What is a Network operation System?

Unlike operation systems, such as Windows, that are designed for single users to control one computer, network operating systems (NOS) coordinate the tasks of lot of computers across a network. The network operating device acts as a director to store the network running smoothly.

The two significant types that network operating solution are:

nearly all contemporary networks are a combination of both. The networking architecture can be taken into consideration independent of the servers and workstations that will certainly share it.


Peer-to-peer network operation systems permit users come share resources and files situated on your computers and also to accessibility shared resources discovered on various other computers. However, they execute not have a file server or a central management resource (See fig. 1). In a peer-to-peer network, all computer systems are thought about equal; castle all have the same abilities to usage the resources available on the network. Peer-to-peer networks are designed generally for little to medium neighborhood area networks. Practically all modern desktop operating systems, such as Macintosh OSX, Linux, and Windows, can duty as peer-to-peer network operation systems.

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Fig. 1. Peer-to-peer network

benefits of a peer-to-peer network:

much less initial price - No require for a specialized server. Setup - one operating system (such as home windows XP) already in ar may only should be reconfigured because that peer-to-peer operations.

defect of a peer-to-peer network:

Decentralized - No main repository because that files and also applications. protection - does not carry out the security easily accessible on a client/server network.


Client/server network operating systems allow the network to centralize functions and applications in one or more committed file servers (See fig. 2). The file servers end up being the heart of the system, providing access to resources and also providing security. Individual workstations (clients) have access to the resources accessible on the document servers. The network operating system offers the mechanism to integrate all the components of the network and allow multiple users to simultaneously share the same resources irrespective of physical location. UNIX/Linux and also the Microsoft family members of home windows Servers are instances of client/server network operation systems.


Fig. 2. Client/server network

advantages of a client/server network:

centralized - Resources and data defense are regulated through the server. Scalability - any kind of or all elements can be replaced individually as demands increase. flexibility - new technology deserve to be easily incorporated into system. Interoperability - All components (client/network/server) work-related together. access - Server have the right to be accessed remotely and throughout multiple platforms.

disadvantages of a client/server network:

expense - requires initial investment in dedicated server. maintain - big networks will require a employee to ensure efficient operation. dependence - once server walk down, operations will cease across the network.

Network Operating device Software

The adhering to links incorporate some the the much more popular peer-to-peer and client/server network operation systems.

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