nationwide Treasure 3: Predicting What's On web page 47 national Treasure 3 may be grounding in advancement hell, however there are rather a few stories that can be on page 47 that the President"s publication of Secrets.

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National Treasure web page 47
What is on web page 47 in the President"s book of tricks in National sweetheart 2? The price could an extremely well carry out a plotline because that the long-awaited national Treasure 3. Exit in 2004, nationwide Treasure was a promise movie that had actually the potential to build into a long-running, financially rewarding franchise because that Disney. The movie stars Nicolas Cage, Jon Voight, Diane Kruger, and also Justin Bartha. National Treasure followed protagonists Ben, Abigail, and also Riley ~ above their search for a long-lost historic treasure based upon a map discovered on the earlier of the statements of Independence. In between the high-concept adventure and a winning cast, the sequel, national Treasure: book of Secrets, followed shortly ~ in 2007.

Plans for national Treasure 3 to be put into motion after ~ the release of publication of Secrets. A third film felt promise by 2010 once it to be reported authors Carlo Bernard and also Doug Miro had been hired, and a script was in advance at Disney. Points were slow in 2013, though, v producer Jerry Bruckheimer just reporting that national Treasure 3 to be still in development and the manuscript was still being written. In 2018, Turteltaub comment on National endowment 3"s status, no necessarily confirming it to be not relocating forward however rather that breakthrough had stalled v concerns about paying people reasonably despite a limited budget and Disney"s concerns on expanding and also developing various other projects likewise in the pipeline.

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Even despite National endowment 3 is still stuck in developmental stages, its hold-up is not for lack of a viable story. The references to a mysterious web page 47 made by the president of the United states (played through Bruce Greenwood) come the titular publication of tricks from National sweetheart 2 meant the table has already been collection for a brand-new adventure. Over there are plenty of possibilities for content that could be on page 47 that would certainly serve as the basis for nationwide Treasure 3.

There Is Something concealed At mountain Vernon

national Treasure: publication of Secrets developed that the present President had a fascination and love because that America"s first president, George Washington. In the film, Ben manipulates the President into separating the from his date of birth party at mountain Vernon (Washington"s home in Virginia). Ben take away the chairman down into a an enig network of tunnels only shown on an older map that the estate.

Although no real-life an enig theories surround mount Vernon or Washington"s life there, devising a story wherein information around something hidden on the estate — specifically, the tunnels — is located on page 47 absolutely seems like a viable direction for national Treasure 3"s story. It additionally doesn"t hurt that the character that tells Ben to look at web page 47, the President, likewise has an developed interest in the land and its most renowned past resident.

What Is top top The lacking 18 and also 1/2 minutes Of The Watergate Tapes?

National Treasure
The Watergate scandal has been a continued source of interest in popular music culture, and also would be a fitting enhancement to the higher National Treasure ethos. While the basics of the Watergate scandal and also its aftermath have been pored end in books, television, and movies, over there is one detail of the scandal that remains a an enig and would be perfect web page 47 material: the absent 18 and a half minutes from much more than 1,000 hours of recorded conversations. This would make the conspiracy a ripe topic for Nicolas Cage’s personality Ben Gates"s next national Treasure adventure.

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Common id holds that there is nothing comprehensive revealed in the tapes that hasn"t been documented in other conversations, but that does not make the deletion of those certain 18 and a fifty percent minutes much less intriguing (if it is an innocuous conversation, why delete it? etc.). Considering this scandal directly affiliated then-President Richard Nixon, it would certainly seem logical within the world of nationwide Treasure that Nixon would have written under what take it place during those 18 and also a fifty percent minutes before deleting that specific portion on web page 47. It would additionally explain why web page 47 in National endowment 2 is specifically of interest to another president additional down the heat who might potentially need that info for his very own purposes.

nationwide Treasure 2 go not display a time when presidents quit writing entries in the publication of Secrets, and also some relatively recent events, including the Watergate tapes, were mentioned in the film. So the is possible another recent occasion was mentioned on page 47: the truth behind the Georgia Guidestones.

