke-Blacksburg regional Airport is located within five miles (less than a 10-minute drive) that Downtown Roanoke and is surrounded by a range of accommodations and also attractions. Learn more about hotels close to the airport.

View ROA's present Arrivals and Departures.

Airlines serving Roanoke-Blacksburg local Airport

*Many flights in ~ ROA room flown by the local airline affiliates the the carriers listed.

Check-In time

Check-in times vary by airline and also by residential or international travel. Confirm the demands of her airline. However, it is recommended that you come at the very least two hours prior to any kind of international flight and 90 minutes prior to any type of domestic flight.

Baggage Fees

Airlines are currently charging fees for all confirm bags. Package fees and also permissible sizes and weights the bags vary by airline so be certain to inspect with your carrier for precise information. This applies to domestic and some global travel.

Some exemptions use to uniformed military and people with disabilities who have to examine an assistance device (e.g. A wheelchair). Please contact your airline or examine its website for particular policies and also requirements.

Ground Transportation

There space a number of convenient soil transportation options for the Roanoke-Blacksburg local Airport. With simple interstate access and the airport being located just five miles indigenous Downtown Roanoke, that takes nearly no time to begin enjoying her time in Virginia's Blue Ridge. The complying with are some useful ground transportation resources when traveling to/from the airport, consisting of a list of hotels that attribute airport spaceship service.

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Car Rentals

Private automobile Services


City Cab - about $20 for organization to Downtown RoanokeUber & Lyft are both permitted to pick up at the airport.

Smart method Bus - service to Downtown Roanoke & Virginia Tech

The Smart way bus associate the Roanoke-Blacksburg local Airport to other points of interest in Virginia's Blue Ridge, including Downtown Roanoke, Virginia Tech, and also the Virginia tech Carilion research Institute. Tickets because that The Smart Way bus room $4. Learn an ext about the Smart method Bus top top the Valley metro website >