New York come Washington D.C on publicly Transport – brand-new York City is among the best & most iconic urban in the world, fill with skyscrapers such empire State Building, one human being trade center and the Rockefeller centre!

In addition, come it gift a melting pot because that culture, indigenous Chinatown to tiny Italy.

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Whereas, Washington D.C is historical home of the US federal government & politics. Native the above White House, to the Lincoln Memorial, young name Luther King Memorial and plenty of well dining Restaurants, Washington D.C is a powerful place come visit.

D.C is also home to captivating Cherry blossom festival a totally free event i beg your pardon sees numerous Cherry blossom tree bloom, this is partnered with one of the best Parades in the USA and a Kite Festival.


National cherry-blossom festival Washington-dc

How long is the drive from brand-new York City come Washington DC?

The Drive in between Washington DC from new York City takes around 4hr 19 mins and covers 227 miles.

How long is the Bus from new York City to Washington DC?

The average bus from WashingtonDC to brand-new York takes four to four and also a fifty percent hours.

How lengthy is the train trip from new York City to Washington DC?

The average train between brand-new York City and Washington DC takes three hours and 20 minutes on average.

New York come Washington D.C Road expedition Map

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New York to Washington DC: Public transport Comparison

Best Transport approaches between new York and Washington DC Table
Car/RV4hr 19 mins9.1 gallons. $26 (depending top top mpg/route)An live independence road expedition where you can stop whenever friend like!
Train2hr 56 mins$35-$55

Silver Star/Crescent/Acela (Hourly)

Bus3hrs$35Vamoose Bus
Flight1hr 15mins$60-$430New York La Guardia airport – Reagan Washington

Which is the best way of travel from new York come Washington DC?

From the Table over we evaluate which is the ideal transport alternatives between new York and Washington DC. Currently this all counts on an individual preference.

However, native the data it’s clear that the Bus or Train is the cheapest an approach (If friend don’t currently own a car). They are additionally the fastest methods taking about 3 hours.

If you just want to head direct to Washington DC, i would purchase an progressed ticket because that the train which would skip the Notorious brand-new York City traffic and get you over there in great time.

However, If friend would favor to avoid off follow me the method in cities such as Philadelphia & Baltimore together we did climate you must rent a car!

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Day Trips between brand-new York & Washington DC?

If girlfriend would favor a straightforward self guided or guided tourism to Washington DC, then you should certainly take a tour.

I encourage the “Washington, DC by Train from Viator” package, you’ll get access to a self-guided tourism which consists of train take trip to DC, a food court lunch, and also a hop-on-hop-off tourism of the city.

Road pilgrimage Between brand-new York & Washington DC:

Due come the quantity of an excellent cities along the means and the pure independence, we determined on a classic all american Road pilgrimage between new York & Chicago.

Enroute we quit at some amazing cities and also destinations! view our Itinerary below:

New York City PhiladelphiaBaltimoreWashington D.C

For our full road pilgrimage see: New York City come Chicago roadway Trip: Itinerary/Map


philadelphia-road trip

Why you must visit Washington D.C?

Washington DC is the funding of the joined States and also home to many federal structures & top landmarks such as the Whitehouse, Washington Monument and also the capitol. In addition, Washington D.C is likewise home to countless iconic museums, battle memorials and also performing-arts centres, such as the Kennedy Centre.

Insider Tip:

There are lots of parking garages close come the top landmarks. A an excellent one is at 600 D St NW close to the Newseum. From there you deserve to walk to most of the major landmarks.

Things to view in Washington D.C:

1. The Newseum

This is a really distinct Museum, the idea of the museum is to record the essence of totally free speech & expression.

It has a newspaper wall surface which contains headlines from some of the most iconic events in U.S history such as after 9/11. Other highlights include, piece of the Berlin wall and remains of the human being trade center!


The Newseum Washington DC roadway Trip

Hungry?Head to resources Grille

After making headlines, head just throughout the street to The funding Grille. Here you have the right to find variety of very delicious foods: native steaks to seafood, & soups.

2. Walk under to the nationwide Mall

Next take it a stroll down the nationwide Mall, a park which stretches a couple of mile from the Capital building on the eastern to Lincoln Memorial on the west.

3. Boy name Luther King Memorial

An historical place, close to the human being War 2 Memorial. This wall is specialized to late Martin Luther King. The civil legal rights leader that “Had a dream!”

4. Washington Monument – The civilizations tallest obelisk! 

Check out the Washington Monument, the human beings tallest column which stands in ~ 555 feet tall!

It was constructed in 1888 and was the people tallest structure before the Eiffel tower was constructed in 1889. For much more info see: 10 Tallest observation Towers in the USA


The ideal Fireworks in Washington, D.C. Img Src: Source: The best & finest Fireworks in the USA

5. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Just a short walk away is the three Soldiers a Vietnam war memorial. Over there is likewise the Memorial wall which names the soldiers that were killed or lacking in action during the Vietnam war from 1959.

6. The Lincoln Memorial

Take a walk increase the measures to the well known gigantic frostbite of honest Abe Lincoln. This is an top place yet it can acquire really busy throughout the afternoon!

Insider Tip:

Not many civilization know but It is possible to arrange a tour of the White House.(Public tourism requests must be submitted with one’s Member that Congress. For much more info see )

7. The White House

Home of the President, head come the iconic Whitehouse. For the finest view take it a walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Insider Tip:

If your here throughout April, you HAVE to VISIT THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS! These space captivating and offer fairytale beauty. For more info see:

21 epos Flower/Garden Festivals: U.S.A


Blossom dragon festival Washington D.C

Where to remain in Washington D.C?

For our full list the recommended places to stay in Washington D.C, monitor the link HERE

Road pilgrimage Tips:

Make sure your vehicle is serviced, with a spare tires or conversely rent a fully reliable car.

How to acquire the best auto rental Deals?

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