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After you collect your an initial golden egg usage the same steps to duplicate the gold egg as you would certainly ammo you require to have actually 2 people and then you require to provide the item to her player partner in the organization display screen then get into the game and have your player partner give you the egg(s) ago then quit the game an initial player need to save tools and second player need to not save the equipment and the egg has been duplicated

The infinite gold egg is not a glitch or hack, simply simply a cons in the game that happens occasionally. What you have to do is go to the swamp chapter drive the boat to the island in the dead center it reflects as a circle on the map v a curved line behind it once there just chase the very first set of chicken you view they fall a golden egg ( upto 2 eggs every try) then quit and save, repeat until all boxes of main inventory are complete then execute the duplication step pointed out above, the egg will eventually overlay themselves resulting in limitless olden eggs. Note does not work with rotten egg. My gamer tag for xbox 360 is KX1 AnGeLeYeZx feel free to add me or article me if you have any further qustions around infinite items walkthroughs or if friend need help completeing chapters : )

Go to swamp chapter, drive the boat to the island in the facility of the map it has actually a circle with a bent line behind it, when there chase the first set of chicken that you see they will certainly drop a gold egg, (two golden eggs every try) quit and save repeat until all boxes in main inventory are full, then usage the duplication step mentioned above and the egg will at some point overlay v each various other resulting in limitless eggs,(does not work with rotten eggs) note this is not a glitch or hack simply a defect in the video game it"s no 100 percent yet is the only method to execute it without modding or hacking. If you need any further help with infinite items or walk v or assist in beating any type of of the chapter"s feel cost-free to add me or send a article my xbox gamer tag is KX1 AnGeLeYeZx

I"m sure the developers resolved the "flaw" once they remastered 5. Ns cannot get countless eggs for the life that me

When you are playing online and also you check out someone through unlimited golden eggs,Ask them for one.You will now have actually unlimited golden eggs but...Only ~ the video game saves your inventory.

The overlapping glitch whereby you simply put it end the other egg and it becomes 999 just how do I get it to where I have the right to eat the egg I"m game and also it heals me


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