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Where is the butwal island? ~ lugia i want to go to butwal island and also when i talk to the girl she inquiry me whereby would you favor to go? then i click on the butwal island yet nothing happens she reduce me at shamouti island. Please help me to go to the butwal island.

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There space no means to walk in butwal island this game ia now finished. Ns tried a many to go inbut ns can"t go in the butwal island. My every 35 max repels has actually finished

Really due to the fact that i had likewise tried to perform everything but i can"t obtain to butwal islandPlease have the right to you tell me whereby to get the new version of pokemon ash gray

Metapod23 (the guy who hacked the game) hasn"t hacked that much yet. You"ll have to wait.Believe me, it"s gonna it is in torturous.

On the means to cleopatra quick island where misty and also brock was standing through a girl onthat way1ferry came and it said i m waiting for u at cleopatra island i cannot walk to bigcleopatra island

Metapod23 must have released asg gray 4.5 version if anyone has actually downloaded 4.5 variation ofash gray plz offer me a website of that link plz

It is not feasible to walk butwal island it is reaching again shamouti island i think thegame is finished

Hey guys tell me exactly how should i reach butwal island in ash gray or as soon as the recent versionof pokemon ash gray will certainly come.

Plzzz tell me just how to walk ,or exactly how to go ago to the palletHm fly and where is that as soon as i leaving my charlizard come training and in orange organization lastbadge it"s pertained to me wherein it is

I shot hard go to butwel island u will be wait for brand-new version and also i find fly tm yet u savethe curent record and u usage the fly tm ... That is --(82003884 0154) use this code and buyat pokemart ... And also go to cleopatra islnd surf and also use this tm in sea ...

Plzzz,. Ns am a very big fan that pokemon plaz relax the new version of pokemon ash gray,to go to butwal island..I to be requesting

Mr.. X is fooling us... Plzzz don"t think him... Over there is no method for butwal island ..Plzz wait it spins metapod23 upload complete version the ashgray...

Can anyone tell me climate what to execute in ash gray , if over there is no accessibility to butwal island.The game ends?I checked out grepa and also navel island native the east of trivota. Btw exactly how to acquire the tropic pass

Yes the video game is end after shamoui islandI think that a brand-new version would come the will have butwal island

I do the efforts walkthrough wall cheat however couldn"t reached butwal island. Wherein is the developerof the game?!! -_- waiting for about 2 years, still new version hasn"t released...-_-

I do the efforts walkthrough wall cheat but couldn"t got to butwal island. Where is the developerof the game?!! -_- waiting for around 2 years, still new version hasn"t released...-_-

Cause if i speak to the girl in shamouti islandAnd i click butwal island i obtain dropped on shamouti island since the course to butwalisland there"s a storm therefore it renders the watercraft out the track.

I can"t go to butwal island due to the fact that i"m always earlier again and again to shamouti island andi don"t recognize where i can get the tropical pass,so.. I leave the island and go earlier to pallettown making use of hm fly.

I have actually been wait for this *** upgrade for for this reason long.. Ns swear to walk i"m gonna ***rape her *** mum!!



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