Maybe you"ve saved numerous MSWMM project records from home windows Movie machine on the computer. Well, it"ll it is in most most likely for you come convert MSWMM papers to MP4 files, for MP4 is widely supplied on various media players and devices. One MSWMM file is not a video file. You need to re-save it together a video paper in windows Movie Maker, and also then you can use a good Video Converter to perform MSWMM to MP4 conversion. In this way, you can enjoy your MSWMM papers on MP4 players.

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This write-up mainly offers you v a an effective MSWMM come MP4 converter and also a comprehensive guide to display you how to use this an excellent app to perform video conversion. Just click the right download link below to have it installed, and also refer come the overview below.

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Step 1Save MSWMM files as video clip files.

Run windows Movie Maker, click the record menu at the peak left the its main interface, choose the "Open project" to add the MSWMM records you want. Then, traction the imported document to the Storyboard below. Finally, in the "Finish Movie" pane, you just click the "Save to mine computer" choice to fiddle a WMV video clip file.


Step 2 Add video files to this MSWMM to MP4 video converter.

First, beginning video clip Converter. Next, click the document icon to search WMV records you want to income in the record Open window. Girlfriend can likewise drag or drop papers to the Converter interface. All added video files will be shown as follows.


Step 3 pick MP4 as the output format.

Choose MP4 layout in this software"s output style window. Go to the drop-down menu of the Output format at the bottom the the interface. As soon as you"ve excellent it successfully, friend can find the MP4 style in the video category.


Step 4 transform MSWMM records to MP4 files.

The last action is come hit the Convert switch to begin the counter process. Ok, that"s all. All the rest of things will be excellent automatically. And the video conversion procedure will just last for a couple of minutes.

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After conversion, friend can find the output documents for enjoyment in the finished category, easy and convenient, right? you can likewise use the same ways to transform WMV to iMovie format.