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MALCOLM: Let's seek some desolate, shady place where we can sit and weep our sad hearts out.

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MACDUFF: instead of crying, let united state take our swords and defend ours fallen homeland prefer honorable men.

Each day brand-new widows howl, brand-new orphans cry, and brand-new sorrows slap heaven in the face, till it sounds like heaven itself feels Scotland's anguish and screams in pain.

MALCOLM: I will avenge whatever I believe is wrong, and I'll believe whatever I'm certain is true. And I'll placed right whatever I deserve to when the moment comes.

You might speak the truth. This tyrant—simply speaking his surname blisters my tongue—was once taken into consideration an moral man. You to be close to him, Macduff, and also he hasn't however tried to damage you.

Perhaps you are trying to victory favor v Macbeth by betraying me to him. It would be wise of friend to market me approximately him, prefer a poor, innocent lamb gift sacrificed because that an upset god.

MACDUFF: i am no treacherous.

MALCOLM: but Macbeth is. Even a an excellent and building man can bend under a royal command.

But ns beg her pardon. I cannot make you evil just by imagining you are so. Angels stay bright even though Lucifer, the brightest angel, dropped from heaven. Even if angry goes disguised together righteousness, the righteous cannot adjust the means they appear.

MACDUFF: I have actually lost my expect of convincing you come fight Macbeth.

MALCOLM: You have lost your really hopes of me, however I have found my doubts about you. Why did girlfriend abandon her wife and also children—the many precious points in your life, i beg your pardon should host you with bonds of love? How could you leave them therefore abruptly? i beg you, don't analyze my suspicions as slander. Friend must recognize that, together Duncan's son, I need to defend myself. Friend may an extremely well it is in honest, regardless of what i think.

MACDUFF: Bleed, bleed negative country! great tyrant, build your foundation strong, for the an excellent men of Scotland dare not oppose you! enjoy what girlfriend stole; your title is safe!

MALCOLM: carry out not be offended—I don't completely distrust you. I, too, think the our nation sinks in ~ Macbeth's oppression. It weeps, that bleeds, and also each day a fresh cut is included to she wounds.

People would certainly be willing to fight for me—the English have promised me countless troops. Yet when I have Macbeth's head under mine foot, or pierced ~ above the end of my sword, climate my bad country will be plagued through worse evil 보다 it to be before. Scotland chandelier suffer an ext terribly, and also in more ways, under the king who follows Macbeth.

MACDUFF: Who perform you mean?

MALCOLM: I mean myself. I have so countless vices that once they are exposed, evil Macbeth will certainly seem together pure together snow, and poor Scotland will call him a sweet lamb contrasted to me and my infinite evils.

MACDUFF: also in hell there is no devil worse 보다 Macbeth.

MALCOLM: I admit that he's murderous, lecherous, greedy, lying, deceitful, violent, malicious, and also guilty the every sin that has a name. However there is no end, none, come my sexual desires.

Your wives, your daughters, her old women, and your young maids can not to fill up the chasm of my lust. Mine desire would certainly overpower any kind of restraint. Better for Macbeth to regime than one such as me.

MACDUFF: endless appetites are a type of tyranny—they have actually caused the downfall of many kings. However do no be afraid to take it the crown that belongs come you. You can meet your desire in an enig and still show up virtuous in public, deceiving all.

There are much more than enough willing females in Scotland. The lust within you cannot perhaps be solid enough come devour every the women who will dedicate their bodies to you as soon as you space king.

MALCOLM: along with my lust, ns am also full that greed. If I ended up being king I would steal the nobles' lands, taking jewels indigenous one man and estates indigenous another. The more I had, the hungrier I would grow, till I'd develop false quarrels with my good and loyal subjects, ruining them come seize their wealth.

MACDUFF: This greed is worse 보다 lust since you won't outgrow it. It is the sword that has actually slain plenty of of ours kings. And yet, execute not fear—Scotland has enough treasures in that coffers to meet you. All of your evils space bearable once balanced against your noble qualities.

MALCOLM: but I have actually no noble qualities. The graces the a king need to have—justice, truth, moderation, stability, generosity, perseverance, mercy, humility, devotion, patience, courage, bravery–I have actually no trace of them.

Instead, ns overflow v every sport of every vice. No, if I had actually power I would throw friendship into hell, rotate the relaxed universe come chaos, and collection all males on earth versus each other.

MACDUFF: oh Scotland, Scotland!

MALCOLM: If a man like me is right to be king, climate tell me so. I am exactly as I have actually said ns am.

MACDUFF: right to be king? You're not fit to live! oh miserable country with a usurping, murderous tyrant on her throne, when will friend see serene days again? The male who has a ideal to the throne is, through his own admission, a cursed man and also a disgrace to the royal family!

Your royal father Duncan was a saintly king. Your mother spent more time on her knees in prayer than she walk on she feet, and she lived every job in zealous piety.

Fare friend well! The evils inside you have driven me indigenous Scotland forever. Five my heart, her hope die here!

MALCOLM: Macduff, this passionate outburst, i m sorry proves your integrity, has actually removed mine doubts about you. Friend truly room trustworthy and honorable.

That adversary Macbeth has actually tried many times to trick me and lure me into his power, and also prudence avoids me from believing human being too quickly. Yet with God as my witness, I will let myself be guided by you, and I take earlier my confession.

All those sins ns laid versus myself—they're every lies. I have actually never been with a woman. I have actually never lied. I barely care around the things I currently own, allow alone covet what belongs to various other men. I have actually never damaged a promise and also wouldn't betray the devil himself. I love truth as ns love life. The lies i told you about my character were the an initial untruths ns have ever uttered. I stand here as mine true self, prepared to offer you and also our bad country.

