Gramps claims that i am a nation girl at heart, and that is true. I have livedmost of my thirteen year in Bybanks, Kentucky, which is no much more than acaboodle of houses roosting in a environment-friendly spot together the Ohio River. Just overa year ago, my dad plucked me up like a weed and also took me and also all ourbelongings (no, the is no true--he go not bring the chestnut tree, thewillow, the maple, the hayloft, or the swimming hole, which every belonged come me)and us drove three hundred miles directly north and stopped in front of a housein Euclid, Ohio."No trees?" ns said. "This is wherein we"re going to live?""No," my dad said. "This is Margaret"s house."The front door of the home opened and a lady through wild red hair stand there.I looked up and down the street. The homes were all jammed together prefer a rowof birdhouses. In former of each house was a small square of grass, and also in frontof the was a slim gray sidewalk running alongside a gray road."Where"s the barn?" i asked. "The river? The swimminghole?""Oh, Sal," my dad said. "Come on. There"s Margaret."He waved come the lady at the door."We need to go back. I forgot something."The lady through the wild red hair opened the door and came out onto the porch."In the back of my closet," i said, under the floorboards. I putsomething there, and I"ve acquired to have it.""Don"t it is in a goose. Come and also see Margaret."I walk not want to check out Margaret. Ns stood there, looking around, and also that"swhen I saw the confront pressed up versus an upstairs window next door. The was around girl"s face, and also it looked afraid. I didn"t recognize it then, however that facebelonged to Phoebe Winterbottom, a girl who had a an effective imagination, whowould end up being my friend, and also who would have numerous peculiar things happen to her.Not lengthy ago, once I to be locked in a vehicle with my grandparents for 6 days, Itold lock the story of Phoebe, and also when i finished telling them--or possibly evenas ns was telling them--I realized that the story the Phoebe was choose the plasterwall in our old house in Bybanks, Kentucky.My father began chipping far at a plaster wall in the living room the ourhouse in Bybanks quickly after my mommy left us one April morning. Our housewas one old farmhouse that my parents had been restoring, room by room. Eachnight together he waited to hear from mine mother, the chipped away at the wall.On the night the we acquired the negative news--that she was no returning--he poundedand pounded, on that wall surface with a chisel and also a hammer. At two o"clock in themorning, that came as much as my room. I was no asleep. That led me below andshowed me what he had found.

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Concealed behind the wall surface was a brick fireplace.The factor that Phoebe"s story reminds me of the plaster wall and the hiddenfireplace is that beneath Phoebe"s story was another one. Mine.

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