Cayenne pepper has a strong flavor profile and also does bring a soft or dull recipe to life. The spicy seasoning is widely offered in Mexican and also Indian cuisines to bring intense heat to a dish.

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Cayenne pepper varieties from 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville warm units on the Scoville scale and is one of the most well-known ground pepper among spicy food lovers throughout the globe.


It’s pretty straightforward to obtain hold that in your neighborhood grocery store, however, some simply so happen that they’re offered out or they nothing stock them.

Maybe this isn’t the case and crazy heat isn’t her thing and also you’re searching for an alternate that will add something come the recipe however not overpower it.

Whether you a freckles amateur or you’ve simply run the end of her favorite ground cayenne pepper, you’ll be able to find perfect replacements so her recipe doesn’t need to suffer.

If you’re searching for a great alternative to making use of cayenne pepper in her recipes then you’re in the right place as we’ll be guiding friend through several of the finest substitutions ideal here.

Substitutes because that Cayenne Pepper


Paprika is readily accessible at all grocery store stores and also brings an ext of a smoky flavor 보다 intense warm to any type of dish.

It’s made from chili peppers and is available in various heats, so you’ll have the ability to find one the is suited to your spice capacity.

Anything labeling ‘hot paprika’ will be able to replicate the warmth of cayenne pepper as carefully as possible.

Paprika is similar to cayenne pepper in color and also texture for this reason you’ll achieve the exact same appearance to your food together you would by including cayenne pepper.

Paprika originates indigenous Hungary however is currently widely used throughout the whole world and in assorted cuisines.

Paprika includes some antioxidants favor lutein and also zeaxanthin which help to prevent damages to your eyes. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which will help reduce ede or ache in your body.

Red Chili Flakes

Red chili flakes are also widely obtainable in most stores and also they’re pretty much a coarser and also slightly milder variation of cayenne pepper powder.

However, most family members will constantly have a shaker the red chili flakes in their kitchen also if they just use a small bit come spice up their recipes.

Red chili flakes space made through drying and crushing red chili peppers rather of grounding them to accomplish a powder.

As we said, red chili flakes are not together spicy together cayenne pepper, for this reason you’ll require to include nearly double the amount of chili flakes the you would cayenne pepper to attain that mind-blowing heat in your mouth.

Chili Powder

Whilst chili flour is not as warm as cayenne pepper, it will certainly still it is in a kind substitute. The flour is do from dried chili peppers that have actually been ground.

Sometimes chili powder is made from darker red peppers that also get acting beforehand, this will offer your chili flour a distinctive taste and smell, for this reason make sure you shot it the end beforehand prior to it totally alters her recipe.

If you’re walk to usage chili powder together an alternate to cayenne pepper, then same the measurement as if friend were putting cayenne pepper right into a recipe.

Chili powder is likewise a an enig ingredient for load loss together it includes capsaicinoids which rise the body’s power expenditure and also it also causes you come eat more slowly, because of this you’ll recognize when girlfriend are complete from eating sooner.


Gochugaru is hugely popular in oriental cooking and is consisted of of coarsely ground red pepper flakes.

It has actually a distinctive smoky flavor to the flakes which room quite various from cayenne pepper so may transform the taste of your recipe slightly.


It has a shining red coloring that will add some vibrance to any kind of creamy or dull-looking dish.

Gochugaru does sell a similar heat level as cayenne pepper, so is one of the best alternatives to use if you nothing have any in your house.

Gochugaru is more an overwhelming to get hold that in grocery stores however can be easily discovered in oriental grocery markets or bought online.

It’s typically sold in bulk as gochugaru is a renowned ingredient in countless Korean dishes therefore chefs favor to have as much as possible to hand. If you’ve never tried gochugaru before, climate you should try out kimchi so you can gain a real taste the the odor profile.

You should use the exact same amount the gochugaru in a recipe the you would certainly cayenne pepper.

Jalapeno Powder

If you lucky sufficient to have actually your very own plant patch or pots in or approximately your home, climate you should shot to grow your very own jalapeno peppers for this reason you deserve to ground your own jalapeno powder.

Admittedly, this is a long-winded process and i will not ~ yield immediate results, however you’ll be rewarded through fresh jalapeno peppers and the satisfaction of discovering that you thrived them yourself.

Once did you do it dried out and also grounded your peppers, you’ll have the ability to keep them for a long time and will avoid you from having actually to walk to the store to buy any type of for a while.

All you have to do is cut and also slice her jalapeno peppers, making certain to remove the seeds and then placed them in the cooktop on low warm for 12-16 hrs until they are brittle.

You have the right to then put them in a blender, grinder, or pulsar till it reaches your desired consistency.

Chipotle Powder

If you want to replicate the hot, smoky smell of cayenne pepper climate you should shot out chipotle powder.

There are countless varieties that chipotle powder obtainable and they can be easily discovered in regional grocery stores under the herbs and also spices aisles.

Chipotle peppers and also powder room insanely popular in mexican cuisine and its popularity has actually made it among the finest spices for achieving high level of heat in recipes.

Black Pepper

If yes sir one thing you will certainly most definitely have around your kitchen (we hope anyway!) is black color pepper.

Black pepper is a milder substitute for cayenne pepper however it will still add some kick to a recipe, especially if you’re generous when mixing the in.

Black pepper deserve to be easily discovered in grocery store stores and also should if not already, be an important ingredient the you always have to hand in your kitchen. Black pepper have to be a go-to ingredient because that every solitary dish the you cook.

Even if it can’t bring the heat levels that cayenne pepper does, black pepper is not to be underestimated and will still lug life to her recipe.

Spice Mixture

One that the easiest means to incorporate warm into her recipe if friend don’t have cayenne pepper is by using a summer sprouts mixture.

