What"s this game all about?

The Legend that Pirates online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) developed for players of all ages. Live the life of a Pirate battling fierce enemies, plundering ships on the vast High Seas, and also defend the Caribbean native the nefarious Undead Pirate, Jolly Roger!Above you will discover one that our latest YouTube videos - the catch the Chest expansion reveal trailer! We setup on creating a game overview trailer in the future.

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First Time Aboard?

Before friend enter, friend should recognize that The Legend that Pirates online is a fan-made rebirth of Disney"s Pirates Online, produced using publicly easily accessible downloads and also information made freely obtainable to the general public.

The best component of all? The Legend of Pirates online is totally FREE!

Are friend a parent?

Take a gander in ~ the Parent"s Cove for a detailed review of our game and its safety and security features.

Just one much more thing...

By utilizing stclairdrake.net, friend certify the you understand that stclairdrake.net is not connected with The Walt Disney company and/or Disney consumer Products and Interactive Media (or the affiliates of one of two people party) and that you relax The Walt Disney agency from any and all liability for any personal loss caused to friend by the use of stclairdrake.net.

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Posted by The Crew top top Dec. 20, 2020, midnight


On the 7th day of Celebration, the Brethren Court gave to ye...Free Moonstone Codes,Tattoos & Decorations,Double XP,Find-A-Crew in Lobbies,All-New Voodoo Dolls,Candy Cane codes,And better Moonstone Drops!

Ahoy,Happy holidays to every one of ye! us hope ye've been enjoying this year's 12 work of Celebration therefore far!We know many of you have been on the hunt for the elusive moonstones, specifically with the relax of the new tattoos. We are right here to helpin that hunt by providing every one of ye some moonstone redeem codes!

Redeem CodeQuantity
smallmoon250 Moonstones
largemoon150 large Moonstones
enchantedmoon15 enchanted Moonstones

Thesecodes willbe accessible for redemptionuntilJanuary 5that 11:59PM Eastern.We expect you'll gain spending these moonstones on the new tattoos accessible in Yuletide Manor, or perhaps theexclusive winter weapons marketed by Holly Frost!Or perhaps you just want to hoard them! The an option is yours!We here at the Crew wish you a an extremely happy holiday! see you morning for our next 12 days post!Fair winds,~ The Crew