The Georgia Guidestones were put up in 1980 under mysterious circumstances in Elbert County, Georgia. To this day, the true authors of the Guidestones have never to be revealed. ~ above July 1, 1979, a man working under the pseudonym Robert C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company; he to be acting together a representative because that a small group who understood themselves loyal Americans. They wanted to construct the Guidestones as a calendar, a clock, and a compass, which were supposed to represent values the group thought should be supported to the rest of the nation for future generations. The Guidestones room fascinating in the sense that they are constructed an in similar way to Stonehenge and are created in a range of languages. The info they save on computer is taken into consideration polarizing and has brought about reactionary graffiti showing up on them end the years, every one of which disapprove the worths they espouse: they show up to promote populace control, eugenics, and internationalism while likewise claiming to encourage peace, love, and harmony.

Naturally, numerous conspiracy theories have popped up over the years about why these Guidestones exist. Furthermore, people have wondered who set up the Guidestones, why a tiny place in northern Georgia was preferred for their location, and so forth. The visibility of the Guidestones as an artifact from recent American history, which touches upon conspiracy-laden ideas about humanity, feels appropriate for the President"s publication of Secrets. That is simple to envision a story open minded in national Treasure 3 in which the president has caught wind of possibly life-changing information contained within the Guidestones. Then, either the Guidestones have been tape-recorded on page 47, or the President"s book makes cite of the Guidestones in relation to a larger conspiracy, i m sorry the President then recruits Ben Gates"s help to solve.

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The reality Behind secret Society The Bohemian Club

National treasure main cast with Nicolas Cage
In national Treasure, the Knights Templar and the Freemasons were an essential parts the the story, having been responsible for producing the treasure map later on used by Ben, Abigail, and Riley. With an enig societies currently an established part of the nationwide Treasure world, it would certainly not be far-fetched because that another an enig society to appear in nationwide Treasure 3. In between this and getting the nationwide Treasure movie president involved, over there is an exciting overlap that these areas because that the society known as The Bohemian Club.

The Bohemian Club, much like the Knights Templar and also the Freemasons, isn"t necessarily a an enig society in the sense that nobody knows of their existence however rather due to the fact that they operate in mystery with just the members that the culture knowing what occurs behind closed doors. The Bohemian Club has actually existed due to the fact that at the very least the 1870s and has had continual gatherings in ~ Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California. The membership has been men-only and also has contained artists, musicians, and also businessmen like William Randolph Hearst, and U.S. Presidents favor Richard Nixon. The particulars that discussions or interaction that happen there space not widely known; what is recognized is that early on discussions of the production of the atomic bomb under The Manhattan job did take place there.

Considering The Bohemian Club"s secrecy (for the most part) and the membership of assorted U.S. Presidents end the years, the is entirely possible page 47 could have included commentary on among these gatherings that would have gone top top to form future events. If interactions pertained to the development of one of the 20th century"s most an effective weapons happened at Bohemian Groves amongst Bohemian society members, what else could have occurred there?

What to intend from national Treasure 3

over 10 years have actually passed due to the fact that the release of nationwide Treasure: publication of Secrets, making the release of National treasure 3 progressively less likely to happen. However, in an write-up covering the upcoming relax of poor Boys because that Life in January the 2020, The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that the film’s scriptwriter, chris Bremner, was also working top top a script for the long-rumored national Treasure sequel for Disney. Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer that the very first two national Treasure movies, is additionally supposed to return for national Treasure 3.

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In an interview through Collider, producer Jason Reed said that the long wait for national Treasure 3 to be due greatly to that paling in to compare to various other Disney franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars. Reed suggested that a third installment simply didn’t have enough monetary promise to do its creation a priority. However, frustratingly vague teases toward the future continuation of the national Treasure franchise have been available by Bruckheimer as recently as may of 2020, whereby he evidenced that national Treasure 3 remained in production, and also a Disney+ collection based on the films and also featuring a younger cast.

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There is quiet frustratingly small known around the plot for National treasure 3, i beg your pardon is still in script-writing stages, however it would certainly be a decade"s long disappointment need to the third installment select to relocate on indigenous the materials of web page 47 that the President’s publication of tricks without any explanation regarding its significance. Nationwide Treasure: publication of Secrets provided the perfect secret content from page 47 for Ben gateways to inspection next, therefore with any type of luck, the scriptwriters will certainly not leaving audiences hanging for much longer.