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"Sad Eyes" is a track written and recorded by Robert John, and also released in April 1979. The debuted might 19 top top the Billboard hot 100, reaching the height of the chart on October 6. The song was developed by George Tobin in association through Mike Piccirillo. "Sad Eyes" is among just a couple of non-disco, or disco-influenced, songs to optimal the 1979 pop chart, back by then the anti-disco backlash had made it easier for other formats to reach the top. That is additionally notable together the song that finished the six-week regime of the biggest smash hit of the year, The Knack"s "My Sharona. "more »

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Looks choose it"s over, you knew ns couldn"t stayShe"s comin" house todayWe had a an excellent thing, I"ll miss out on your sweet loveWhy must you look in ~ me the way?It"s overSad eyes, rotate the various other wayI don"t want to check out you crySad eyes, you knew there"d come a dayWhen us would have to say "goodbye"Try come remember the magic that we sharedIn time your broken heart will certainly mendI never used you, friend knew ns really caredI hate to watch it have to endBut it"s overSad eyes, revolve the other means (turn the various other way)I don"t want to watch you cry (cry, cry, cry)Sad eyes, you knew there"d come a work (he-e-e-ey)When us would need to say "goodbye"

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Robert man Robert john (born Robert man Pedrick, Jr., 1946, Brooklyn, new York) is one American singer-songwriter. An ext »

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