Key Difference: Both Greece and Rome are located in the Mediterranean. Whereby both these countries have numerous similarities in their socio-economic spheres, they always have countless differences in their ways, which renders them unique. Whereby Greeks speak Greek, the Romans speak Latin. Athens developed through sea trade, conversely, Rome flourished by conquest. When Greeks were governed through democracy, the Romans were republicans. Below is a detailed evaluation of these differences and many more which provides these good empires stand out in their own ways.

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The history of the old Romans and ancient Greek have the right to be compared and contrasted using the economic, social and also political aspects of the 2 countries.


Athens emerged through sea trade, conversely, Rome thrived by conquest. Greeks majorly exported olive oil and also grapes when Romans common trade items were bronze and pottery.


Realistic portraits were used for the objective of decorate in roman art while Greek art comprised of developing ideal artistic forms. Greece was linked with art much better known as Venus de Milo when the Roman’s practiced Fresci, the mosaic or wall surface painting arts (Robertson, 1969). Romans had actually an upper hand end the Greeks as soon as it came to buildings. They had actually concrete to develop big much better building uneven the Greeks. Arches and also Domes identified Roman design which Greeks no use. Roman and Greek temples were nearly identical yet the incorporation of details choose domes and vaults in roman architecture gave an essence of aestheticism to them.


In Roman empire women were offered the status of citizens contradictory to what was practised in Rome. The Greeks believed ladies to be gossipers and didn"t allow them come own any type of property. They believed that women ought to be secluded and also accompanied publicly and also their key responsibility was to perform residence hold chores, marry and bear kids in contrast to Rome wherever ladies were valued for devotion, humility, peace, loyalty in marriage and also had liberty of movement and could own property.

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 In roman inn family’s sons were based on their dad contrary come Greek households where oiko, young could an obstacle their father’s capacity to operation the family.