Painting end semi gloss requires a tiny preparation yet it’s yes, really simple. Due to the fact that we are slowly painting our whole house, I thought sharing ours experiences might be helpful.

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It is vital to prepare the surface well once painting over semi gloss, or it can sometimes mean method more work in the long run. (I learned all around this the difficult way!)

When we purchased​ ours home, we were for this reason happy that much of the house had been fresh painted to get it sold. After we were moved in just a couple weeks, we realized every the paint was cracking and also leaving alligatoring ~ above the walls. In the bathrooms, the paint dropped off the wall surfaces completely. Us noticed it was a level paint end semi gloss, and it ended up being clear that the walls were not adequately primed or prepped.

Weirdly, In our previous home, i painted semi-gloss over semi-gloss without prepping a pair times v no issues!

Now I constantly prime to it is in safe. Ns think the age of the paint could be a factor. Being thorough v prep every time is method easier than repairing a peeling, flaking mess!

Preparation techniques for paint over Semi Gloss Surfaces:

Deglosser is one option, but the fumes have the right to be dangerous therefore I just like to use it outdoors. Sanding to eliminate gloss: i hate thoroughly sanding, for this reason I just don’t uneven it’s yes, really necessary due to the fact that of roughness.A high quality gripping primer.

Since our home is older v a track document of peeling and paint structure issues, I usage a high high quality latex gripping inside wall with an excellent results called Zinnser Bullseye 123.  I provided it below to repaint this off yellow 6 panel inner door to end up up the pantry makeover.


If girlfriend are dealing with repairing where paint peeled or alligatored, Kilz original or BIN are constantly foolproof too. Unfortunately, the fumes are a lot more powerful with these oil​ based primers and there is more cleanup required. Ns didn’t want to have actually the strong fumes in the house with Wesley playing in the following room.

NOTE: If your current paint is oil based, you will should use the oil based primer, such as Kilz or BIN, before painting with a latex paint. A good way to check if you room uncertain: rub isopropyl alcohol ~ above a tiny spot v a cotton ball. If some paint color comes turn off onto the noodle ball, you have actually latex. If not, your paint is one oil based, or probably lead based in an larger home. 

Supplies Needed:

Your wanted Paint

The Process:

Step 1: when painting end semi gloss doors, an initial give the door a an excellent scrub through a degreasing cleaner.

Step 2: patch screw holes and imperfections through wood filler as needed. My door was full of screw holes. Using two coats of lumber filler is commonly necessary because it shrinks as it dries. ~ the hardwood filler dries, offer the turbulent spots the were filled a light sand until they space smooth. Wipe through a clean, dried cloth. If her door is in great shape, no pour it until it is full or sanding is necessary. 


Step 3: eliminate the door knob, and also tape turn off hinges. Friend COULD remove the doors and also paint them laying flat, however I didn’t. I prefer to maximize nap times, and the foam roller helps with avoiding drips and also brush marks.


Step 4: apply a coat of the 123 primer. A small brush is ideal to repaint the door trim and bevel locations of a six panel door, and also a foam roller to repaint the level areas. One coat of primer is enough to ensure an excellent adherence.


Update: I have done a ton of painting the past couple of years, and also I love the wooster shortcut brush to cut corners precisely without taping! I added a few updated image of a more recent door project.


I try to begin with the bevel first, then ns fill in the center panel areas.


Then I usage the roller to repaint the level surfaces. I repaint the horizontal parts of the door, and lastly I repaint the lengthy vertical​ parts of the door.

Step 5: ~ the primer has dried, paint again v your desired paint.

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I use the repaint to the door again with a foam roller to prevent brush point out on all the level surfaces. Recoat as essential after each coat has time to dried completely.

In between coats, I usage plastic wrap and also a sandwich bag to save my roller and brush. That will continue to be wet for weeks save on computer this way!

Now I have actually painted one more small item of the house, and also the pantry door is prepared for some lumber spice racks!



I’m happy to have a simple technique for paint over semi gloss doors…because I have actually lots more to paint! As long together it will still revolve out well, I prefer to keep things as basic as possible!


I obsessively researched and also talked with several pros after our crazy cracked, peeling paint situation…so if you are taking care of alligatoring wall surfaces or peeling paint, i FEEL your pain!