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previous Generations 5th Gen cover fossil or Plume fossil began by Granzen might 16th, 2013 2:20 to be

Hey i"m fikriwhich much better Cover fossil or Plume fossil?Tirtuoga or Archen?I"m getting confused to pick oneplease assist me ^_^Mod Edit: User has actually received responses, so future responses, talk about which one you obtained :3

hello Fikri 29 .... !! :) see according come ur starter u can pick ....Like if u have actually oshawott den u can select plume fossil ...AS Tirtuoga is rock and also water form and because oshawott is likewise water form i indicate plume fossil and also even Archen is rock kind plus flying form too....And if u not have any type of water type den u can select tirtuoga but still if i would b u i would hav determined plume fossil Aka Archen

Hello Fikri!I believe I decided the Plume Fossil, through Archen/Archeops, since they"re much better with base stats. Tirtouga looks much better than Archen, however Archeops look at cooler than Carracosta. Yet after all, watch don"t constantly matter.If friend need much more information, (because I"m not an extremely descriptive), look at the pages that Tirtouga, and also Archen. Also look at Carracosta and also Archeops.Hope this helps!


i feel choose we can turn this right into a thread around which fossil you chose. Soo future replies, simply post around what fossil you chose, due to the fact that the OP has received one answer.
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I chose the Plume Fossil in Black and the cover Fossil in White due to the fact that I began with Oshawott in the previous game and Tepig in the latter game (in the last game, I essential a kind Water Pokémon external of Tympole and Panpour).
i picked the Plume Fossil due to the fact that I liked Archeops" architecture better. It"s the an initial bird Pokemon, just how cool is that? :)
i picked the Plume Fossil, it"s evo had a far better design then Tirtouga"s. Ns mean, a flying-rock Pokémon, how is that even possible?! o_o
ns picked the sheathe fossil because my boyfriend had actually pick the Plume fossil. I choose the tirtouga line to the Archen line beause it is a anicent turtle which are among my favorite animals. Plus it has an excellent stats
i picked the covering Fossil because omg Tirtouga is just so cute. Also, Carracosta is really strong, also though it is slow. It also doesn"t have crap defenses and also comes with very good abilities (:It"s among my favourite Unova Pokemon!
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well both the them space very strong but have various fighting style. Carracosta is an ext defensive so that takes a beating and then retaliates if archeops assaults fast and strong. The negative thing about archeops is its atk and also sp.atk halves when its hp is down to that half. I"d select plume though because archeops is an extremely strong. (attack on par v rhyperior "nuff said)
I chosen the sheathe fossil alot, Carracosta looks choose the Squitle trios master, all old and wiseAnd willy, trees also preform cellular respiration and therefor need oxygen... So yeah...
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i went through the Plume Fossil since Archeops is a massive beast with those mighty offenses and speed, its ability may it is in a drawback but if you save its HP high it have the right to slay a the majority of foes.Also, i picked Oshawott together my starter on my game so it to be fitting i didn"t want a Tirtouga.
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I chose the Plume Fossil in Black. Ns wasn"t sure what the difference was so ns just made decision randomly.In my black color 2, I determined the cover Fossil so the I might have both fossil pokemon ^-^
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Atra du evarinya ono varda.

Plume Fossil is the way to go yo! Archeops is one heck of a powerhouse and also can bring down nearly any Pokemon through ease as long as that is HP stays above half of its full HP. Attack and also Speeeeed are my style, and this doesn"t come in addition to Carracosta, despite its tank-like defenses.
i dive right for the Plume Fossil. I just love Archen and also Archeops for this reason dang much. ;A;Like, they"re cute, they"re STRONG, and also I just love them and their inputting so much. share
i went with the Plume Fossil, due to the fact that I"d currently picked Oshawott together my starter, and had no realy desire to train one more Water type. Archeops actually verified to be a pretty great Pokemon after ns taught the Acrobatics (since it wasn"t hold anything), which I believe it functions out to 165 base damage with STAB. As lengthy as you don"t permit its HP gain too low, it"s really rather a an effective Pokemon.
Archen. It deserve to be difficult to hit with dual Team. You can use Acrobatics to be invincible, and be over-powered with hidden Power! Tirtuoga is pretty weak sometimes, and in the long run Water and Rock just don"t cut. For this reason Archen for the win!Yours, supervisor Rozu!
since I have both versions, i was maybe to usage both. I favor theCover Fossil an ext though since I prefer Tirtouga overall design better. I likewise was never ever really great with Archen in battle due to it"s ability.
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I"ve actually never used either yet Flying types always take it because that me, so it would be the Plume Fossil.

If i fits...

I made decision Tirtouga (so cover Fossil) in my White run, and also was pretty satisfied with it. I maintained Carracosta on mine team also though I currently had a Water type, a really strong Seismitoad actually, and even though I"m not normally a pan of slow Pokemon. His stats were good enough come compensate for always moving last. From what ns heard, Archeops is a solid attacker and relies ~ above its speed, therefore pretty lot the opposite, so ns would try it out. I dislike his capability though, therefore he"s not really peak priority ideal now.
I select archen since my starter in PW to be oshawott.Besides ns found valuable archeops for fly between towns and by his speed and also strength.One more reason is: I have actually more daunting to acquire archen via GTS than tirtouga XD.
ns went with the sheathe fossil ~ above my very first time around. Tirtouga seemed favor a cooler pokemon come me.I had actually an Oshawott but I wasn"t intended on making use of the fossil pokemon on my team anyway.
sheathe fossil because that me just liked the design and not a large fan that bird pokemon dont really usage them that regularly
i went v the cover fossil because I want a bulky water form and Carracosta right the bill perfectly.
also though it probably has actually the second worst ability in the game behind truant, I always pick the plume fossil since Archen/Archeops deserve to really wreak havoc for those few turns the HP isn"t listed below half. When I perform like Carracosta"s shell smash strategy, ns still prefer the hazard that comes v using Archeops.

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