Some of these spice mixtures may currently contain cayenne pepper, which will certainly then allow you to yes, really spice up her recipe.

However, some will not contain cayenne pepper but will contain numerous other spices favor chili powder, paprika, curry powder, and more all in ~ one seasoned or packet.

A spice mixture is among the best ways to create a well-rounded spicy recipe as it consists of so countless different profiles.

However, some spice mixtures will certainly be suited for specific recipes an ext than others, because that example, some room specially created Indian cuisines to make things like dahl or curry whereas some are created Mexican cuisines because that fajitas or tacos.

Check the ingredients list before adding to a cooking recipes to make sure the spices inside will be an ideal for your recipe.

Hot Sauce

If she struggling because that ideas and have small to no alternate spices in your cupboards, climate you might use whatever hot sauce you have to replicate the warmth of cayenne pepper.

A few dashes the a sauce prefer tabasco will amp increase the warmth of your recipe in one instant. However, together tabasco is a liquid it may not be fine suited for recipes that require dry flavors to be added to the dish.


If you nothing have any tabasco in her home, girlfriend could constantly buy another type of hot sauce, however be cautious that the sauce doesn’t have other ingredients that will totally alter the profile of your recipe.

On your following visit come your regional grocery store, browse with the selection of hot sauces and pick one out. Girlfriend can always use hot sauce together a dipping condiment for components of your meals.

Serrano Pepper

Serrano peppers are additionally ideal because that replicating the warm profile the cayenne pepper. Serrano peppers are coming to be a lot simpler to find in grocery stores nowadays but serrano pepper powder is not.

So you can either dice, and also de-seed her serrano pepper and add it directly to her recipe, or you can follow the dehydration an approach and floor the peppers to develop a powder.

Thai Peppers

If you’re feeling dangerous, climate you could always opt to try Thai peppers in replacement because that cayenne pepper in your recipes.

You’ll probably have to search for them in international grocery stores together they’re quite challenging to come across, yet they’re precious it if you a lover that spice.

Thai peppers offer dual the heat levels that cayenne pepper, ranging from 50,000 come 100,000 Scoville heat units. Therefore if you do want something that’ll make your dinner guest’s eyes go wide, climate Thai peppers space one come try.

If you shy that spice and cayenne pepper is advertise your boundaries as it is, then it’s ideal to stay away uneven you want to risk setup your insides on fire.

What species of recipes can you make v cayenne pepper and its alternatives?

Spicy Fish TacosBloody mar CocktailsDetox Lemon WaterAiliosBlackened Chicken

Frequently request Questions

Is cayenne pepper and also paprika the same?

Despite similarities, cayenne pepper and paprika are not the same. Both room made native chilies that room dried and ground right into powder. Both space a lively red in appearance, and also both are used to spice up dishes.

However, cayenne powder is made from dried cayenne peppers, whereas paprika is make of dried red capsicum peppers. This method that cayenne is normally much spicier than paprika. Paprika has actually a sweeter taste, and also cayenne is an ext immediately fiery.

There is ‘hot paprika’ available, i beg your pardon is a blend and generally consists of cayenne. This makes a much better substitute, although there’s good variety relying on the blend used.

If you desire to instead of paprika for cayenne, climate you can use more to add a spicier kick. The flavor enhance won’t be exact, yet both include a hit of heat and a depth of odor to improve a dish.

Can you usage cumin rather of cayenne pepper?

You can’t use cumin in place of cayenne pepper, however you deserve to use summer sprouts mixes as a quick substitute and also these often contain cumin. Cumin is a spice that adds warmth and also an earthy flavor come a dish, quite than heat.

Cayenne has actually a similar earthy flavor, yet a much better heat level. By replacing cayenne with cumin you shed out top top the fiery power that cayenne brings. Cumin is likewise brown, whereas cayenne is red, for this reason the illustration of the dish would be altered.

Cumin is a well-known ingredient in a range of spice mixes, and these deserve to be used as substitutes. If you want to tone under the warm level, you may choose to add cumin instead of cayenne. This will offer a similar earthiness, yet use it sparingly. Too lot cumin may change the taste of the food entirely.

Can you usage red pepper rather of cayenne pepper?

Yes, you deserve to use red pepper flakes together a substitute because that cayenne pepper, however they don’t generally have the same warm level. If you want to do this substitution, you may need to dual the quantity of red pepper flakes.

There are a couple of other distinctions to take right into account. Red pepper flakes room made native peppers that space dried and crushed. This provides them your large, flaked appearance. Cayenne peppers are dried and also ground to make a powder, make them much finer in comparison. For most dishes this difference won’t matter, but it’s precious taking into consideration.

One benefit to utilizing red pepper flakes is that plenty of of us use castle regularly, therefore you know the freckles level. Red pepper also won’t do lot to transform the flavor of a dish various other than the spiciness, perfect for complicated flavor profiles.

What is the difference between cayenne pepper and also chili powder?

Chili powder is make from a blend of dried and ground chili peppers, whereas cayenne pepper is simply ground cayenne. This provides a different flavor, and also a different heat level.

There’s a good variety come be discovered in chili powder, ranging from the really mild to the much spicier. Cayenne pepper, top top the various other hand, is specifically fiery. Periodically chili flour is made using smoked chilies, offering it a unique taste.

This can cause problems when supplied in a delicately well balanced dish. Chili powder deserve to make a an excellent substitute because that cayenne pepper, however it’s finest to include slowly and also taste regularly. Specifically if she unsure that the heat level of your chili powder.

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For a milder chili powder you might want come add more than you would cayenne pepper. However, be cautious not to overwhelm the dish with various other flavors.