One-Winged Angel¶

Sephiroth is obtainable to struggle after you’ve revived Hollow Bastion to its rightful self, the Radiant Garden. Technique Sephiroth to start the battle.

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Recommended Equipment/Abilities¶

Equipment : Ultima Weapon, greatest Ribbon, Ribbon x2, Cosmic Chain

Accessories : Cosmic Ring x2, Cosmic arts x2

Abilities : Guard, Counterguard, Aerial Recovery, High Jump, Aerial Dodge, Glide, on slide Dash, Combo Boost, wait Combo Boost, Finishing Plus, sheet Bracer, Defender, 2nd Chance, and also Once More.

If you space at a greater level, MP Haste, MP Rage, Berserk Charge, and also Retaliating cut are likewise helpful.

BOSS - Sephiroth¶

Sephiroth beginning the fight with Flash, an strike that darkens the screen and also is also indicated through the command “That’s enough!” Sephiroth then dashes previous Sora and hits that multiple times, yet you are prompted, albeit shortly, for a Reaction Command to counter this assault but just note that you cannot usage it while in mid-air. The cut Combo is offered when you are too close to Sephiroth; it’s a flurry that slashes the are basic to evade or Guard i m sorry can allow for a follow-up combo. It’s finest to not usage a Finisher because Sephiroth will simply use cut Combo again, permitting you to acquire past the an initial phase by repeating this an easy tactic.

Sitting too far back from Sephiroth will reason him to usage Upward Slash, a move where Sephiroth warps behind Sora and knocks him high right into the air. It is a hard move to dodge but if girlfriend can obtain Reflect or Guard increase quick enough it’s possible. Failing to Guard this knocks Sora into the air whereby the One-Winged Angel will unleash one Aerial reduced Combo that have to be escaped with Aerial dodge – you can counter from this position. Proceed to protect against Sephiroth’s assault and also counter till he loser 4.5 bars the health.


Phase 2¶

The command “Know your place” is dubbed out, signifying the next phase whereby Sephiroth offers Shadow Flare . This assault can it is in brutal uneven you usage Reflect for this reason be certain to guard through that spell. Occasionally Flash is initiated best after shadow Flare, making it basic to dodge through the Reaction Command. His strikes reach a tiny further and deal a little an ext damage in this phase, making friend pay because that mistakes. The other mainstay of this step is the Firaga Wall , an assault that color etc Sora into the flaming pillars – use rapid Run to protect against taking damage.

In enhancement to every this, Sephiroth starts using his most deadly attack, Heartless Angel , shown by the words “Descend… Heartless Angel!” A rapid High Jump and Aerial dodge will permit you to with Sephiroth quickly and interrupt the spreading of this attack. Have to you acquire hit you should use an Elixir instantly since you’ll be at 1 HP and also 0 MP. Store up v this phase and you’ll watch Sephiroth usage Meteor after ~ losing nearly 10 bars of health.

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Phase 3¶

Meteor is the an initial attack and also it deserve to be avoided through Aerial Dodge, Reflect, and also some skilled Quick Runs yet if you have actually trouble, move to Limit type to use Sonic Blade wherein you room invulnerable (you won’t perform damage). In fact, the whole last phase have the right to be beaten easily with Sonic tongue if girlfriend have sufficient MP to carry out it due to the fact that it deals hefty damage and also makes you can not to take damage. Sephiroth doesn’t really readjust tactics, he’s just a tiny faster from phase 2 and also uses Meteor now.