The PING EYE2 XG wedge updates among the best-selling wedges that all-time with brand-new technology and a an excellent look. These room wedges the can assist anyone native a tour player to a weekend golfer hit the species of shots they need from lot of lies and positions about the green. The high toe and also perimeter weighting give these wedges lot of of forgiveness while tho offering wonderful feel. The contoured sole provides them the versatility to play numerous shots with an accurate control.Classic Head ShapeThis is the timeless EYE2 head form that’s been a gold conventional in golf because that decades: a high toe and contoured sole add perimeter weighting for forgiveness, as well as versatility native a multitude that lies.Conforming GroovesThese wedges have been updated v grooves that conform come the brand-new USGA limitations, while tho offering excellent spin with precision milling.Non-Glare Satin FinishA classic look that likewise eliminates reflections and also glare from the clubhead.Fitting MessageGetting the right wedge have the right to be tough, but fortunately because that you both PING and second Swing space committed to giving golfers not only with great clubs, but with great clubs that fit your game. Once buying a wedge our professionals can assist you discover the best club v the specifications that job-related with your distinctive swing and also make adjustments come ensure your PING wedge is giving you the best possible performance on the course.
Loft Lie Bounce Length Swingweight Shaft
56° 64.25° 12° 35.25" D4 Dynamic yellow Steel
60° 64.5° 13° 35" D6 Dynamic yellow Steel

Our shop are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. To discover the right fit because that you, call us at (612) 216-4152. If interested, examine out our fitting website to learn an ext about ours philosophy and process.

2nd totter Value overview is the industry"s newest & easiest way to uncover golf club worths online, offering golfers with the unique capability to trade in their old clubs and receive credit on or to sell them outright. Follow the basic steps listed below to view what your clubs space worth & pick which payment option finest suits her needs. GET STARTED below >


Receive 25% an ext when you profession in towards a 2nd Swing eGift Card!

How the second Swing eGift map works complete trade-in process and select second Swing eGift Card together your wanted payment method. 2nd Swing eGift card code will certainly be emailed come you after her clubs have actually been received. Common turnaround time is 7-14 service days. Apply second Swing eGift code at checkout on

* second Swing eGift Card can be used towards the future purchase of any brand-new & used item on*2nd swing eGift Cards never ever expire. Shop what girlfriend want, when you want.

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WHY trade WITH second SWING?

Highest values • more Makes & Models qualified • No limit on Trade-ins • rapid Payment

Need aid selling or trading your clubs? give us a speak to at (612) 216-4152 and shot our brand-new Valet Service.

How perform I obtain paid?

It’s simple, follow the trade-in steps and once her clubs come you have the right to expect payment in ~ 7-10 company days. When completing the trade-in procedure you have actually an choice to receive your accumulation via check, PayPal or obtain a eGift Card. Simply decided the payment option that works finest for you.

How & where do I delivery my clubs?

hen completing your digital trade-in, you have actually the alternative to acquisition a FedEx label at an cost of $9.99 per label. The brand charges will certainly be deducted native the complete value of her trade-in and can be retrieved & printed from the Order check page. If you like to use your very own shipping service, you space welcome to perform that at your very own expense. You re welcome ship every trade-ins to:

2nd totter Golf Trade-In Program6752 Shady Oak RoadEden Prairie, MN 55344

Can I apply the amount of mine trade-ins towards one more purchase?

In fact, you"ll acquire 25% an ext from her clubs in credit compared to as soon as you offer them outright. Simply select the "eGift Card" option during the trade-in procedure and her eGift card code will be emailed to you after your trade-in has actually been fully received & processed. The eGift Card have the right to be used towards the future purchase of any new & used item from

Can I profession in more than one item?

Absolutely! over there is no limit on the lot of golf clubs that you deserve to trade in. You deserve to even discover values & trade in your supplied rangefinder or gps unit!

Who carry out I contact if I have questions around my trade-in? ie. Payment status, shipping labels, discrepancies, etc...

Please contact our business & assistance team at 612-216-4152 or service Please have your stimulate Number ready and also reference the tracking number ~ above your delivery to for sure it has actually been ceded to ours facility.

How room trade values determined?

Trade worths are based upon several factors such as demand, condition, relax date and other resale factors. Pricing is updated on regular basis to ensure that you room receiving the highest possible trade-in value for your used clubs.

Does the condition of my provided golf clubs affect the value?

Yes. The better the problem the greater value given for the item. Problem is evaluate by our knowledgeable staff and the provided golf club(s) is priced accordingly.Important:

stole sets must save a minimum of five (5) continually clubs with matching shafts, including a Pitching Wedge. If a PW is no included, you will be forced to go into each of the irons individually. Clubs that are stamped or engraved will be immediately receive the "Below Average" value. Please carry out us the information listed below to aid expedite her quote: Please provide dates you need sets ceded to you.

Clubs that perform not qualify:

Clubs through cracked or dented heads, heads that rattle and clubs with damaged shafts. Fitting irons. Counterfeit clubs.

What wake up if over there are any kind of discrepancies?

If, ~ above inspection, second Swing identifies any type of discrepancies (ex. Dorn model, condition, missing clubs) we will email you to inform you the the discrepancy and also the resulting value change (+/-), if any.

Do I need to include a headcover?

Golf club head covers, tool kits, talk wrenches, or other related accessories need to be contained whenever possible (though are not mandatory).

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Why are there no values for my provided golf clubs?

Not every golf society model deserve to be provided a industry value and also these items space typically: rare items, neck items, unique or tour problem items and other very high-ticket items. If items are exceptionally old or damaged, they are likewise not assigned a sector value. You are constantly welcome to call our service & support team to inquire about the value of her item(s).

Golf Club problem Guide

At second Swing Golf, us work an extremely hard to accurately price our clubs follow to our problem guide. Our golf club problem guide is together follows:




mirrors virtually no traces the wear and also has been hit 1-3 time total. It will certainly be complicated to determine if it has actually been used.

above Average

Golf club has actually been played much less than 10 rounds and also is in peak of the line provided condition.


This club has seen normal consumption for one extended duration of time, at least one season, has actually been fine cared for, and is quiet in great used condition.

below Average

This golf club has actually been well used, yet not abused. Below average clubs market a great value because that someone who isn"t together interested in cosmetics however cares about performance.