Pac-Man: Adventures over time is a Pac-Man video game for the PC, created by Mind’s Eye Productions and an innovative Asylum and Published through Hasbro interaction in 2000. The video game highlights 5 universes, an ext than fourty 3D labyrinths, and Internet play. 

FULL NAME:Pac Man: Adventures in Time

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As in the major Pac-Man arcade game, the principal focus of each level is come oversee Pac-Man through a maze while eating spots, food, and power pellets that make Pac-Man’s enemies, the Ghosts. A couple of levels contain deterrents, for instance, deadly shakes, animals who delay or murder Pac-Man. The levels additionally feature a repertoire of shapes and also designing features, for instance, round and empty mazes, covers, frameworks, pyramids, and even dividers that provide Pac-Man to walk vertically. The video game features an ext current occasions than the arcade precursor, because that instance, assembling a particular number of pellets come open another locale that a maze. The game furthermore fuses the capacity to see the brief interval accounts the go before one more level and consider a decision the non-storyline pat on to express levels. The game additionally can relate over the web for multiplayer littler than anticipated games. 

In this article, us will expose to you about Pac man Adventures in Time and also the installation process for the identical on PC. 

Highlights of Pac man : Adventures in Time 


Adventures in Time contains many cheat codes, which have the right to be gotten in by delaying the game and also composing them the end on the console, normally in hat Lock. 

Labyrinth Mode 

Permits the player to replay through solitary labyrinths after castle are opened up in the quest Mode. A few new labyrinths show up in this setting also, after ~ the game is beaten. 



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The game similarly includes a multiplayer mode, which is tantamount to the one found in Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness, on somewhat various sheets. Initially the delivery had both adjacent and far off virtual play too, however the workers space a remote memory. The playable characters are Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, baby Pac-Man and also Professor Pac-Man. 

Mission Mode 

Undertakings in Time adheres to the similar intelligence problem from the key Pac-Man. The player must accumulate the total of the Pac-Dots in each maze, while avoiding Ghosts and also various obstacles. Pac-Man furthermore can jump, anyway there is a few minutes delay after every skip, so they need to be facilitated flawlessly. 

System Requirements 

There space no framework prerequisites for this game. It will chip away at any working framework on a PC. 

The many effective method to Download Pac male : Adventures in Time 

1. Find for Pac guy Adventures in Time game on her PC’s program.