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How countless times walk Percy meet Persephone? In The mark of Athenaon page 311 that the e-book, Percy claims he only met her once:

But, we recognize that Percy meets she twice, when in The Demigod Fileswhen he and the other kids of the big Three helped obtain Hades’s knife back, and once in The last Olympian. It also says in The critical Olympianon page 121 that Percy met she twice:

Queen Persephone studied me curiously. I’d watched her once prior to in the winter, however now in the summer she looked prefer a completely different goddess.

Perhaps once Percy meant once he said“once” waswhen the officially met and had a conversation with her?

Thoughts, anyone?

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I don’t know around you guys, yet when ns think that nectar healing, ns think the it needs to be consumed first. What constantly nagged in ~ me was, just how sick go the person need to be the nectar it s okay poured ~ above the wound, instead of simply drinking the drink? Does the make sense?

The first time nectar is mentioned, someone was drinking it. Percy was drinking the on his very first day the Camp Half-Blood (when that survives the fight with the Minotaur), and also he to be drinking that on his critical day (when he got bitten through Luke’s scorpion):

I recoiled in ~ the taste, because I was expecting to apologize juice. That was no that at all. It to be chocolate-chip cookies. Liquid cookies. And not just any kind of cookies—my mom’s homemade blue chocolate-chip cookies, buttery and hot chips. Drink it, my totality body feeling warm and also good, full of energy. Mine grief did not go away, but I felt as if my mom had actually just brushed she hand against my cheek, offered me a cookie the means she provided to as soon as I was small, and told me every little thing was going to be okay. (The Lightning Thief, page 60)

I woke through a drinking straw in my mouth. Ns was sipping something the tasted choose liquid chocolate-chip cookies. Nectar. (The Lightning Thief, web page 370)

The next bunch the times, we have world drinking the nectar.

The Sea of monster (Page 44), when Percy is fighting the Colchis bulls.

My fishing eye felt like it to be filled v acid, but she gave me some Olympian nectar to drink from she canteen, and also I automatically started to feeling better.

The battle of the Labyrinth(Page 72), once Clarisse was healing Chris’s insanity.

I listened for she to come charging out and yell in ~ me, yet instead she just kept talk to kris in a sad pleading voice, make the efforts to obtain him to drink the nectar.

The battle of the Labyrinth (Page 207), when Percy survives the blast of mountain St. Helens and also ends up on Ogygia.

A copper spoon hovered end me and liquid to be dribbled into my mouth. The drink soothed my throat and left a warmth chocolatey aftertaste. Nectar that the gods.

The fight of the Labyrinth(Page 215), when Percy is on Ogygia, heal from the blast.

I would sit in the meadow, sipping nectar, and I would shot to concentration on the flower or the clouds or the reflections on the lake, yet I was really staring in ~ Calypso as she worked, the method she brushed her hair over she shoulder, and the tiny strand that fell in her challenge whenever she knelt to destruction in the garden.

The fight of the Labyrinth (Page 332),when Nico expends also much energy on increasing the dead during the battle.

I rolling him over as gently as I could and put mine hand against his chest. His heart to be beating faintly.“Get part nectar!” i yelled.

One the the Ares campers hobbled over and handed me a canteen. I trickled few of the magic drink into Nico’s mouth. the coughed and also spluttered, but his eyelids fluttered open.

And climate we have actually the readjust by The Demigod Fileson page 186 of the e-book, once Percy is wounded indigenous the claws that a daemon.

“Nectar,” the said.“I’m pouring nectar ~ above it.”

He uncorked a party of the godly drink and trickled it across my shoulder. This to be dangerous—just a sip of the stuff is all most demigods have the right to stand—but instantly the pain eased.

This is additionally seen in The critical Olympian on pages 196-197, as soon as Annabeth take away the poisoned dagger because that Percy.

“ … just lie still. Somebody hand me some nectar.”

I ordered a canteen. Will certainly cleaned out the wound through the godly drink when I organized Annabeth’s hand.

What an amazing change! now let’s examine out Heroes of Olympus.

The lost Hero (Page 541 that the e-book), when Jason it s okay knocked unconscious through the Cyclopes.

Piper managed to trickle a little nectar into his mouth, and he groaned.

The Demigod Diaries(Page 33 that the e-book), once Thalia’s hand were ordered by the drapes in Halcyon’s house.

Finally I discovered my bottle of nectar. The drink that the gods could heal wounds, yet the bottle was nearly empty. Ns poured the remainder over Thalia’s hands. The heavy steam dissipated. The blisters faded.

The child of Neptune (Page 171 that the e-book), when Hazel runs to get to the muster, yet trips and scrapes her hands.

He pulled a flask the nectar indigenous his aviator jacket and poured a small on Hazel’s hands. immediately the cuts started to heal.

The son of Neptune (Page 287-288 of the e-book), as soon as Gwen is speared through the game.

The entirety legion fell silent together the healers worked— trying to acquire the gauze and powdered unicorn horn under Gwen’s armor to prevent the bleeding, trying to force some nectar into her mouth

The son of Neptune (Page 577 the the e-book), once Hazel heals Ella the harpy’s ago from the weed wacker.

Then Hazel tried, and also Ella let her pour some nectar on she back. The wound began to close.

The note of Athena (Page 187 that the e-book), when the Seven provide Jason godly food to heal him indigenous the hit come his head through a brick.

Even v the nectar and ambrosia they’d control to force-feed him, Piper couldn’t be certain he would be okay once he wake up up.

The Blood that Olympus (Page 77 that the e-book), as soon as Jason gets stabbed in the back.

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Piper pulled out a flask that nectar and gave Jason a sip.

I guess: v what I’m trying to say is the there were 4 times in the whole series where nectar was provided to heal, yet not by spend it. What to be so different around those various other wounds that nectar was used as an antiseptic, and also not together a type of medicine?