Indeed, before you even arrived here, old Siward and ten thousand battle-ready soldiers had started making their means here. Currently we will certainly fight Macbeth together, and also may the chances of our success it is in as an excellent as the justice of ours cause! Why are you silent?

MACDUFF: it is tough to make sense of 2 such different tales,

MALCOLM: Well, we'll speak much more soon.

MALCOLM: Is King Edward comes out?

DOCTOR: Yes, sir, a group of ailing wretches is waiting for that to cure them. Their disease confounds the most advanced techniques of modern-day medicine, but when he touch them, the power granted to him by sky heals castle immediately.

MALCOLM: give thanks to you, doctor

MACDUFF: What is this condition he speaks of?

MALCOLM: it is called the evil. Edward's healing touch is a miracle the I have seen the perform plenty of times throughout my stay in England. Just how he receive these gifts from heaven, only he can say. However he cures human being with strange conditions—all swollen, plagued through ulcers, and also pitiful come look at, patients who are beyond assist of surgery—by placing a gold coin approximately their necks and saying divine prayers end them. They say the he bequeaths this capacity to heal to his royal descendants. In addition to this strange power, he additionally has the gift of prophecy, and also other blessing that mark him together a male graced by God.

MACDUFF: Who's the coming end here?

MALCOLM: through his dress I deserve to tell he's my countryman, but I execute not recognize him.

MACDUFF: my noble kinsman, welcome.

MALCOLM: I recognize him now. Mr Ross, may God transform the scenarios that save us apart!

ROSS: Hello, sir.

MACDUFF: Is Scotland the same as as soon as I left it?

ROSS: Alas, bad country! It's virtually too frightened to look in ~ itself. That is no longer the soil we room born in—it is the land whereby we will die; wherein no one yet idiots might smile.

ROSS: whereby sighs, groans, and shrieks tear the air, but no one notices; whereby violent sorrow is an simple emotion. As soon as the funeral bells ring, people scarcely bother asking who has actually gone. An excellent men die before the flower in your cap wilt; they dice even prior to they sicken.

MACDUFF: Oh, this report appears too poetic, and yet also true!

MALCOLM: What is the many recent news?

ROSS: also news one hour old is old news. Every minute another awful thing happens.

MACDUFF: exactly how is my wife?

ROSS: She is well.

MACDUFF: and all my children?

ROSS: They are well, too.

MACDUFF: The tyrant Macbeth has not disturbed your peace?

ROSS: They to be at peace once I left them.

MACDUFF: Don't it is in stingy through your words. What's the news?

ROSS: together I was traveling right here to deliver the news i sadly carry, i heard rumors flying the many an excellent men to be arming themselves versus Macbeth. Once I observed the tyrant's army on the move, i knew those rumors should be true. Malcolm, now is the time we require your help!

Your visibility in Scotland would rotate men into soldiers! also the ladies would fight come rid themselves of Macbeth's oppression.

MALCOLM: allow them it is in comforted—I to be coming. Gracious King Edward has sent united state noble Siward and ten thousands men. Over there is no soldier much more experienced or successful than Siward in the whole Christian world.

ROSS: i wish I could repay this happy news with an excellent news of my own. Yet the words i bear have to be howled out in the desert air, wherein none could hear it.

MACDUFF: whom does her news concern? go it affect all that us, or one guy in particular?

ROSS: No kind man have the right to keep from share in the sorrow, but my news affects you alone.

MACDUFF: If the news is mine, do not store it indigenous me. Conveniently let me have actually it.

ROSS: ns pray that your ears will certainly not despise my tongue, i beg your pardon is about to speak the most disastrous words castle have ever heard.

MACDUFF: I can guess what you will say.

ROSS: her castle has actually been attacked; her wife and children savagely slaughtered. To tell you how would death you, too, and add your human body to the pile of murdered corpses.

MALCOLM: Merciful heaven!

No, no, friend—do not keep your grief hidden. Placed your sorrow right into words. The grief you save inside you will certainly whisper in her heart until it breaks.

MACDUFF: mine children, too?

ROSS: Wife, children servants—anyone they might find.

MACDUFF: and also I was away! My wife was eliminated too?

ROSS: I claimed she was.

MALCOLM: take comfort, our good revenge chandelier be choose a medication to cure this deadly grief.

MACDUFF: He has actually no children! every my pretty tiny ones? walk you to speak all! Oh, hell-bird! What, every my small birds and their mother—gone in one dropped swoop?

MALCOLM: struggle it like a man.

MACDUFF: ns will. However I must additionally feel it like a man. I cannot avoid remembering these points that were many precious to me. Did sky watch this slaughter and also refuse come send them help? Sinful Macduff, they space dead because of you! as wicked together I am, they were eliminated for my sins, no for their own. Heaven remainder their souls now.

MALCOLM: Sharpen your sword against this pain. Rotate grief right into anger. Don't block up your heart —unleash the rage.

MACDUFF: Oh, I might weep prefer a woman and also brag on around how I will certainly avenge them! yet gentle heavens, don't store me waiting. Bring me confront to challenge with Macbeth, that devil of Scotland. Placed him within with of mine sword, and also if the escapes, might heaven forgive him as well!

MALCOLM: currently you sound choose a man. Come, let's walk to view King Edward. Our army is ready; all we have to do currently is say our farewells.

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Macbeth is ripe for the picking, and the heavens have chosen us as their agents. Take what cheer friend can—a new day is comes at last.