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By Joan Bauer

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RULES the THE ROADMeet Jenna Boller, star employee at Gladstone Shoe keep in Chicago. Standing a gawky 5’11” in ~ 16 year old, Jenna is the sort of girl most likely to stand the end in the crowd for every the wrong reasons. But that doesn’t protect against Madeline Gladstone, the president of Gladstone’s shoes 176 outlets in 37 states, from rental Jenna to drive her cross nation in a last ditch effort to stop Elden Gladstone from acquisition over his mother’s agency and turning a quality service into a shop-and-schlock empire. Currently Jenna Boller shoe salesperson is around to end up being a shoe-store spy together she joins her crusty old employer for an eye-opening adventure that will teach lock both the rules of the road and also the rule of life.

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Joan Bauer was born in river Forest, Illinois, the eldest of 3 sisters. Her mommy was a schoolteacher with a an excellent comic sense; she father, a salesman the no one might say no to. She maternal grandmother had been a famous storyteller and also had a striking impact on Bauer’s early years. “She would tell me stories through five various voices and also as many dialects. I would sit on her huge lap transfixed at exactly how she can teach me around life and also make me laugh v her stories. She taught me the significance of humor and also how that intersects our daily lives.”Bauer managed an eclectic list of tasks from assistant inputting teacher at period twelve to high school waitress. In her early twenties, she was a successful advertising and marketing salesperson. Professional writing for magazines and also newspapers followed, climate screenwriting, which to be cut quick by a serious car accident. She regrouped and wroteSquashed, which won the Delacorte Prize because that a an initial Young Adult Novel. Five novels because that young adult readers have actually followed:Thwonk, Sticks, Rules that the Road, Backwater and also Hope was Here (Newbery respect Medal).

Joan lives in Darien, CT through her husband and also daughter.


“Ivy Breedlove is another solid and quirky heroine that addresses serious issues head on.”The brand-new York Times publication Review“A fast and funny story of one big-boned (and big-hearted) gal’s summer of discovery on the road.”The Los Angeles Times publication Review


Recommended Reading and Sites

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Internet web page of Interest:

Joan Bauer website

The official website of the author.Virginia tech Digital Library

Here is an write-up written by Joan Bauer top top writing publications with feeling entitled “Humor, Seriously.”New York State Library

This will connect you come the new York State Library, where you can find lots of exciting information about the Adirondack Mountains, site of much of the novel, Backwater.Wisonsin magazine of Attractions

Lots the details about Wisconsin, the setting of Hope was Here.Finally, kind in the word “shoes” right into a search engine and see whereby the road leads you! Rules the the Road is around finding your own way, after ~ all.



Why is feeling so an essential to your writing?

Because feeling is so an important in my life. When I utilize humor in my writing, I’m connecting come a deep location in myself that says, “no matter how bad things get, there is hope.” I believe that with every one of my heart. That’s what i love about humorat the very least the kind that renders us look at life’s obstacles differentlylaughing in the midst of pain says to me that us are currently on the road relocating away from it. We’re walk to do it. I’d choose to think that readers attach to that sentiment, too. We must laugh because that so countless reasons. It brings perspective; it brings healing; it builds relationships; it brings release. People have request me if ns would ever before write a “totally severe book.” I need to say that I execute write entirely serious books that use laughter against the storm the life.Your novels do deal with serious subjects. How difficult is it come walk the fine line in between laughter and tragedy?

It’s brutal sometimes. I agonize end words, motives. I execute not desire anyone come think ns am making funny of alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, death, divorce, being overweight. But here’s the thing: my first drafts are seldom funny and I am grimly sober while creating them. But I am acquiring down come the major underpinnings the the story. Then I carry out look and see whereby the funny voice have the right to break through. I see where comic relief have the right to cushion a tough scene. Ns ask myself constantly, where have the right to the feeling break forth here and make a point?How are you like Hope?

I’m hopeful like she is, and I’ve had actually to struggle to remain that way. That isn’t my herbal state. I work-related at hopefulness. I don’t intend life to it is in easy. Choose her, ns am an over-comer. I had a deep require as a teenager to have a healthy and balanced fathermine was an alcoholic. I was a waitress together a teen and also a an excellent one. Ns love food; it is a enthusiasm for me. Ns have also had to work-related on mine anger end the years. Hope and also I are an extremely alike.But right here is wherein we are different. I never relocated from location to place. Ns lived with my mom, grandmother, and also two sisters in the same house. Hope has a great sense of herself, what she is an excellent at and also what she’s not. Ns didn’t have actually that lot when ns was a teenager.She is much more patient 보다 I and better able to absorb the quirkiness that people about her. Among the points I prefer bear around her is the reality she has great faith that her dad is walk to uncover her and she keeps these scrapbooks because that him for this reason that as soon as he ultimately shows increase she’ll be all set to call him around her life. Ns would have never excellent that.

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What is a usual day at the “office” favor for you?

I shot to clean my mind because that the job-related ahead. I shot to remember what Ernest Hemingway said around writing: stop for the day when you’ve written something you feel great about. That provides it simpler to get back to the the following morning. I don’t wait for inspiration; I simply go come work. Much more and much more I read things the end loud to examine for authenticity that voice. Ns did the a an excellent deal forHope to be Here. One of the big words in mine life is “revision.” It’s kind of choose labor and delivery. The baby is coming out and you don’t have a lot to say around it.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONSTitles constantly hold special meaning to the story. Because that example, how does the location Hope was Here emphasis your attention as a reader? various other than the literal meaning reference, what rather does the location suggest around the book? Does it tell girlfriend the truth? What about the title of Backwater and Rules of the Road? exactly how does each indicate the literal and symbolic natures of the stories? Hope’s name is pivotal to the breakthrough of she character and also to the advancement of the story. How do the various definitions of words “hope” add to the story? See, because that example, the reference made on page 22. There room other crucial symbols in this story. What roles perform each that the complying with play in terms of occurring character, progressing the plot, or serving as foreshadowing? room there various other symbols crucial to the story? If so, what room they?

· day lily (page 85)

· Welcome stairways (page 14)

In each of Bauer’s works, it is vital to the main character that she carry out some feeling of comfort to the world she encounters. For Jenna in Rules of the Road, comfort comes in the kind of the perfect show for every customer. How does Hope provide that measure up of comfort? What does this phone call you about her character? How about Ivy Breedlove in Backwater? Fathers space a central concern come the characters in Hope was Here, Backwater, and also Rules of the Road. Discuss the similarities and also differences amongst the fathers that Hope, Ivy, and Jenna. Ultimately, all personalities leave their mark on us as readers. How does Hope leaving her mark literally and also figuratively? exactly how do Ivy and also Jenna leave their marks? Why is feeling such vital ingredient in every of Joan Bauer’s books? exactly how would the stories readjust if they to be somehow more “serious” in tone? just how would your response to the story it is in affected? Occasionally, we are swayed to acquisition a book due to the fact that the location is intriguing, Bauer supplied the title Welcome Stairways as she composed Hope to be Here. The title changed after the story to be completed. What reaction do you need to the functioning title? could the working title influence your reaction come the book? What alternative titles can you imply forRules of the Road and Backwater?